End of the Road… Almost

We are now down to under 2 weeks until the baby is born. If the baby waits until the scheduled day, I will be going to the hospital at 530 am on Mother’s Day for a 730 surgery. Not too bad. If the baby comes early… well, I’ll just go in to the hospital and see what happens.

I hear the hospital I have chosen is a good one. You get to order your food like room service! Just call them up at any time and say, “May I have this please?” and they bring it to you. At. Any. Time. Not just “pick from this menu and here are the meal times.” And all the rooms have huge flat screens. AND free WiFi. My one friend said she blogged from the hospital. And something broke down in the middle of the night and they still came and fixed it right away. I asked about what the nurses were like (I thought the nurses when I had Parker were actually pretty mean), and was assured that they are all pretty great and you can just request a different nurse if you don’t get along. YAY. It’s going to be like a little vacation for me, apparently.

I had some friends throw me a baby shower, and we are feeling so blessed right now. Yes, this is our fourth baby, and yes, it is also a boy, so who would think I would get a baby shower, right? I should have everything I need, right? Wrong! It has been long enough since we had Parker that we actually thought we were done and we were in the process of getting rid of everything. I had just given away all the clothes. We got rid of most of our baby gear. It feels like we are starting over! Well, we have some amazing friends apparently, both near and far. I now have a car seat and stroller (not from the baby shower… just a really, really awesome and generous friend!), a swing (someone was just giving it away! Score!), a crib (astonished as this was presented to me as the group gift at the shower!), clothes (cutest outfits ever! And my friend who inherited all our previous clothes returned everything she borrowed! Double score!), pacifiers and bottles (yay for baby showers!) and oh my gosh I have never had so many diapers at one time in one place in my life. Ches and I both felt a huge weight come off our shoulders Saturday night as we went through everything. There are still a couple of things we need to get (diaper bag, breast pump, monitor), but overall we are ready for the baby.

If we can only come up with a name…

It’s still shocking to me that we are having another baby. We used to say we wanted four, but we had accepted that we had 3 wonderful boys and felt complete. Life is funny that way, though. Just when I think I have things figured out, I get thrown a curve ball. It’s been a hard adjustment for me to make in my mind, and I’m not quite there. Maybe when he makes his appearance I’ll be able to reconcile it. I don’t know. I’m happy about it though. I feel ready for whatever mental games happens, too. Having gone through PPD twice before, we know exactly what to look for. In fact, at my next doctor’s appointment, I’m going to ask how quickly I can be put on medication just because it was something I was looking at doing before I got pregnant anyway. I’m not sure I’m ready for the middle of the night feedings and the constant diaper changing… but I’m ready for another person to be added to our family.

We have so much going on in our lives right now. It’s the tail end of the school year, which means concerts, class plays, more concerts, guard and drumline auditions, banquets, concerts, field trips, graduations, concerts… If only the baby was due in June… But we’ll work it out just fine.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I hurt all over. I had a huge headache. When I did sleep, I had crazy dreams. Mostly I just had the overwhelming feeling that I needed to wake up and pack my bag and make all the arrangements necessary for the baby to come. I felt like the baby is going to come TODAY. I don’t know how valid the feeling is, really. I more than likely won’t be having a baby today. However, it is best to be prepared, so that’s what I’m doing. Well, right after I hit “publish”, that is. šŸ˜€

I’ll blog from the hospital. Just because I can.

6 responses to “End of the Road… Almost

  1. I’m SOOO glad that your friends threw you a shower. The fact that you got almost everything you needed just tops it off! Phew! I’m incredibly excited for you guys to have another Sharp! Love you to bits and pieces!!! (And don’t forget to Skype me so I can meet him as soon as possible!)

  2. I have so many feelings I didn’t even know what to say here! Just that I came, I read, I commented. I am so full of anticipation for you and I’m honestly a little anxious that you’re going to have a brand new babe with all that end of the year stuff. Wowzers. I feel like I need to be medicated on your behalf. (Does it work that way? I wish.)

  3. Pack that bag sister!! I had just about the same experience with Mae when she arrived, only it was the beginning of the year with all the back-to-school stuff, etc. But one day was incredibly uncomfortable. People kept asking me when I was due. “They induce on Monday”. Um….no one thought I was going to make it until then. I went into labor that night. On the first day of school. Just like I thought from the instant I found out I was pregnant. You know. Pack that bag sister. Can’t wait!!

  4. The hospital where I had Melody and Lily have a room service like the one at your hospital… seriously, I could order oreo shakes whenever I wanted?! I loved it, the free wifi is also a must šŸ™‚ It really does feel like a vacation yay!

  5. Wow, talk about prescient! I just got back from reading the “birth announcement” on Facebook. Congratulations! Oh, and I love the name you guys chose. Looking forward to reading your blog posts from the hospital.

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