Three Beautiful Things

1. My husband is wonderful and kind and loves me. I’m so blessed.

2. It’s beautiful outside. A little breezy, but still so nice. It was supposed to be horribly cold and rainy all day. A friend from church is hosting her son’s wedding in their backyard tonight. The weather is staying nice (so far) for her. See… prayers do TOO get answered.

3. I got both Dallin and Parker to take naps. They are asleep right now. The house is blissfully quiet. They will not be throwing crazy crying fits later on because they are tired. Naps are good.

Alvin Bar, Aiden, All Y’all

This post is brought to you today by the letter A.

It’s Wednesday, I’ve been feeling horrible lately, and I need a pick-up. So… Time for 3 Beautiful Things!!

1. I got a gift card from my brother Vince and his wife Tanya for Christmas. After a lot of hemming and hawing, I decided on this duvet cover from Ikea. I love it! My plan is to finally do something with our bedroom. It’s a work in progress. 🙂 Anyway, the new bedspread is the start. I have a vision, which Dana is helping me with a bit. It involves black and white and red accents. It won’t be finished for many, many years because I have to have my own house to paint walls and I have to buy new furniture (I’d like to finally have a headboard on my bed… for the first time in my entire life!!).

2. Aiden offered to clean his room the other night before bed. And he did it!! I didn’t have to do a thing!! I’m just amazed. It’s like normally everyone in this house has some kind of handicap that prevents them from picking anything up and I’m the only one without the handicap. I’m also the only one who knows where anything goes. I don’t know how that could be (it’s very clear to me which bin the cars all go in, or which bin all the Legos go in… but whatever. And how hard is it to throw trash in a trash can??? Anyway…). It was super nice to hear Aiden say, “Mom, once I get my pajamas on should I pick up my room?” Man, I love that kid.

3. You guys. I whine and complain all the time, but you guys are such good friends. You’re always there for me, you always know the right things to say. I only know a few of you in real life, and even then, I haven’t seen most of you in SO. LONG. I wish we all lived closer so we could get together, but this is still good. You all seem to think my kids are cute and my husband is wonderful and I’m smart and fun… I’ll let this ruse continue so long as you remain my friends! 🙂 Thanks for being here. I rely on you more than you know.

Walking, Bubble Bath, Baby Love

Three beautiful things:

1.  Walking 3 miles with women I have never met before, but came to really enjoy their company and hearing their stories and getting to share mine. 

2.  A long, warm, relaxing bubble bath while reading a good book and letting those tired leg muscles straighten back out a bit.

3. Parker hugged me today and said “law oooh”, which of course means “I love you”.  And he patted my back as he hugged me.  I love my babies.

Parker’s Room, Hot Chocolate, Folded Laundry

I haven’t given any Three Beautiful Things lately, and I need a little pick-me-up, so I thought I’d share some with you all right now.

1.  Parker is in his own bedroom!!  He slept in his crib all the way until 2 am last night.  Then he spent the rest of the night with Ches and me.  It’s an improvement!  I think the ceilings turned out well (for those that have asked… I don’t remember what the technique is called.  It looks kind of like stucco, but less severe.  Our walls are all orange peel, and the ceilings are not.  BTW, what is this California ceiling some of you have mentioned??) and I’m proud of myself for doing everything except 2/3 of the scraping of the popcorn.  I even moved the furniture and stuff all by myself.  Now that the living room is cleared up… I’m ready for the Christmas tree! 🙂  It’s amazing all the things in our lives that have become affected by the ceiling in one little room.

2.  Boxes of Swiss Miss hot chocolate was on sale the other day at Albertson’s for $1 a box.  I only bought 2 boxes (I had a limited budget and a few things I had to buy), but I love what I have.  I got one box of dark chocolate delight and one regular milk chocolate.  At this very moment I am drinking some of the dark chocolate.  Whenever I need chocolate but we don’t have any around the house, I drink hot chocolate.  Mmmmmm.  I’m more addicted to hot chocolate than I am to Scrabbulous.

3.  I got three loads of laundry folded so far today!  Yay!  I have a load in the dryer that needs to be folded, then a load of towels that is about to go into the dryer.  I swear that laundry is the never-ending battle.  I dream of actually having two washers and two dryers some day.  Seems silly, I’m sure, but maybe then I could stay a bit more caught up.  Then again, I need others to fold and iron for me so I don’t get behind in that, but we’ll figure that out if/when we get the two washers and two dryers.  Anyway, actually folding the laundry… that’s a big deal for me.  Now I just have to get it all put away before some little monsters climb onto my bed and decide nothing else can be on the bed with them.  It’s been known to happen.

Walking, Concert, Migraines

1.  Today was some big “walk to school” day.  So I made sure we got up early enough and I pulled out the monster of a double stroller we have, and out the door we went.  We walked Aiden to school today, and it felt really good to be out walking!!  At school they gave every kid (and whoever was with them) that walked to school a small orange juice, a donut, and a cool pencil sharpener.  I want to make it an everyday thing, this walking to and from school, but it’s still pretty hot out.  I got home and couldn’t wait to hop in the shower.

2.  Ches’ first concert of the season was last night.  It wasn’t bad!  Ches made it out to be like it was going to be a miracle or epic proportions for it to come together.  There were some really good things happening last night, and I was happy.  He seemed pretty content with most of it, too, so that’s good.  At the end of the concert, the band council presented Ches with some flowers and said they appreciate all the hard work he has done and that they think he’s doing a great job.  With that said, the band students jumped to their feet, applauding and yelling.  I saw some parents do the same, and that made me really happy.  There are tons of problems there, but they are starting to appreciate him.  yay!

3.  For some reason I have been getting a lot of headaches lately.  Huge migraine headaches.  At least once every day.  So I am thankful for a husband who is more than willing to pick up the slack when I’m in bed, in the dark, groaning out of misery and pain.  I am thankful for ibuprofren, even though it doesn’t work half as well on me as it does on other people, at least it helps so I can function.  Migraines suck, but I have a couple of helpers, and I appreciate that more than anyone will ever know!

Happy Wednesday!!

A Cool 97, Sweaters, My Civic Duty

It’s time to share my 3 Beautiful Things for this week:

1.  The weather has finally cooled down considerably.  Granted, today’s high was still 97, but when we woke up this morning it was quite cool.  It’s bearable enough that I can have the kids go outside and play before their morning snack.  I like waking up to cooler weather.  We could turn off the air conditioning at night and open all the windows… but we took all the screens off in preparation of painting the house.  So, we keep the air on right now.

2.  I mentioned that it’s a little cool today, and Aiden asked to wear his new sweater his Aunt Rachel got him.  It’s a dark, navy blue and very, very soft and fuzzy.  The label says The Gap, although I know Aunt Rachel is a smart shopper and didn’t get it at The Gap (I love The Gap.  But their prices are absolutely ridiculous).  I let Aiden wear the sweater with strict instructions that as soon as he was hot he could take it off but he HAD to put it in his backpack because I don’t have his name in it or anything.  He complied, and may I say my little boy looked SO handsome in his sweater with the red collar of his shirt poking out.  I love sweaters.  I love long sleeves.  I can’t wait for it to get cool enough for me to wear long sleeves and sweaters more often.  Yes, I know.  I live in Phoenix.  Please don’t ask me why I live here when I so clearly enjoy a little bit cooler air, fall colors, sweaters, lots of rain, the mountains, green grass, and plenty of diciduous trees (with a few conifers thrown in for looks).  I still love this valley.  I really, really do!

3.  About a month ago I was summoned for jury duty, the date of which is tomorrow.  I know that most people groan at the thought, but this was to be my first time and I was excited to do my Civic Duty.  I arranged for a sitter and for someone to both take Aiden to school and to pick him up.  I have picked out what I was going to wear and what book I was going to take in case I had to sit there  with nothing to do for a while.  I just called the “Juror Hotline” for whatever instructions and reporting times I would need, but the message on the hotline said everyone scheduled for today, tomorrow, and Friday have been dismissed.  The message then thanked me for my participation.  I’m sad to not have jury duty, but I’m so thankful for the ease in which I was able to find people to help me out for one day of jury duty.  And now I don’t have to do my own babysitting tomorrow, so I can concentrate more on getting my house completely clean for Aiden’s party on Saturday.  It works out pretty well, I’d say.

Unexpected Hugs, Autumn, New Programming

In spite of our trials, there are still things to be happy about, still things I find beautiful.

1.  As I’m helping Aiden get dressed, he suddenly throws his arms around my neck, squeezes tightly, and says, “I love you, Mom.”

2.  Fall is coming!!  I was in Wal-Mart this morning and they have all the Halloween candy out.  Which means they had Hershey’s Kisses wrapped in fall colors.  The song of the month on Noggin is “I’m Falling for Fall”.  It may be stinkin’ hot here in the valley of the sun, but just the idea of cooler weather, leaves changing colors, Friday night football games, browns and oranges and golds and reds, and favorite sweaters make me excited.  Especially since I know the Mom and Erica will enjoy beautiful falls where they live!!  I shall live vicariously through you two.

3.  They brought the Koala Brothers back to Playhouse Disney!It’s such a cute show, and I love the Australian accents.  Oh, and Stanley is still on, although at something like 6 am, so I don’t know how often we’ll actually be watching Stanley.  Too bad, since I LOVE that show.  Aiden used to watch it religiously.  I’m happy Disney brought back these two shows.  Now, if only they’d get rid of the annoying ones, like The Doodlebops.  That’s some crazy stuff!  I also wish they would bring back Bear in the Big Blue House.  We love Bear.  You can’t help but be happy when watching Bear.  I think I’ll go turn on one of our Bear DVDs now. 🙂

Tooth; Little Helpers; Cookies

Happy Wednesday!  I need a little pick-me-up, and maybe you do too.  Let’s count our blessings, shall we?

1.  My tooth doesn’t hurt!  One of my molars broke yesterday.  Yup… it broke.  I don’t know what happened, but now it’s like I have a hole in my tooth.  However, I have no pain.  Yay!  No emergency dental bills to worry about.

2.  I was making spaghetti for dinner last night and both Aiden and Dallin decided they wanted to help.  They put noodles in the pot (despite my cries of, “But we don’t need any more noodles!  That’s enough!”), stirred the noodles, and stirred the sauce.  Then Dallin set the table.  It was kind of slow going because I could only give him one plate at a time and repeat the instructions 40 twelve times:  “Put that on the table where Mommy sits.  No, where Mommy sits.  On the table.  Yes, that’s her chair, now put it on the table.  No, not at Dallin’s place.  At Mommy’s place.  On the table.  Good job!!”  I have such good helpers.

3.  My visiting teaching partner made cookies and gave me a plate.  They were still kind of warm, are soft, and have lots of chocolate chips.  Mmmmmm!! (Dallin and I will eat them before anyone else gets home, so they never have to know, either!!  hee hee)

Hillbilly Baby, Adoring Husband, Thunder and Lightening

Happy Wednesday everyone!  My Three Beautiful Things for today are:

1.  The big but really cute gap between Parker’s top two front teeth.  It’s just adorable!  He’s the cutest hillbilly ever.

2.  My husband married a very thin woman, but she is now obese (according to her BMI).  He still loves his wife and is attracted to his wife, no matter how aweful she thinks she looks.  My husband is the best there ever was.

3.  Thunder and lightening at night.  I don’t know if it rained, but I was up late doing some laundry and a loud clap of thunder made me jump in fright.  However, I love the sounds of thunder and the flashes of light from lightening.  It gives me some comfort when I go to bed and fall asleep.

School, Books, Floor

It’s Wednesday, and even though I’ve been a slacker for so long, I have lots of things that make me happy.  So, here is today’s Beautiful Things:

1.  Having a child in all day kindergarten (and he loves it!!)

2.  Finishing a good book (and picking a new one to read!)

3.  A clean floor in the family room

Happy Wednesday! 🙂