Random Friday

I have taken to shamelessly promoting my own blog on Facebook. I need comments, people!! It’s all about the validation. Well, that and I feel bad for my blog. I neglect my blog in favor of Facebook because it’s easier to write a couple of lines on Facebook than it is to sit down and write a post on my blog. Remember the good ol’ days? When we’d blog almost every day and always had interesting stories to tell and experiences to share? That was sooo three years ago. Now it’s all about microblogging. Facebook and Twitter are killing my blog. Oh, yeah. I’m on Twitter. I haven’t checked it in ages and I rarely tweet because I mainly follow celebrities, bands, and fictional characters (such as Barney Stinson and Cookie Monster) and since they aren’t following me, who cares what I actually say on there? I just like reading what Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and Hayley Williams (of Paramore) have to say. (And then I name drop, like I’m actually friends with these people.)


The doctor wants Parker to sit on the potty every night immediately after dinner for 10 full minutes. That means I get to read him books and talk to him, and last night we sang songs. I guess I didn’t know enough “cool” songs, so he decided we were going to sing “The Doggie Song”. What is the doggie song?? I don’t know it! So Parker would sing a line and I would have to repeat it. I couldn’t finish because I was laughing so hard by the end. I will give you the lyrics, and you can sing along. It’s easy. The tune is just whatever comes in your head (and sounds suspiciously like Buddy the Elf):

I like dogs.
I really like dogs.
Dogs go to the park to play but when we go to the store they don’t come in because dogs don’t go in stores only humans and then the dogs run away real fast and we chase after them and they run faster and faster andfasterandfasterandwedotoo.
The end of the song.

Isn’t Parker brilliant?


I love October. I get to decorate for Halloween. And I get to wear lots of extra pink because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month!! For ideas on how you can make a difference, visit the Susan G. Koman For the Cure. This site gives you support if you have breast cancer, tells you how you can make a difference, talks about research, gives all the facts of breast cancer, and answers pretty much any question you could come up with.


Speaking of Halloween, I think we are all going to dress up as Greek gods. Thank you, Percy Jackson. Actually, Aiden was interested in Greek mythology long before he read Percy Jackson. That was why we encouraged him to read Percy Jackson!! If you haven’t read any of those books, I highly recommend them. Of course I think they are awesome for boys (being full of adventure and having a boy as a main character), but I’m assuming girls will have no problem loving the books, too. And I love the little things that make it enjoyable for adults, too. We still laugh over their trip to the Hoover Dam (they got to ride in a dam elevator. And eat dam french fries. And run down a dam hallway…), and I love that the demigods all say “Oh, Styx!” when they are swearing. It’s hilarious.


Another away game tonight. Ches is gone for football all night, then he has another competition all day tomorrow. I miss my husband. But I can’t wait to see how the show is coming along. It will be a few more weeks before I see the band perform again. My mom says she is coming at the beginning of November so I can go to a couple of the competitions with Ches and the band, sans my children (they don’t do well with long, hot days sitting still in a football stadium). I love marching band. I miss doing marching band!!!


I watched “No Ordinary Family” the other night instead of “Glee”. I really liked it! I hope this one stays around. It’s just fun. Although whenever I see Julie Benz in anything, all I can think of is, “Hey, it’s Darla!!” Really, I think just about the same thing whenever I see anyone who used to be on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Marc Blucas is always Riley. James Marsters is always Spike. And yes, I still look at David Boreanaz and think it’s Angel. Alyson Hannigan is the only one who is successfully making the change, in my eyes. I watch enough “How I Met Your Mother” that I see her as Lily more than Willow now.


Parker just got preschool pictures done. I tried to do his hair all cool and spiky (he wanted it that way), but it’s too long. He needs a haircut. So I combed it down, but the damage was done. And by damage, I mean all the hair gel in his hair wasn’t coming out and I didn’t have time to really wash it out because I had to run everyone to school. So he has this really flat, slicked down hair. Ugh.

Other than that, he’s super cute.


JK Rowling is on Oprah today. I haven’t really watched Oprah in years. I’m gonna have to watch today.


I can’t find the pedal to my sewing machine. I have all these great plans to be crafty for fall and Halloween, but I can’t without my pedal!! This is driving me nuts. I’m in the mood to be crafty and creative. I don’t want to lose this.


One more month until NaNoWriMo. I’m going to outline what I’m doing this year so I don’t have another failure. I’m actually going to “win” (which means actually writing 50,000 words). This month I will prepare myself so November can be spent writing writing writing. I can do it. Really. I can do it.


I bought candy corn at the store the other day. It must be fall. Arizona doesn’t believe in fall (as shown by the 109 degree temperature we had yesterday), but it’s my favorite season, so I’m going to force it upon us anyway. We may be wearing shorts and t-shirts outside, but we will still be eating warm soups and candy corn and pumpkin pie. We will still pull out hoodies and sweaters, even if we just get to look at them hanging in the closet. We will make our own colored leaves out of melted crayons and wax paper and decorate the house as if it’s actually fall. I love fall. (We so need to move somewhere with a decent fall!!)


Does anyone else find the Cat in the Hat an odd role model for our kids? I love how curious he is, but doesn’t he seem a little too mischievous? I hate it when he says, “Your mother won’t mind at all.” He says it on the new PBS show all the time. I don’t like him telling my kid to never ask permission and if someone says “Oh, I’m sure it’s okay” than it must be okay. If someone (the fish) has some doubts, perhaps it’s best to actually ask Mom if she minds.

And maybe I’m reading too much into it. Maybe I should just be happy with promoting curiosity and learning new things.


8 responses to “Random Friday

  1. Parker’s song is awesome! He should record an album 🙂

    And girls love the Percy Jackson books, too. Vicki is almost as obsessed with those as she is with Harry Potter. Has Aiden (or you) read The Red Pyramid yet? It’s by Rick Riordan, but it’s about Egyptian gods. Pretty cool.

    • I think Aiden ranks Percy just a little higher than Harry (oh, the shame!!). But maybe because he’s only read the first 5 books. 🙂 We haven’t read “The Red Pyramid” yet. It’s on our list. Aiden loves anything Egyptian almost as much as he loves Greek and Roman mythology (he used to say he was going to serve his mission in Egypt… at the pyramids. hee hee), so it should be good. Has Vicki read “The Egypt Game”? Aiden loved it. And bonus! It’s on the banned books list. 😀

  2. Whoa. Just last week I was thinking, “why the crap do I even blog anymore?” Hardly anyone comments and I’ve got spooky people stalking me (like, there’s this girl that nathan had a crush on in high school, he asked her out, she told him he wasn’t good enough for her and that was the end of it. Now she’s 30-something, single, living at home with her 300 cats and pining after him via my blog. I can see in the stats that she visits every day. It’s wacky. At least *she* doesn’t leave comments anymore haha). Anyway, I came to the conclusion that I started the blog for Nathan’s mom to watch the grandkids grow up, as as long as she reads it I guess I’ll keep it going. It’s discouraging though.

    We haven’t read the Percy books yet. Sounds like Jaedin would love them! I’ll have to check our library!

    I can’t watch the cat in the hat cuz that dumb song gets stuck in my head. here we go go go go, on an adventure… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, of course, Parker is so cute!!!!!!

  3. I shamelessly promote my NYR skin care stuff on FB and now on my WP blog. Hey I still need help with one aspect of my blog. I tried using the support forum but did not get the help i needed.
    I love all your posts:)

  4. mmmmm candy corn. although, i only like the original. and… just a little. mostly because i like to make pointy, corny teeth with them, though. i know you’re surprised.

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