My Sunday I’s…

1. I am writing from my iPod Touch.
2. I feel so cool, writing from my iPod Touch.
3. I successfully used my new flat iron to do my hair for church today and I don’t think it turned ou half bad.
4. I was stopped by a lady at church today. She said she sees how skinny I am getting and she is so jealous.
5. I responded with “I am so hungry!” That’s the price of weight loss.
6. I absolutely love having the kind of weather in January that I can be outside in short sleeves and watch my kids play in luscious, green grass.
7. I miss wearing sweaters, however.
8. I am currently reading “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card and surprisingly am enjoying a lot.
9. I am lying in bed because I was trying to take a nap, but it just never came, so now I’m doing this instead.
10. I don’t think I have anything to day today that I haven’t already said on Facebook.
11. I think it’s time to lay off Facebook for a while.

3 responses to “My Sunday I’s…

  1. I think you are very cool writing from you iPod Touch.
    I am proud of your for your weightloss.
    I want to follow your example.
    I enjoyed “Ender’s Game” but couldn’t get into the others in the series.
    I met Orson Scott Card in person after he had been Paul’s professor for a class.
    I thought the man was not nearly as interesting as his one good book.
    (I actually have harsher opinions of him but that’s not nice.)
    I forgot what else I was going to type because I just got a primary phone call and my brain is elsewhere.
    I enjoyed reading your Sunday Is.

  2. I’m jealous of you in so many ways, but since that is prideful, and our talks in church were on pride, and..

    I’m trying to not be so prideful…

    I love you and your blog and…

    I miss you tons!

  3. 1. I got Nathan an ipod touch for xmas and I loooove to steal it from him!
    2. DAMN AUTOCORRECT!!! (pardon my french hehe)
    3. Awesome! I’ve thought of doing that with my hair, but haven’t ever tried it.
    4. At PE, one of the mom’s said my face looks skinnier. I thought, “My face is fat too?!?!”
    5. My weightloss plateaued so I went sugar-free 5 days ago. Steep price indeed.
    6-11. DITTO!!!
    except 8. So glad you are enjoying it! I haven’t read it yet.
    I like your I post 😀

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