Santa’s Lap

At the church Christmas party on Saturday there was, of course, a visit by Santa. Each kid got to sit on his lap and someone was even there with a camera (thank goodness since we don’t have a working camera right now). My boys were happy to wait in line. Well, actually, they were happy to have MOM wait in line while they ran around with their friends, helped vacuum the church hallways, or try to steal any left over cookies or rolls (there weren’t any left to steal, so it was more running around with friends).

First up was Dallin. He got in line right at the beginning with some friends. I was still in the gym, clearing our dinner table and talking to friends. I have no idea what he talked about with Santa. I did hear an interesting story from his friend’s mother. It seems his friend, Antonella, is scared of Santa and has NEVER sat on Santa’s lap. Nothing could ever convince Antonella to see Santa. Until now. She said, “Dallin was with me. And he said if I sat on Santa’s lap then I got a candy cane. So I did.” Antonella’s mom said to me, “Five years of trying to get her to sit on Santa, and it took Dallin five seconds!” We had a good laugh. Those two kids are funny together.

Next up, Parker. Parker was actually quite shy, so he didn’t really look at Santa and kind of talked more to his own hands. However he did talk. I wish I knew what he said. He’s too quiet! I think he asked for a cookie mom. (There is a Muse song that, in the chorus, goes “Could be wrong” over and over again and my kids think the lyrics say “Cookie Mom” over and over.) He’s a silly boy.

Last was Aiden. Santa asked Aiden if he was on Santa’s naughty list, and Aiden hung his head a little and said, “Yeah, I think I am.” There was a pause, then, “But if I’m not, I’d like a Nintendo DS…” No one heard anything else because we were all giggling. Aiden is a good boy. He doesn’t always have the best behaviour, but down deep Β he is really kind, honest, and good and he tries hard. (He’s still not getting a Nintendo DS, however. Tough luck.)


7 responses to “Santa’s Lap

  1. SO cute!! I wish our ward party had done that! E would think he was too “cool” to do sit on Santa’s knee, J would jump at the chance, M would stare but not say anything and T would outright REFUSE to go anywhere near. He’s afraid of nutcrackers, need I say more? LOL!

    Nintendo DS’s were the WORST thing I ever brought into my house. HATE them. We’ve banned them but for Friday night’s and Saturday but they only get ONE hour. I swear their brains slow drain out of their ears while they play. :/


    • My thing is why am I buying you a present that is going to continuously cause me to SPEND MORE MONEY??? I am really lenient about video games. Ches is a gamer. My kids are really good at gaming. But I hate how you get one thing and then have to keep buying more and more things. I will be happy with the ONE console in our house. No DS. Not spending more money on it. No no no no no.

  2. I’m REALLY that my kids didn’t have an opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap this year. Mostly it’s because I didn’t want them to ask for something and then be totally disappointed when they don’t get it. Right now they are either going to get a present from Santa or from Mom and Dad. Jody tried to tell them that Santa might not be able to come to our house because he is running really low on money too (or something like that). I told them that he wasn’t going to come because they were always fighting with each other and not treating their parents with respect. Yes, Jody is the better parent! πŸ˜€

  3. I wish Dallin would convince Will to visit with Santa. We can’t even walk past him in the mall – we have to re-route!!

    • Apparently that was Antonella, too. So… come visit! Dallin is a HUGE influence. He’ll get Will good with Santa in no time. And we’d get a visit. πŸ˜‰ (Yeah, I know you have plans in the near future to come to Phoenix! Ha!)

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