Aiden has been growing his hair out. I don’t mind because I love his strawberry blonde hair. I love it with a little length. I love how thick it is. I think it’s absolutely wonderful and unique and so very Aiden.

Several weeks ago I made an appointment with our favorite hairstylist, Jenna, to cut Ches and the boys’ hair. Aiden refused the cut. I said, “That’s fine. You can either just trim it, or let it go as long as you want.” He opted to let it go.

A couple of weeks later Aiden admitted to me that he was growing his hair out because he wanted to see how long it would take before I freaked out. I laughed and said, “It’s just hair. I don’t care. You can grow it to your ankles and I’m not going to care. You can do whatever you want with your hair.”

He looked a little troubled for a minute, then quietly asked, “Then can I get a haircut?”


5 responses to “Hair

  1. That is SOOOO stinkin funny!!!!!!

    My Dad was loony with hair. me and my 3 sisters were NOT allowed to cut our hair or do anything to it–Just let it grow. Period. We weren’t even allowed to get it trimmed! So, when I was 16 I got it permed and chopped short just to make him mad. I loved it! I vowed that my kids can do WHATEVER they want to their hair. Like you said, it’s just hair!
    Not that any of my kids care one whit about their hair. I guess Jenacy cares a little, but not much. The boys don’t care even a little bit.

    PS–where’s a picture of Aiden’s shaggy head??? πŸ™‚

  2. I want to see a picture too. But I’m kind of opposite. I want my kids to look clean cut and well kept. So, I cut the boys hair fairly often and do what I can with the girl’s hair.

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