Date Night?

The family (and my brother Charles, who is visiting us this week) was driving home from the Music Instrument Museum the other day when Parker suddenly sighed and said, “I want to go on a date with Ellie.”

Okay. “Parker, do you know what a date is?”

“Yes. You go on a date. With girls.”

“Parker, you’re not allowed to date until your 16, buddy.”

Sad face from Parker. “Oh. I just wanted to go on a date with Ellie.”

“What do you do on dates?”

“You know. I don’t know. But there is lots of kissing.”

“Who told you that, Parker?”

“My brain. And Aiden.”

Aiden, who was reading a book in the very back seat, gives a sly smile. Charles whispers, “Fist bump, man!” and the two seem proud of themselves.

Obviously, I have a lot on my plate when these boys become teenagers!!

6 responses to “Date Night?

  1. Oh dear! The whole idea of teenage time with my kids scares me to death. Especially when they say things like that as 9 year olds!! May the force be with all of us! πŸ˜€

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