It’s just so hard to sit down and write out my thoughts for my blog. I’m not sure why. It’s not like I don’t have the time during the day when the kids are at school and it’s just Collin and me at home. I guess I have let my priorities shift. I do find time to share a quick little status update several times a day on Facebook. I’m a lot less wordy there than I am here, but I still say the same things there I would have said here. Sooooo… I’m going to share a few of my “gems” of late (statuses and some comments). Most of my blog readers are my Facebook friends, so it’s not like this is going to be anything new for you to read. However, my blog is a lot longer lasting and I have visions of printing it all off into book (journal?) form someday. Not so with Facebook. There are so many things there that I share that I don’t want to forget. Here are a few of those things.

Sept. 1
Listening to the MoTab station on Pandora this beautiful Sunday morning when Parker runs out of his room and excitedly asks, “Is today General Conference????”  You would *think* he’s excited to hear the Prophet and other leaders speak, but no. General Conference means no church clothes and having to sit in church for 3 hours.

Aug. 31
Hand wash only clothes are dopey, stupid, and dumb.

When I was a kid and I ate Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast, I would try not to eat the marshmallows until the very end. Then it was like eating a bowl of marshmallows and milk. Yum! Now, as an adult I eat Special K Chocolatey Delight and all the chocolate pieces fall to the bottom of the bowl so I get to save that for the end and it’s like eating a bowl of chocolate and milk. Yum! Moral if the story? I’m still a kid and I save the good stuff for last.

In response to Karen:  Well, I say Lucky Charms, but it was pretty much whatever store brand. And when I say “when I was a kid”, I think I mean, “When I went to college and bought all the sugar cereal I could”.

Aug. 27
Watching a cute little girl while her mom runs to the doctor this morning means I get to watch My Little Pony on Netflix. Livin’ the dream, folks.

6:30 am orchestra for the almost-11 year old is going to kill me. If I don’t kill the almost 11-year old first. — feeling irritated.

Aug. 26
Got to have rehearsal in the middle of a dust storm tonight… until the rain drenched us and we went inside. That was fun. (Actually, it really was kind of fun!!)

Looking up sparkly/shiny headbands for my Higley guard. Who needs daughters? Between my two guards, I have 11.

Aug. 23
Oh man, kids using air quotes. Life is so “great”. 

Aug. 16
When my 10 year old is running after me to get my attention (because I’ve started driving away and he left his trumpet in the van), he looks an awful lot like Kermit the Frog. Arm flail!!! Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! (I’m still giggling over it.)

Aug. 14
Note to myself:
Perspective. Gain some because your happiness is riding on it. Hey Sariah… breathe, relax, and quit comparing yourself to an ideal that doesn’t exist. Also, your kids are smart, funny, and downright good kids. Ease up on them and don’t forget to tell them how great they did today and that you love them. One last thing… take your medication, Sariah. It will help. 

Aug. 6
Why yes, that was me, playing outside in the rain with my toddler. And yes, I did indeed let him sit and lay down in the gutter puddles. He had a blast and was adorable. I drew the line at him trying to drink the gutter puddle water…

Aug. 1
So yesterday I’m shaving my legs when I find this giant, hard bump on the back of my leg and I think, “What the heck is *that*??” and then I realize… It’s my calf muscle!!! Friends, my calf muscles are getting so awesome! Thank you, marching band/color guard.

June 24
The kids played with two of their cousins outside in the grass, jumping over a creek, and racing pinecones and sticks down the creek and under the bridge. Now *this* is a summer vacation!! — feeling nostalgic.

June 17
I got told over and over again today by an intermediate flute student that I am “AWESOME”. Totally made my day. (Man, I miss teaching private lessons!)

May 30
“This is not a democracy. This is a MOMocracy.”
Oh yeah, I really said that tonight. Bring it on, kids.

May 23
The kindergarteners in Parker’s class were all asked what they want to be when they grow up and where do they want to live. Parker wants to be a dad and live in Idaho. 

May 18
Baptism Day for Dallin!!! 

May 2
Isn’t it great?? Dallin is EIGHT!!! Happy birthday to my wonderful, precocious, smart, funny, active, not-so-little boy. 

May 1
Collin is ONE YEAR OLD!!! Wow!!! This first year went far too fast.


Sandy Eggo

Guess what?? In 9 days I will be in San Diego. I get to go visit my wonderful aunt for 5 whole days and do lots of fun things like visit the Old Globe Theatre (there is some Elizabethan thing going on so of COURSE we’re going), a trip to the Zoo (a visit to San Diego isn’t complete without going to either the Zoo or the Wild Animal Park), and a day at the Del Mar Fair. We will probably see a movie or two, do some shopping, eat too much junk, and generally just have a great time.

Did I mention I’m going ALL BY MYSELF?? I am! No husband. No kids. I love my kids, but I sure need a break. I have never been away from my kids for that long. I have spent three days away from them, and a week with the kids without Ches (done that a couple of times), but never so much time without any of them. I can’t believe I get to go be spoiled by aunt! I’m so excited! It’s going to be so so so so much fun! I get to sleep by myself and not hear “MomMomMomMomMom” 50 bajillion times a days. I get to eat breakfast without being asked if I can share. I get to sit without having someone have to come sit on me. I get to have uninterrupted girl time (although yes, we’ll spend lots of time with my uncle, too, who I love and is also awesome!). It’s gonna be a blast.

I’m also taking bets on how long it will take before I miss my kids so much I cry.

Just A Few Things

I know you are all dealing with snowstorms and we’re not, so please don’t roll your eyes too much at me. We’ve been getting quite a bit of rain. I love it. What I don’t love is just how stupid Phoenix drivers are when there is some rain.

I was leaving school earlier in the week and only about 2 drops of water hit my windshield. A VERY light mist of rain, if anything, and suddenly everyone is driving 20 miles below the speed limit! In a city where you are considered to be a slow driver if you’re doing anything less than 20 over any other day of the year.

Rain make Arizonians (or maybe just Phoencians???) absolutely nuts. On Wednesday we had a really rainy, windy, chilly day. Ches said his students were trying to convince him it was snowing. They were serious. Now, it was still about 50 degrees out, and I’m sure we all know it has to be a lot colder than 50 to get snow. However these kids thought it was snowing because “the rain isn’t coming down straight.” Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up. Have you ever heard of wind, kids????


Tonight is my school’s Solstice performance. Every year they pick a children’s book as a theme, then each class picks a song to represent a part of that book and does a dance. I was pretty unsure of how it was all going to go until the dress rehearsal yesterday. The kids had parts of their costumes on and each class performed their dances so well. It was adorable!!! I can’t wait for tonight, now. This year’s book is called “The Yellow Leaf” and it’s about changing seasons (or something).

My job is to work the music. I get to press play on the stereo and pause it in between class performances. So exciting. 😉


I was looking for a copy of The Nutcracker to show to my students for Thursday and brought home a couple other movies for the family to watch. We got Wall-E (Dallin has been begging for it!) and A Muppet Christmas Carol (one of my absolute favorites growing up). We all loved Wall-E (and the kids have been watching it almost non-stop). Aiden surprisingly watched the entire Muppet movie and wasn’t scared by the ghosts or anything! He kept telling me how much he liked it. Yay! Someone to share my love of the Muppets with! I think I’ll go out and get the Muppet’s Treasure Island next. That’s a pretty fun one, too.

Ches brought home Hancock from Redbox yesterday. I really liked it! I pretty much like anything that Will Smith does, and this wasn’t one of his typical good-guy characters. If you haven’t seen it, I highly it (just watch out… there’s a bit of bad language, so it’s not suitable for young kids at all).


Speaking of Christmas movies… My favorites are A Charlie Brown Christmas (the best part being where Linus quotes from the New Testament and the other Peanuts start singing “Loo loo loo”), A Christmas Story (“Fra-geeeee-lay. Must be Italian.”), A Muppet Christmas Carol, and Mr. Bean’s Christmas.

Ches hates A Christmas Story. When we were still at Ricks, I remember one night hanging out at our friend Randall’s house with Laural and her roommate, Amy. We were watching A Christmas Story, and Amy and I were just rolling on the floor laughing because we love this movie so much. I think it’s hilarious. Ches, Laural, and Randall, however, sat there complaining the whole night. “This movie is so stupid!” they would tell us, over and over again. “It’s not even funny.” So I never rent it and never watch it because it’s no fun to watch alone.

We’re going to be with my family for Christmas this year. My family loves this movie, so I will watch it with them. Ches can go play with the kids or something. I’m so excited!!! (I’d triple dog dare him to watch it with me, but the point would be lost on him.)


The first time I ever saw Mr. Bean (it was the Christmas one!) was when I was a senior in high school. I was taking Music Theory, and a lot of the class was actually free time. We were all excited about the music of Jurassic Park once, so one girl was going to bring that in for us to watch. She couldn’t find it, however, so we watched The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, another girl, Brandi, brought in Mr. Bean once. I’ll never forget the first time watching Mr. Bean play with the Nativity. I could not stop laughing. We watched tons of Mr. Bean after that, and I love to especially watch the Christmas once every year. Even Ches enjoys it (and he’s not usually a huge fan of British humor).

Oh, and in case you were worried… we did learn music theory in the class. Just not everyday. It gave me enough of a background that when I started as a music major at Ricks I was confident enough in my theory abilities that I did well the first year. We won’t talk about Aural Skills or Keyboard Harmony. Blech. (After I finished at Ricks I had a chance to talk to my high school director once. I kind of yelled at him, “You didn’t tell me I’d have to sing. By myself! In front of other people! Sight-singing sucks!” He sheepishly smiled and said, “Oh, I forgot about that.”)


New reason why I love Facebook: videos of my high school marching band have been posted recently. I got to watch my sophomore and junior years’ marching shows. SO. FUN. Sophomore year we did a 60’s show where we played “Yesterday”, “Aquarias”, and “House of the Rising Sun”. It was my favorite show. I always thought we did pretty well, and it was fun to watch it and realize that yeah, we were that good. I can still think that!!!

A lot of my friends have posted pictures from high school in “Remember When” type albums. So. Funny. I wish I had a scanner because I’ve got some great pictures to post. I think my mom has a scanner, and I’ll definitely be looking for stuff at her house over Christmas!


Leaving for Texas on Sunday. My whole family is going to be at my mom’s this year. It’s going to be a very full house, but SO FUN. My dad has to work Christmas Day, so my brother decided to distract the kids from the Christmas presents, we are all going to the beach in Galvastan. My boys are overly excited about going to the beach. I don’t think they understand that it’s not like going to the beach in the summer. We aren’t wearing our swimsuits and playing in the water. But we’ll still have a ball, I’m sure. We went to the beach in New Hampshire all winter long when we lived there. It was cold, but we still found tons to do. I’m sure a beach in south Texas will be fun, too.


Buy a Post Secret book for someone for Christmas this year to help support the website. I’m going to! (And I’m hoping to receive a Post Secret book or two myself)


Since I’ve been so lax in my writing, who knows if I’ll write again before then, so…


(whichever you celebrate) 😀

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime?

I got a new calling at church a couple of weeks ago, and last week was my first week.  I’m the primary chorister, although I tend to think “song leader” is a bit more appropriate of a title.  I’ve never done music in primary before, and it scares the heck out of me.  Getting ready for Sunday felt like my Elementary Music Methods class at University of Idaho.  Basically, I was trying to come up with a lesson plan to teach a new song that all the kids would enjoy and would be able to learn from.  All the kids means all 120 of them!!!  Argh!!  scary.

This Sunday, in addition to learning the song, I want to do a fun activity for the 20 to 30 minutes I have in Singing Time.  When I was a kid in primary we would sing “Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime?” and I just loved that song.  The summer my parents separated my mom took the three of us kids with her to live with her dad and stepmom in Kelowna.  My grandpa’s house was this huge place, on top of a mountain (or so it seemed to 6 year old me) that over looked the Okanagan lake.  That summer (and the summer I was 10 and got to visit my grandpa all by myself while my mom and stepdad were on their honeymoon) had many afternoons of sitting. looking over the lake, hoping to catch a glimpse of Ogopogo.  I swear I even saw him when I was 10, and I stick to my story today.  

I still remember going to primary that summer when I was 6 and during Singing Time getting to sing the Summertime song.  Then the leader asked all of us children what WE liked to do in the summer, and she replaced the regular lyrics with what we said.  One kid even said he liked to look for Ogopogo in the summer.

(I’m going to steal the idea and do this activity with the kids this Sunday.)

I was thinking today of the different things I used to do as a kid during the summer.  Once school got out, it seemed like summer was the best time of life.  In California we rode bikes all over town.  We climbed trees.  We’d play soccer in the backyard and baseball in the street.  We’d go to Thrifty and get ice cream cones for 25 cents.  We would walk to Grandma’s house to play cards and to go swimming.  In Maine we’d walk to the local swimming pool, or my best friend would take me with her to the lake with her parents.  In Wyoming we’d go to the Frontier Days parades and pancake breakfasts and carnival.  In Norway we went camping and sightseeing and once went fishing in the fjords.  In Arkansas we’d walk to the park and meet up with friends.  In New Hampshire we would walk across the street and down the path to the beach.  In Indiana we would walk to the library, the park, friend’s houses, downtown.  We’d play in sprinklers, on the slip-n-slide, or just use the hose to drink from.  No matter where we lived, our summer activities were basically the same, and they were always spent outside for the majority of the time.

My kids stay in the house and watch movies or play on the computer.  We go swimming almost every day, but almost no time is spent just outside, running around.  We have this huge, grassy, common area right in front of our house, and some evenings the kids go outside to see if any of the neighbor kids are out.  It’s pretty rare, though.  We have a playground practically across the street, but we’ve only been 3 or 4 times since we’ve moved in.  My kids don’t own bikes, and they don’t know how to climb a tree.  They don’t get to walk to the closest grocery store or convenience store for ice cream treats.  We haven’t been camping since Aiden was Parker’s age, and we just don’t have the money to travel to see relatives like I did when I was a kid.

What is wrong with their summers???  Summer was supposed to be the most enjoyable time of the year for kids!  What happened?

Oh, yeah.  We live in the desert of Arizona.  It’s frickin’ hot out, and we can’t stand to be outside for more than 30 seconds.  I took Dallin to the doctor today, and from the second he got out of the van, he started complaining of how hot he was.  Don’t start with all the “Oh, but it’s a dry heat!” business, because i have to tell you, 115 is hot, not matter how humid or how dry.  Yes, it’s beautiful here in January, and we spend a lot more time outside here during the winter.  However, it’s just not summer.  Winter time is full of school activities.  You don’t get that freedom that comes with summer. 

School starts in just two weeks, and I have to say I’m really happy.  Aiden will finally have something to do.  He will make friends, and in just another 2 or 3 months it’ll cool off enough for the kids to go out and play after school.  And maybe we can see about getting some bikes.  I feel bad that my kids don’t get the awesome summers of freedom that I had as a kid.  I know there are tons of things we could be doing that doesn’t involve melting in the heat, but again.  Summer is supposed to mean outdoor freedom, not structured trips to indoor, air-conditioned places.  I’m going to mourn this for a while, I think.

2007: A Year in Review in Pictures

Here it is, just like I promised! 🙂  I wanted to do a collage of 12 pictures, one representing each month of 2007, but I have no idea how you guys do those cool things, so I’m just going through our photos and picking out stuff.  Let me tell you, it was really hard to pick just ONE per month!!  However, I did it.  And now… (drumroll please)… The 12 Pictures of 2007!!!! 

January — We were given a piano!!
Our Piano

February — The boys early one morning.
Tired Boys

March — At the park, after feeding ducks.
Spring Break

April — After our family Easter Egg hunt.
Easter Eggs

May — “C” is for Ches.
C is For Ches

June — Playing in our backyard.
In the Pool

July — My summer of Harry Potter.
The Book

August — Aiden’s first day of Kindergarten.
In Line

September — Parker’s 1st birthday.
New Toys

October — On a trip to the Phoenix Zoo.

November — Even Rebel Troopers must sleep sometime.

December — Our first family photo in a year.
Our Family 2007

Okay, friends. I want to see your photographic year in review!! 😀

Dallin and Disney: The Review

I finally get a chance to tell you guys about Dallin’s birthday and my recent trip to Disneyland.  I just uploaded a ton of pictures on Flickr, some of which you can see if you aren’t one of my contacts, but a lot more to see if you are.

Dallin’s birthday was fun.  We ended up only having two kids over… Aiden’s friend Carter, and Carter’s little brother, Gage.  They brought Dallin a present, and poor little Dallin worships both Aiden and Carter.  He follows the older boys around and just wants to play with them, but they always tell him to go away and shut the door in his face.  He’s just too young for them, I guess.  It makes me sad for Dallin.  He really, really likes Carter.  However, Carter is Aiden’s friend.  Oh, well.

So anyway… back to his birthday.  Earlier in the day we had picked up Ches’ mom from the airport, so it was fun for the boys to have their Oma here.  I ran out of time in doing everything, and ended up decorating the cake at the last minute.  I had to borrow some mini loaf pans, and they were really mini.  Next time (if I make this cake again, that is), I will use a larger mini loaf pan.  If you wanted a really big cake, I bet you could use regular size loafs.  That would be yummy.  Anyway, Dallin really likes trains, so I made him a choo-choo train cake.  Here it is:


After that, Dallin opened presents. He was really excited about all the Spiderman stuff that Grandma and Uncle Richard sent him from Ohio (the boys can’t wait to use the cool sprinkler!!); he loves all the bubbles from Oma; Carter brought an awesome fish puzzle with magnents in the fish so you can pick them up with the accompanying fishing rod; and from us he got a bubble lawn mower (it was waaay on sale at Toys-R-Us! I love getting good deals) and a train set (from Ikea… it’s sooooo fun!). So he’s pretty happy with all the stuff from his birthday.

On Friday morning, Ches and I set out with his 8th grade band for their annual trip to Disneyland. I was pretty excited to go. Oma was with the boys, so Ches and I decided to count this as our anniversary trip. No kids = we can ride all the rides we want! Wo-hoo!

The trip started out a little slow. The bus was late picking us up, then there was an air conditioning problem (it didn’t work!), so we had to switch busses in Phoenix. We were running 2 1/2 hours late. All the kids on the bus were sooooo anxious to get to Disneyland. Luckily, after switching busses (with some kind of Nazis running the show at the bus depot! Grrrr.) we had no other major problems. We got to Annaheim only about an hour and a half late (yay for making up time!), and once we were all checked into the hotel, we walked over to Disneyland. Ches and I rode some rides and did a little window shopping, and had to buy me a jacket (I didn’t think it would get cold!! I only brought really light-weight t-shirts and capris to wear!). It’s a really cool jacket: black with silver pirate pictures. I’m all about the pirates. I really wanted to get something with Tinkerbell on it, but nothing really grabbed me.

Waaaaay back in college, Julia’s mother-in-law (before she was Julia’s mother-in-law… I only knew her as Paul’s mom at that time. heh) met me and commented that I reminded her of Tinkerbell. Paul started calling me Tink, and I got a little obsessed with being Tinkerbell. Not a lot, just a little. I want to be Tink for Halloween each year, but it never works out. Oh, well. So that’s why I wanted something with Tink on it, but I couldn’t help but love all the Pirates gear. Thanks a lot, Cara. I love Pirate Ninjas, too. Wish they had those.

Back to Disney.

We walked around a lot, and met up with the kids at 11 pm and headed back to the hotel. I crashed so hard. It was really nice to be able to sleep without one (or two… or ALL) of my sons waking me at some point during the night! 🙂 Now, I have to tell you that I am an idiot. I brought one pair of sandals to wear. That’s it as far as shoes go. Sandals are NOT the smart thing to wear. Not by a long-shot. My feet were killing me after just a few hours in the park. I had an entire day and a half to go!!

Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast, and went straight to Disneyland when it opened at 9 am. Most of the kids went to California Adventure, but Ches and I wanted to hit a few things at Disneyland before it got too busy (what with it being a Saturday, Cinco de Mayo, and Disneyland’s 51st birthday!!). As we walked through the park, we saw a bunch of cameras all set up. They were doing a taping for the Oprah Winfrey Show at 10 am! Cool!! We didn’t want to stick around and wait for that, though, so we kept going to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain. We heard a sound check coming from where they were doing the taping, and this big voice said, “And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… Oprah Winfrey!!!!” Some people thought it was really the introduction and these girls started to scream and run towards the taping area. It was so funny.

As we waited in line for Space Mountain, we looked over at the winding line and who was there, but some friends of ours from Nevada!! Our good friend Dan (we got to be friends with Dan and his wife Amy) is the guy I worked with back in Reno. He was there with his band and choir and the orchestra from his school. In line with Dan was this guy Paul, who Ches went to school with in Reno. Paul is finishing up his student teaching with Dan this semester, so he was also on the trip. It was so crazy! What are the chances, really? So we hung out with Dan and Paul all day.It's A Small World

I won’t give you the complete low-down, but let’s just say it was an extremely fun day! We walked around a lot, did some shopping (oh, how I wish I were a millionaire! I found things I would have bought for each and every one of you! I’m not even kidding about that!) and went on a lot of rides. My favorites are Indiana Jones, Tower of Terror, Soaring Over California, the Matterhorn, and Space Mountain. Pirates of the Carribean used to be one of my favorites, but I’m not too impressed with the recent changes. Yes, having Jack Sparrow in there is quite cool, as well as Davy Jones in the mist, but the whole ride seemed so much more tame than it used to be even just a few years ago. I was pretty disappointed. Oh, well. Oh yeah, I really liked the Grizzly Run ride at CA Adventure, even if I was the one who got wet the most out of the eight people in the raft!!

At the end of the day on Saturday, my feet, legs, and lower back were killing me. I didn’t think I could walk! I was in so much pain. Again, I went to bed and completely crashed. I don’t think I woke up for anything!
What a Cute Couple!

Sunday morning we were back in the parks, but only for a couple of hours. Ches and I finished up our souvenier shopping at that time, and we also got the coolest picture of the two of us from Star Tours. I’ll get Ches to scan it in. Seriously, you have to see this. To have me describe it won’t do it justice. It is THAT awesome!

At 11 am we were able to attend a recording session with Ches’ band. What happens is the Disney people take us through Toon Town, and then “backstage”. We went into a recording studio, and it was all set up so the kids could experience what it is like and what it takes to be a studio musician for Disney. I was really, really excited for this because one of my dreams is to be a studio musician, but I had no idea what it was really like. Well, Disney has clinicians to work with the groups, and ours, this amazing band guy named Bob, was just awesome. He really knows his stuff, and the kids seemed to really take to him. He was engaging, funny, informative, and just plain good at what he does. More than good. I don’t know. I could go on forever. Anyway, the kids sightread three pieces and got to record them. They did music for some short scenes from Beauty and the Beast, Atlantis, and The Emperor’s New Groove. What an amazing experience it was!

After the recording session, we took the kids out to lunch, then headed home. It was a great trip: the kids were really good, the chaperones were fun, the bus driver was an interesting (in a good way) guy (he’s a huge jazzer!), and it seemed like everything was a success. I still couldn’t walk (do you know how hard it is to walk up and down the stairs to a charter bus when you are in that kind of pain! Ugh!), but after a good night’s sleep and a lot of rest the next day (thanks again, Oma!!!), I recovered. Mostly. I think I’m still recovering!

I missed my kids so much. Everything we did reminded me of the kids. We were constantly saying to each other, “Aiden would love this!” or “Don’t you think this is perfect for Dallin?” Since Aiden will be 5 (almost 6) next year, we think we will take him on the trip with us. It will be soooooo much fun! 🙂 The kids seemed to do really well with Oma, except that Parker refused to drink anything. Luckily, he’d still eat food. Just wouldn’t drink. I nursed him not long after we got home, and he was one happy baby! I don’t plan on leaving any of my babies for a while, though. It’s good to get a vacation, but I missed them a lot.

Spring Break ’07


It is Spring Break!  Wo-hooo!  Party party party!  Okay, not really.  I’ve never been one of those people who went wild over Spring Break.  Aiden is on break this week, and Ches will be next week.  Aiden doesn’t really understand the concept of not getting to go to school, so I have to find other fun things for him to do on his reagular school days.  Yesterday we went to the park with some friends and played on the playground, then walked over the the pond to feed the ducks.   We have not actually been to feed any ducks before, so this was a lot of fun for the kids.  Aiden and his friend Carter really enjoyed throwing the bread and yelling, “Come and get it!”  Dallin kind of just dropped some bread in the water and went to play on his own.

After playing some more on the playground, we went to Carter’s house for lunch and more playtime.  Once we finally got home, Dallin immediately crashed for a nap, as did Parker.  Aiden wanted a pillow and blanket and watched Peter Pan (for something like the 50th time in 2 days) and I went to take a nap myself.  The kids had a lot of fun, but I didn’t get anything done at home.  Which is okay.  My kids are certainly more important than a clean house.  However, we do need clean clothes!! 😉  Today will be cleaning and errands day, then I have to figure out fun stuff for tomorrow because it’s a regular school day again.  Yay for Spring Break!!

Home Again

I had a wonderful time in Idaho. Lo and family were awesome. Lo’s daughter, A., was such a cutie!! She can tell a story like you wouldn’t believe. It was actually hard to believe some of the stories, too (like when she said they brought a jaguar to her school and someone had to fight the jaguar. Do you know who they picked? A.! And she is the youngest in the whole school!! That was quite a story right there.). KeeJay said he wanted to come home with me. I asked him if he thought he’d fit in my (overstuffed) suitcase, and he smiled and said, “Yes!!” Parker did really well on the plane, bothing coming and going. He stayed pretty happy the whole trip, but you could tell he was excited to be home with his daddy and brothers.

I did miss Aiden and Dallin a lot. I know they missed me, and the hugs and cuddles I got from them when I got home were wonderful. Aiden was quite emotional on Sunday in church without me there, but he’s getting back to normal now. Yesterday he didn’t want to go to school. I made him go anyway. His teacher told me he was pretty good, but kept saying how tired he was and he needed a nap. At one point he started asking them to call me because his “lips hurt”. I said, “Okay, Napolean! Just because you were born in Preston doesn’t mean you have to act out the movie!” What’s really funny is that I don’t think Aiden has actually seen the movie. The lips hurting business was just something he came up with. Crazy kid.
One of the best parts of my trip was being able to go to my old ward in Preston. It felt like coming home. Everyone was so excited to see me and soooooo many people asked if we had moved back. They were pretty disappointed when I said no. I sat with a family that we often sat near, and it was just like old times. The mom and I sat next to each other in Relief Society, too, and we just whispered together like we did 3 years ago. It was so fun. I enjoyed seeing some of my young women again. They are all so grown up now! One in particular (who is part of the family I was sitting with) really just surprised me. When I was you YW leader, I knew she had a testimony of the Church and everything. I had heard her bear her testimoney at Girl’s Camp and she would make really good comments in class on Sundays. This week though, I could see something so different. She is a freshman at BYU and you can see the excitement about what she is learning (not just in her secular classes, but in her religion classes, too). She just glowed from head to foot. She bore her testimony during sacrament meeting, and shared comments and observations during Relief Society. Her testimoney of the Church has grown by leaps and bounds. I couldn’t be more proud of her! It really does sound so cliche’, but she has truely grown into a beautiful young lady.
Lo and I took her family to Rexburg on Saturday and we went to our old stomping grounds at the Snow Building (the Fine Arts building). This picture is of Laural and me with Eliza R. Snow. Eliza took care of us while we were there as students, so we just HAD to see her again! 🙂 All of you alumni would be soooo surprised at the changes in the Snow building! They have recently added 3600 square feet to the building. There is a very large rehearsal room (it’s niiiiiiiice!), new instrument lockers, new bathrooms, a percussion “suite” (small ensemble rehearsal room, storage rooms, and Bro. Taylor’s new office), new classrooms and practice rooms, a black box theatre, costume shop, ticket booth, and I can’t remember what else for the theatre department (sorry Lura. But you know us musicians tended to ignore you theatre freaks as much as possible. heh). It was really cool to see the new stuff in the building as well as the old stuff.

We drove up on the hill and saw the Rexburg Temple. It’s still being built, but when it’s done it is just going to be gorgeous!! I think I was expecting to see one of the regular “small” temple designs, but the architecture is nothing like that.

The wierdest thing about being in Rexburg was when I got out of the car into the wind and snow. Now, I remembered that it was super cold there during the winter. I remembered that it was windy. There were many reasons why the town was nicknamed “Iceburg” by the students. However, my memory had faltered. I stepped out of the van and I’m telling you, the cold wind reached up and bit me. It was soooo cold! I can’t even describe it! I said to Laural, “How did we live in this climate and walk everywhere??? This is miserable!” I loved my time at Ricks College, and I still try to encourage everyone I know to attend BYU-Idaho, but my goodness, I don’t know if I could ever live in that winter again!
I had a great time with Laural. She’s not my BFF for nothing! We had a whole afternoon of eating and shopping in Logan where we got to have lots of girl talk. Oh! And of course we stopped at the Pepperidge Farms factory and bought big bags of “seconds” from the Thrift Store. Mmmmmm, Milanos. Anyway, I miss hanging out with Lo. I hope you can come visit us soon!! And I really hope we are able to come up there this summer, too. It was not enough time. It never is.


Here We Have Idaho

Tomorrow night at this time I will be in IDAHO!!!!! WOOT!! Laural (Music Mom) gave me the BEST present ever for Christmas and my birthday: a vacation. I fly out tomorrow night to Salt Lake, then up to Preston until Sunday night.

I am so freakin’ excited.

Preston is not the most exciting town (you’ve all seen Napolean Dynamite, right??), but I actually love it. Now that I don’t live there anymore. It’s not the place for me to live. But I love to visit. I have lots of friends and family there now. I have lots of good memories there. It’s where Aiden was born. It’s where Ches had his first job. It’s where I got to party with Laural after the Festival of Lights parades every year. It’s where the kids all called Ches “Mr. Sharp” and called me “Sariah”. It’s where the entire town saw me run across a football field right before the band performed at pregame when I was 9 months pregnant, It’s one of the closest things I have to a hometown right now.

Laural and I have big plans, mainly involving our two favorite men: Ben & Jerry.

Heh. You thought I was going to say Ches and Jody, huh? WRONG!! We love our hubbies, but this is GIRL time. Ches is staying home with Aiden and Dallin, so I truely get a vacation. Isn’t he great? We had the option of haivng Laural come here, and Ches would have loved that because Laural and Ches have been friends longer than Ches and I have known each other (about the same amount of time that Laural and I have been friends), but everyone agreed that I need some pampering, so I get to go to Idaho.

I’m madly doing laundry right now. I don’t fly out until tomorrow evening, so I still have all day to get packed. Which is good. I seriously didn’t do ANY laundry yesterday. Why jinx anything?

I’m going to miss Ches and the two younglings here at home. I look forward to time off, but it will take me a whole 20 minutes to miss them, I’m sure.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Ches will be just fine at home by himself with the kids. He’s a very good dad, and very competent. I’ve had more people ask me if he can handle it. I’ve had so many people express surprise that I would leave Ches for that many days with the kids. Someone said to Ches, “So, you guys will have lots of mac and cheese, huh?” Uh, no.

Believe it or not, Ches is an awesome cook. And he’s very organized and neat. Whenever I have gone away for a few days (happened once when Aiden was almost two and once when Aiden was three and Dallin was almost 7 months old) I came back to a cleaner, more organized house, two happy, healthy, well-fed, and clean kids, and Ches has even been able to do some school work, some trumpet practice, deep-clean some areas of the house, and flowers on the table for me.

He totally shows me up. But he misses me and loves me. It’s okay.

So you won’t hear from me for a few days because I’ll be freezing in the snow of southern Idaho. I couldn’t be happier about it though!!