Okay, I’m NOT Ruining Christmas

Thank you all for your comments on my last post. I guess I was just trying to put out there some of my thoughts. I’m not telling anyone anything. I keep turning Aiden’s questions on back to him with a “Well, what do YOU think?” I think he still wants to believe, so he does. Next year might be a different story.

I love the magic of Christmas. There is such a special feeling when you have those tree lights on, are sipping hot cocoa, listening to Christmas music, and watching your kids play with their new toys or discuss what they are giving other people for Christmas. It has very little to do with Santa and everything to do with gift giving.

I am lucky that my kids are at an age where they can get a cheap book and they are just as happy as if they got a Nintendo DS (yes, that is on someone’s list. Never gonna happen!!). They don’t really compare what they got from Santa with what their friends got. They don’t notice yet that things aren’t equal in everyone’s homes. I’m fine with that. We are grateful for what we have. The best part is just spending time together.

I am so appreciative for the family and friends we have that have stepped in to give us an amazing Christmas. Someday we will be able to do that for others. We will always remember this Christmas because of the love of our family and friends.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


One response to “Okay, I’m NOT Ruining Christmas

  1. I wish someone could have warned us when we were young and idealistic, that being a parent is full of really difficult decisions that we couldn’t possibly have imagined.

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