Phishing For Some Common Ground

I was having a conversation the other day with three people who are in their early 20’s. We were talking about Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and how they have yummy flavors and cool names. I mentioned “Phish Food”. One person said she really liked that particular flavor with the yummy “fish” in them. Another person said something about how funny the name is spelled.

“Well, yeah,” I replied. “It’s named after the band.”

The three people looked at me blankly. There was a long pause.

“You know? The band? Phish?”

Again, blank stares. Another long pause, then, “Who?”

I feel really, really old now.

12 responses to “Phishing For Some Common Ground

  1. Eating Phish Food late at night is one of my Ricks College memories! I’m not sure I’ve even had it since then, which is quite sad.

    However, you will be thrilled to know that Ellie’s favorite song in the whole world is “Sparkle” by Phish. And all three of my children know that Phish is a band and enjoy listening to their music (and would like to know what cluster flies are, alas.) I’m doing my best to keep myself young for as long as possible by exposing them to good music.

    • You’re such a good mom. πŸ™‚ I admit to not really being a fan of Phish. I didn’t dislike them. I was ambivalent, I suppose. But I certainly knew who they were and they were big. It was shocking to me that these three people had never heard of them. Phish was HUGE!!

  2. Timber, what?!?!?
    Come to Dallas, even for a short visit (you’ve got a plane , remember?) I’ll get you squared away. The fact that you’ve never had Ben & Jerry’s made me forget whatever I was going to say to Sariah.

  3. I can’t believe it Timber! I too am distracted by this distressing news!!! Next time you are near me, I am breaking out my ice cream maker. We have a Ben and Jerrys recipe book!!!

  4. I don’t think it’s an age thing, I think it’s your ability to find obscure bands that are not on the top 40. I neither know Phish, Ben or Jerry. Ice cream is too expensive. Oh and by the way the feeling old thing…. haha now you know what it’s like when I get around you and Emily.

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