Atta boy!

Dallin is such a great reader. He is into reading EVERYTHING now that he can actually read most things without any help. He reads books, magazines, signs, closed captioning… anything that has words, he reads it. Out loud. And he’s having a great time figuring out how words work.

Yesterday Dallin was looking for a snack in the fridge when I heard him start giggling. He ran over to his brothers and gleefully exclaimed, “Guess what? The word BUTT is in BUTTER!! Get it? BUTT!!!! In BUTTER!!”

All three boys collapsed in laughter. They kept repeating, “Butt! In butter!!” for about ten minutes. They are such boys.


8 responses to “Atta boy!

  1. haha that made me laugh!! They are so funny! Chloe misses them, she’ll randomly ask “mom, when can I see my cousins again?” We need to plan a trip!!

    • Tanya, the boys miss Chloe SO MUCH. I miss you and Vince (although your kids aren’t too bad, either. heh.) Come one down! Are you guys perchance coming for Aiden’s baptism in October? Third Saturday.

  2. lol!!! That is sooooo boy!!!

    Jaedin’s told this joke about 400 times in the last week:
    Why do sharks swim in salt water? Because pepper water makes them sneeze!!!

    (and then all 3 kids laugh like its the funniest thing they’ve EVER heard :P)

  3. Speaking of Jokes and funny kids, did I ever tell you the one L made up a few years ago?

    Q. What is green, and bumpy, and tastes kinda like a pickle?

    A. A Pickle!

    She seriously thought it was so funny! We laughed so hard just because of how she thought it was funny 🙂 Sometimes, jokes are the best reason to have kids heh

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