The Case of the Crazy Dancing Woman

This afternoon I finally started to clean my kitchen (just enough to have room bake the cakes for Dallin’s upcoming birthday party). I set the iPod in our little dock on the counter and turned up the music. Dallin and Parker joined me in dancing to “Love You Madly” by Cake, then “Hey Ya!” by OutKast. I had the dishwasher going, the water in the sink running, the music loud, and I danced without abandon, singing along at the top of my lungs and laughing with my boys. My kitchen window is right next to my front door, and it faces the street. I was just thinking “Anyone driving by is going to see me and think I’m some kind of crazy dancing woman!” Not even 30 seconds later, I look up and some random stranger is standing outside my window.

I screamed.

Then I laughed.

He noticed a car parked outside our house with its lights on and wanted to see if it was our car. He may have knocked on the door, but with the cacophony of sound (Dallin was also pounding on the piano) I just never heard. It wasn’t my car and he actually found the doors to be unlocked so he turned off the lights.

The man was smiling. I’m sure he got a kick out of seeing a crazy dancing lady get scared and scream in her own kitchen. I would have laughed. I did laugh. At first out of embarrassment, but now I’m mostly laughing at the idea of what it must have looked like.

The man left, I turned the music up some more, and we danced on.


5 responses to “The Case of the Crazy Dancing Woman

  1. Oh my! Even my husband can make me scream when I look up and I don’t know he’s there. (He’s taken to whistling when he approaches. I think he’s been screamed at too many times.) But a complete stranger…that would really freak me out! It’s kind of a funny story, but I can SO relate. 😀

  2. That’s funny.
    I have a serious phobia of suddenly seeing people in windows — creeps me out just to think about it. Even reading your story made me squirm.
    But I’m so glad everything was okay!

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