Just Some Random Thoughts…

Yesterday I got to take Parker to the Sea Life Aquarium for his preschool field trip. The Sea Life Aquarium is located in the Arizona Mills Mall, a very large mall not far from where we used to live. It is now a good half hour drive from our current home. After the adventures of the Aquarium, I decided to take Parker to the food court so he could have some lunch and (hopefully) fall asleep in the van on the way home. Then we could both get a little nap in.

Being that it is a mall, there are kiosks. I am a sucker when the vendors at kiosks stop me to show me whatever cool product they are hawking selling. So I got stopped by the woman with an exotic accent who wanted to buff my nails until they were super shiny and pretty (no need for nail polish!), then show me her sea salt rubs and body butter.

First of all, yes, my nails are very pretty. We’ll see if it really lasts a month. However, I am NOT spending $60 for a kit just to buff my nails. Seriously? I’ll put on clear nail polish that costs $1.50 from Wal-Greens first.

Second, the accent? So fake. You can’t even decide if you’re supposed to be French, Israeli, or Brazilian. So it switches constantly. Yes, you sound exotic and it’s supposed to make me trust you more, but I know it’s fake. Everyone knows you don’t have that accent. Someone ought to really stop this practice.

Third, yes, in fact I did like the sea salt scrub and it does seem to be helping the massive eczema on the palms of my hands. However, there is no way I would ever pay $80 for it when I can hop over to Bath and Body Works and get the same size tub for $10. Do I really look that stupid to you? And just because it says it’s made in Israel does NOT mean it actually comes from the Dead Sea. I don’t care where the salt comes from, anyway. It’s salt.


I believe I have passed on my anxiety to my children. On the way to the school for the ceremony where Dallin received a certificate because he is a Cardinal of Character (he demonstrated the characteristic “fairness” in the classroom), all I could hear was bouncy Dallin saying, “I wonder what my award is. Will they call my name? Where will I sit? Will you all be in the audience? I hope you are in the audience. Do I get a paper? I can’t believe I get an award.” He repeated it constantly until the start of the ceremony.

He got a certificate and a t-shirt. The t-shirt says, “I’m a Cardinal of Character at Centennial Elementary.”

The whole way home he repeated, “I love my t-shirt. Do you have my certificate? I hope my t-shirt fits. I want to wear it tomorrow. Will my t-shirt fit me? It’s so cool.”

On the way to the Aquarium yesterday, Parker repeated, “Are we going on my field trip now? Are you driving fast enough? Can you drive faster? Is this the right way? Did you get lost? Are we closer yet? How much longer? Will I see fish? Are there sharks? Did you make a wrong turn? I don’t know if this is the right way. Can you go faster?” Seriously, repeated this the entire half hour.



Can someone please show me where in the Bible it actually says that Jesus said “If you deny me I will deny you to my FATHER”? I hate that stupid post on Facebook. If I don’t repost am I saying I am ashamed of Jesus and I don’t get to go to Heaven now? Whatever. Reposting these things that say, “Let’s see how many believers are on Facebook!” or “I believe in Jesus. Do you?” is just lame. I don’t need to flaunt my faith in the face of all Facebook to know that I have a testimony that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I feel like posting, “OMG!! I totally ❀ Jesus!! Repost this!” just to see what people will do. Stupid, but it’s the same thing to me.


I am in another “Biggest Loser” challenge. We’ve had two weigh ins and I have lost 5 lbs. I weigh in tomorrow. Hoping to have lost another 2 lbs this week. The best thing I’m doing for me this time is I have started using MyNetDiary, an online food diary. It helps me keep track of everything I’m eating, counts my calories, has a spot to enter how much exercise I do (and how many calories I have burned), and has handy dandy charts to help me know how much I should be consuming and burning each day in order to lose weight. It’s keeping me totally accountable and I love it. AND it’s free!!! I highly recommend it.


I’m lonely. I have tons of friends (you guys), but you are all too far away. Someone move here, please. Seriously.


My book club chose enough books to last us through July. I’m super excited about the books, and only one of them have I actually read before.

This month we are reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. It has been on my “to read” list for forever because people are constantly telling me to try it. The love it. So I am excited to read it for that reason. However, it’s Sci Fi. I don’t enjoy Sci Fi and I don’t enjoy Fantasy (as a general rule). I try, but I just can’t get into it. So I was telling a girl in the book club that I was excited about reading it, but I said off handedly, “I won’t like it.” She then started to lecture me about having an open mind and being positive and I have to try the book anyway… ugh. I didn’t mean that I’m closing down to it! I didn’t mean I wasn’t going to even try to read it! I am!! It’s just not my style of book and I have tried and tried in the past to read these types of books with no success. I just don’t like it. Geez. Again, I am excited to read the book because it sounds interesting and it comes so highly recommended. But if I don’t like it, then I don’t like it. That’s my opinion. That’s my taste. So there.


I love this weather. It’s been in the mid to upper 70’s all week. So beautiful! We take visitors, by the way. Any time. We have enough floor space for anyone who wants to partake in our sunshine.

7 responses to “Just Some Random Thoughts…

  1. Sophi is just like Dallin and Parker with the questions. Today it was, “why are you going so fast? why are you going so slow? where are we going? why did you leave Grams there? will she be able to find us?….” I try to just tune her out!

    No, YOU MOVE HERE! πŸ˜‰

    I’m really good at just blowing kiosk people off. My motto is ‘No Eye Contact…Make No Eye Contact!’

    I hear ya on the books, and the FB reposts/email fowards. I hope you do enjoy the book, just so that you can say you enjoyed one sci-fi. If you don’t, I still love! (BTW, I haven’t read it yet either). And I KNOW you believe in Jesus Christ, even though I don’t see it on FB. And, really, who cares about anyone else! πŸ˜‰

  2. Yeah, you move here! πŸ˜‰

    I make it a rule to never repost those Facebook things, because I think they’re just stupid. I’m in the process of writing a blog post on one that people were reposting over and over recently. Whether or not I actually post it…but at least I’ll feel better! It just gets under my skin.

    I LOVE Ender’s Game! And, to be honest, I’m not big into sci-fi or fantasy, either. I resisted reading that one for a long time, but I I finally caved in, and now Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors. You might find it’s a good one to read to Aiden (although I think the language might be a bit, um, rough). Vicki loves it, too. Anyway, apart from Orson Scott Card, I really haven’t read any other sci-fi, nor do I plan to. It just doesn’t interest me. But Ender will always hold a special place in my heart.

    • Aiden has already stolen the book and started reading it. πŸ™‚
      I had a loooooong post written about the whole FB repost thing, but decided to condense it to this. I wanna read what you wrote. Feel free to email it to me. πŸ˜‰

  3. I double love your comments about the FaceBook thing. Seriously, shouldn’t you be showing your faith in your acts and worship and not just on your FaceBook page? Please. I sometimes feel that’s why non-believers are still non-believers. The crazies that are out there spouting craziness and stupidity! I love that you speak your mind!!

  4. We had the same kiosk in our mall….they buffed one of my nails, it didn’t last a month like they said. I can buy a nail buffer for a dollar and have it do the same thing. They were a rip off!! I’m totally gonna go check out the online diary. =) thanks for mentioning that!!


    I’m not a mega fan of the (always in capslock) “If you have someone who has cancer/is dead/is wonderful/is your sister/friend/cousin/or dog, repost this message so that the world will know that you love them.”

    uhhh. no.

    Worse yet is when someone posts one on your wall “You have made me smile at some point in my life. Thanks for making me smile! Repost this to 10 other people’s walls, including mine.”
    Definitely NO. And would I be your friend if you hadn’t made me smile at some point in my life? I mean, really, funny looking rocks have made me smile. It’s not that deep of a connection to have made you smile. Anyway….

    Good job on the weight loss! That’s awesome!!!

  6. The scripture you asked for is here:
    Matthew 10:33
    “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.”

    But I only say so because you asked and no one has yet said it. I’m TOTALLY with you on the repost and forward things. It’s NOT proof that anyone loves Jesus. Like Emily said – If people truly love Jesus then they should show it by how they live and not just say it on FB or in email.

    By the way, this line of thought could actually spark some interesting discussion in Sunday School. Matt 10 is our lesson for tomorrow.

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