Happy New Year!

Wow, have I really not posted anything in almost a month? How did that happen?? I guess I’ll just have to quickly recap Christmas and New Year’s and then get on with real blogging in my next post. Which will come another day. 😛

We had a great Christmas. Through the generosity of friends and family and many anonymous donors, we had more food and presents than we knew what to do with! We felt truly blessed and nothing we say can ever fully convey our gratitude.

“Santa” got the family a Wii. The boys were ecstatic! Aiden just kept yelling, “A white Wii! We FINALLY got a white Wii!! I can’t believe it!!” (He had looked at the black and red Wiis in Walmart. That’s the only reason that color even came into the equation.) A secret Santa sent us a gift card on Amazon.com, so we were able to get the boys a couple of games, and Ches and I bought a few extra controllers. We all love the Wii. It was definitely the highlight of Christmas and we have each used it every single day. (Ches and I splurged and signed up for Netflix, so I tend to do more movie watching on the Wii than playing games.)

Heather made the boys some amazing toques and they LOVE them. They all wear them all the time. Yes, in Arizona, and yes, even when our high temperature is 70 degrees. It’s not 70 when they leave for school, however. 🙂

About a week before Christmas my aunt came to visit for a night. We had a lot of fun visiting with her and wish she could have stayed longer! We all went to the Phoenix Zoo (and Aunt Marisa bought us a membership! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!! YAY!), had dinner at Oregano’s (if you have never been, well, come visit me and we’ll go. SO worth it!), walked around Tempe Beach and downtown Tempe, and had some amazing ice cream at this little ice cream shop called Sparky’s (it’s on Mill Ave., for anyone local. Go. It was yummy!!). The kids were very sad when Aunt Marisa left and are trying to get her to come back (and bring her husband) soon. We’re really hoping for President’s Day weekend. I have a plan. 😉

My birthday this year was pretty uneventful. Ches and I didn’t go out on our traditional dinner date (we just can’t afford a sitter and finding one on Christmas Eve is just too difficult). I’m fine with it, however, because we didn’t do anything for Ches’ birthday back in August and I’m still feeling guilty. The boys gave me chocolate and gum and it was awesome. The biggest surprise came from my brother in law and sister in law. They sent me an iPod Touch. I KNOW!!! I was stunned. Apparently Justin (my BIL) got a new phone or something, so they called and asked if Ches wants it and Ches said to give it to me because I never get anything fun and cool. What a great husband, right? He’s the best. My favorite thing about the iPod is that Rachel and Justin put all the Harry Potter audio books on there. YAY!!! I’ve been listening to The Philosopher’s Stone whenever I can, and I love it. I don’t normally listen to books (it’s too easy for me to get distracted), but it’s Harry. I love Harry.

It got really cold and rainy after Christmas, and we just holed up in the house together. I loved it. It was almost like a real winter.

We didn’t have any big plans for New Year’s Eve, either. We hardly ever do. But we had a lot of fun as a family. We stayed up late and played on the Wii (we had a bowling tournament) and played board games and ate yummy snacks all night. At midnight we watched the ball drop on TV and toasted to a happy new year together with sparkling cider. Then we sent the boys to bed. Dallin didn’t make it (although he swears he was awake). He fell asleep with less than five minutes left until midnight. We tried to wake him up… but nothing. He’s my good sleeper!!

It was so nice to just hang out at home with all my boys. We all did a lot of game playing, movie watching, and book reading over the break. It was so fun1 I knew it was time for school to start up again, however, when they started fighting more than they were playing. So while I miss Ches, it’s great having the kids gone during the day, too.

And now I think I’m pretty well caught up. How was your break?


4 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. What a fun Xmas and New Year!!!

    I had to google the word toques. We calls those HATS out here in the sticks… 😉

    We just barely got netflix too. We got it right before xmas when I was sick and quarantined and bored out of my mind for several days. I figured it wouldn’t entertain us for more than a week…but now we keep finding more and more fun stuff to watch. Like old episodes of the x-files. So fun!

  2. I’m glad you had such a nice break!
    And hooray for netflix! Paul’s been educating the boys on Voltron -Defender of the Universe and I had to show them the Animaniacs movie. We’re having fun sharing our childhood (and adolescent) faves.

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