The Story of Ches and Sariah

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d give you some gooey love story. Well, it’s not all that gooey, and I’m not going to share the entire story at once, but here is part of it.

I think you all know how we met: at a band party where I was actually quite rude to Ches and he doesn’t remember meeting me (thankfully, as I was so rude). We were both music majors, so we ended up with quite a few mutual friends. I was a year ahead of him, so didn’t have any classes with him, but we ran into each other a lot.

I really didn’t think much about Ches at first. I was just having fun with my new roommates and my old and new friends. I was taking some difficult classes (both Survey of Music Lit. from Dr. Call and Anatomy and Physiology from Bro. Groesbeck that semester… both about killed me, too) and had upped my concentration on flute playing. I was serious about progressing with my flute. I practiced far more than the required 2 hours per day… more like 6 hours. My teacher had given me a concerto and was encouraging me to get it ready and enter the concerto competition. I was also concentrating a lot more on my spiritual self that year. I prayed more, studied my scriptures more intently, and was preparing myself to serve a mission in another year and a half. I was desperate to go on a mission.

A few weeks after I met Ches, I had a dream. Now, when I dream it’s more like I’m watching a movie. I see myself as other people do… I’m not in my own body. Also, my dreams tend to be quite vivid and I have a hard time telling the difference between something that happened in a dream and reality (just ask Ches how many times I’ve been mad at him over the years for something that I dreamed about. It’s kind of funny.). This was even more vivid of a dream.

I could see me, sitting on a cream-colored (yet patterned) couch. The couch was set against a white or off-white wall and there was a window nearby. I could also sense a door near. Sitting on the couch next to me was this guy… Ches. We were holding hands, and we both turned and looked at each other. The look that passed between us was one of total intimacy and love. I’m sure you’ve seen that happen with two people, right? It was just for a second, but it conveyed so much.

I woke up with a start and my first thought was, “Woah. Who is this guy? I need to find out more about him.”

After the dream, I started to notice Ches. I would ask people about him. I tried to talk to him. I just wanted to get to know this guy because I had no idea why he was so important to me.

I never wrote about that dream in my journal. I don’t know why. I first mention Ches in my journal on October 9, 1996. I never mention him by name, but I know who I was talking about. It was Ches. All I wrote was one, silly paragraph: “Okay. I’m stupid. I kind of like this guy. It’s so dumb! I don’t WANT to like a guy! I just want friends to hang out with. To maybe go to a dance or two with. That’s it! I HATE myself! Dang the system! Liking a boy is just too much trouble!” I don’t mention him again until December 13, and then I just gush about him. It’s so funny to read now. I was so sure he didn’t like me back at all (and I still don’t know if he even knew I existed), but I was so infatuated with him.

It’s funny, what a dream can do. I persisted on getting to know Ches. We hung out a lot and did a lot of fun things together as friends. Eventually (after a lot of prodding from mutual friends) he asked me out. We stayed friends for a while longer, and finally, at the end of Winter semester, we only saw each other. By the time we left for the summer, I knew I wanted to marry him. We wrote and called all summer, and by the time we got back together for Fall Semester in 1997, I knew I wasn’t going on a mission. He proposed in September, and we got married May 2, 1998.

It all went so quickly. That was never in my plan. Life isn’t always easy. Ches isn’t perfect, and I am FAR from perfect. However, I have never regretted my decision to marry Ches. I am so grateful for that one, prophetic dream. It sounds crazy, I know. If anyone else told me this story, I would scoff. This is how it happened, however.

Ches is truly the man of my dreams. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our engagement photo from 1998

Ches and I in November 2010


5 responses to “The Story of Ches and Sariah

  1. I didn’t know about this dream! That is awesome! I had a similar kind of dream about Jody WAY before we started dating. We really are soul sisters, aren’t we?! I love you both, imperfections and all and I’m so glad that two of my best friends from college could marry and still be two of my two best friends!!

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