New Adventure

I’ve started a new blog. Don’t worry! I’m still blogging here! This will just be way more personal. My new blog is all about parenting and raising a family in Arizona. I’m still working out all the kinks and trying to get it just where I want it, but I’ve started and wouldn’t mind a few of my friends coming through and commenting while I get it going. It’s called “Hot But Happy: Adventures in Arizona” and can be found here:



If you are a Cake Wrecks fan, you will probably already have seen this post. If not, you must go there right now. Especially if you love The Princess Bride (and who doesn’t love The Princess Bride?? You’d have to be inhuman to not love it!!) And for everyone, read all the comments. Yes, there are 188 comments, but they are worth reading. I’m still laughing.

Seriously, I Won!

I have this freakin’ awesome blog I’ve been following lately.  It’s called Seriously, So Blessed! and it’s seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever read (thanks Allison, for introducing me).  I will warn you now, so you won’t feel stupid after you leave a scathing comment and then wish you could take it back (no, I haven’t done it, but I almost did)… this site is a satire!!  It pokes fun at all the Mormon mommy bloggers from Utah.  I can’t stop laughing each time I read it.  Each time I think she (TAMN, the blogger) has written her best, I read a new post the next day and start laughing all over again.

Anyway, TAMN (which stands for Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole) has these give aways (once called a Give oh Give Away…. get it????), and there are tons and tons of fun prizes.  I enter, but there are something like close to 2000 comments left as entries (no kidding!!), so obviously haven’t won antyhing. I don’t win Cool Mom Picks.  I don’t win from TAMN.  No worries.  There was a giveaway this past weekend, and I entered.  I think I was comment number 1412.  She posted the winners on Monday, but I was at work all day, then we went camping Monday night.  We just got back today.  I went to her site, just to see who won and…

I SERIOUSLY WON!  I won a 30 minute photography session with Blue Lily Photography!  The photographer will be here in AZ in november, so I’m hoping she can fit us in at that time.  I better save my paychecks to be able to buy the photos.  Heh.  

I am SO excited, I can’t contain it!  Finally! I can get some family portraits done!  I’ve been wanting some good portraits, but I just didn’t want some cheap Wal-Mart ones (not that Wal-Mart is bad… it’s just that I want some super fancy, super nice ones like everyone else and their brother seem to have these days.  yes, I covet and covet and I want to keep up with the Jones’s more than you will ever know).

SO… everyone check out TAMN’s blog, laugh at her descriptions of life with her husband JJWT as they await the arrival of their twins, and take a peek at Blue Lily, too.  She seems like an awesome photographer who, by the way, travels!!  She could come to you!!

By the way, post and pictures from camping coming soon! 🙂

Where’d That Come From??

For a while there I was obsessed with checking my blog stats every day, several times a day.  Back when I still used Blogger I signed up for one of those free stat counter thingys.  Karen told me that’s where she got hers.  It was fun to see what key words or phrases strangers would look up and come across my blog.  But there was hardly anything interesting.  And as far as seeing WHO was looking at my blog? Well, it pretty much gave me the IP address and the city and state/province/country.  Most of the time I knew who each visitor was.  Oh, and I could see how many times a day each person actually clicked on my blog, and see how long they stayed at my blog.

Then I moved to WordPress and the have their own stat counter built in.  Now I can see a handy chart of the day to day hits as well as the actual website that my readers come from.  It gives me those key phrases that are googled.  There are rarely surprises anymore.  Anytime someone searches for “Parable of the Talents” they get this post.  Any type of search for a cool cake brings you to this post.  And it seems a lot of people want to know how to pronounce Roncesvalles, Tremont St., and Coeur d’Alene, so they head to this post.

I actually stopped looking at my stats there for a while (I think mostly because I saw such a dip in my readers, I got depressed.  So petty of me, I know, but dang it all, I want to be popular!!).  A few days ago I started up my ritual of checking my stats before anything else in my blog.  I started to notice that there were a lot of unfamiliar referring websites.  Usually I only see the people on my blogroll and the Google searches.  Now, however, there are these other blogs that I’ve never heard of.  And why would someone be coming from “LOL Catz” for something on my blog?  It seems that now WordPress gives you options at the end of a post of other “related” posts.  So now anytime someone writes about sex, they get referred to my ONE post with “sex” in the title.  Interesting.  

I don’t know if I really like this “automatically generated possibly related posts”.  Again, I really want to be popular, but I there may be some unwanted traffic.  Of course, as long as every commenter is nice, I don’t care where you come from or how you got here.  And I like the discussions… so bring it on!!  Just no mean stuff.  I have to break up enough fights with my three boys.  I shouldn’t have to do it on my only place of relief. 😉

Happy Blirthday to Me!

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of being a blogger. I had this really great post all written up and I was just putting the finishing touches on it, when my Yahoo! browser decided enough was enough and it shut down on me. Yes, those screams you all heard last night came from Reno. I was so upset! It was really good! I was too tired to sit and try to do it all again, so now I’m a day late, but here goes anyway. I doubt it’ll be as good, but I’ll certainly try.

I have really enjoyed being a part of this blogging world. I have made new friendships and rekindled old. I have learned a lot about other people (including some people I thought I already knew really well!), and I hope that others have enjoyed reading me and maybe learned one thing. Even if it’s just “Llamas eat grass.” Although I guess that would actually come from Aiden, not me. Anyway…

I want to share a little something that I have learned from each of you this past year, so I’m just going straight down my links list. At the end, I will mention some other blogs I enjoy, but haven’t linked to them (yet). Thanks for such a good first year everyone!!

Alyson — I learned to never write in a moment of anger about your husband. Oh, and that our boys are most definitely related (the whole Star Wars thing clinched it for me).

April — I learned that crayon on walls will bleed through paint, so you still have to scrub off the crayon. (This is advice I may need these next couple of weeks!)

Heather — I learned to be proud of being a stay-at-home mom, a homemaker, and a housewife. It’s a hard job, but it’s completely worth it.

Jen the Mom — I learned that I’m not the only one who is adept at blowing up a casserole dish full of the dinner that we were about to eat! Oh, and that it’s good to think, no, to know that you are hot while pregnant.

Karen — This is the hardest one, because I think I have learned the most from Karen! I have learned how to appreciate the flowers I see in people’s gardens, found some good music to listen to, that it’s okay to be an adult who loves Harry Potter as much as, if not more than, you own child, how to pick a good dry cleaner for my umbrella, and the difference between the words jealous and envy.

Erica — I learned that as much as I loved being 17 and 18, I sure don’t want to be in that stage of life again! Instead, I would rather live vicariously through Erica and hear of all her adventures and experiences.

TexAngel — I learned that some friendships, no matter how old, will never die. We lead such different lives in many ways, but we are still friends. Yay! And it’s good to be proud of you Southern heritage (although I guess I’m not really Southern. I just lived there for a few years and picked up a thing or two).

Dana — I learned to never try to vaccuum up frozen corn that your kids have mashed into the carpet. It will just ruin the vaccuum! I also learned that I wish I had spent more time with you that year we were at Ricks together. You are so cool! Why didn’t I see it then? My huge loss.

Cara — I learned to 1) not take myself too seriously, 2) sometimes a mohawk may just be the way to go, 3) it’s cool to get Naked in the grocery store, 4) sometimes you just need a break, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean anything serious is going on, but you need a break, so take one! 5) pie is good and probably essential to total world denomination. I can NOT wait to hang out with you (or should I say harrass you??) when we are living in the same city! 🙂

Timber — I learned how important it is to think eternally, rather than just for the here and now. The Gospel gives us such hope and puts so many things into perspective, Timber is able to be so positive all the time. I’m striving to be like her.

Sariah in Vancouver — First of all, all Sariahs are just the coolest people ever! Actually, I pretty much knew that, but this Sariah has just helped reaffirm it. I learned not to be scared of meeting someone new, and that Mr. Universe isn’t the only complete Lord of the Rings freak out there.

Kris — I learned how to show total and complete love to my family, yet still be sarcastic with the world around me. Hee hee. Oh, and that Calgary isn’t the perfect city to live in (although I still love Calgary. Sorry Kris! But then again, I just go to visit.)

Julia — I learned that Julia and Paul are absolutely perfect for each other, that some people have goofier lives than I do, and that having a gaggle of girls doesn’t necessarily mean that you are avoiding dirt and mud dragged in everywhere, rocks up noses, or loud, unexplained, sudden noises.

Lura — I learned that Lura really can do it all: go to grad school, have a baby, entertain visitors while pregnant, have a husband in Iraq, and live with her mother-in-law. However, she can’t post very regularly. Hmpf. 😉

Therese — I learned that some people lead very funny lives. And if you ever get a call in the middle of the night from Canada and the girl sounds drunk, then she and her roommates have been havaing waaaay too much fun again. Offer her a cheeseburger and get off the phone. (This hasn’t happened to me, but I have read her blog enough to know this is quite a common occurance!!)

Laural — I learned that it’s okay to get completely frustrated with the hard situation you’re in and that it takes everything you’ve got not to kick someone in the head when they say “Everything will work out”. Yes, I know everything will work out, but we sure get sick of hearing it!

Allrie — I learned that even though I haven’t lived at home in 11 years, my mom is still “collecting kids” by becoming friends with my friends.

Kenyon — Ken is still very new to the blogging world, so I haven’t had a chance to learn a whole lot yet. However… Kenyon has introduced me to some really cool music!! Thanks for letting us all listen to it on your blog.

And now a “shout out” (heh, could I be more ’90s??) to the blogs I love to read, but haven’t yet linked to on my sidebar: Perpetual Chocoholic, People Say Stupid Things, Post Secret, and Waiter Rant. Now, there are many other blogs that I visit here and there, and a lot of them are secondary blogs of a lot of you, so I’m not going to mention all of them. I just wanted to mention those four if you need some good reading.

Once again, thanks everyone, for a fun first year. I plan on doing this for a while, so I hope we’ll all still be here for a while. Thank you for all the agreements, advice, arguements (discussions??), and laughter. And now, back to regular blogging.