Snow in Phoenix!!

I wanted the boys to cut out snowflakes that we could then tape to our patio doors (since the blinds are almost completely destroyed, we have to do something to make it look nice), and this morning I saw pictures of a project my friend Jean did with her kids. They are quite fancy, and I knew the “regular” kind of snowflakes just wouldn’t do! Jean gave me the link (which you can find here) and told me it was easy. She was right! It’s really easy and they look SO GOOD. I’m sorry my camera is broken and I only have my camera phone. You get the idea. The kids had a ton of fun making these. Even Parker (with a little help) was able to handle the scissors. I am in love with our beautiful snowflakes.

And here is a shot with all three boys and their snowflakes. (Aiden was too tall to stand under his, so he is under mine and next to his.)


3 responses to “Snow in Phoenix!!

  1. Those are fun to make I made one last year cause we had no paper and I didnt’ go buy any. I totally forgot about them until I saw your pictures of Facebook. I’m gonna have to do these again. Thanks for the reminder =)

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