Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!

Not to go all Seriously, So Blessed! on all y’all, but I have an anniversary in less than a week and Mother’s Day is coming up. Since my birthday and Christmas are so close together, I like having these other two days to get gifts that are about ME. Okay, so really the anniversary is about Ches and me, but there is still the ME. Me me me. And I know exactly what I want for these special days. I don’t mind combining the two celebrations into one, either. As long as I get the goods. 🙂

First off, I love this watch. It’s just gorgeous. I love that you can change out the watch bands depending on your mood/clothes/event/whatever. I love silver, so this would be a great place to start (if I’m only going to get one band for now, that is). And how can you not love the name? It’s the Pemberley watch from Daisy Patch Watches on Etsy.

Second, I’m trying this whole fitness and being healthy thing, and I need some new running shoes. I love the New Balance shoes I have (I think I was the only one of all 3000 walkers during the 2008 3 Day Walk that did NOT get a blister…), and I love the special edition look for Breast Cancer research. So, I want these. They are the 769, but I also like the 760 (I have actuallly tried these on and LOVE them).

Third, this coat is AWESOME. I love love love it. Steampunk Couture is my new favorite store. Do not ask me where I would wear such a jacket (especially here in Arizona), but I would figure it out. Isn’t it just YUMMY?? Love love love love.

And last, but certainly not least, I want this. No, I neeeeeeeed this. It’s not too much to ask, right?

Miyazawa, you shall be mine. Someday. When I have an extra $8,000 just hanging around. (This one in the picture isn’t $8,000. It’s a LOT more. I would settle for the $8,000 flute.)


9 responses to “Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!

  1. Wow! You don’t ask for much, do you?! 😉 I love the watch and the shoes!! Totally AWESOME! The jacket is really cool, but I know I’m not cool enough to pull it off! You are though, so go for it!! As for the flute, well, it’s beautiful, but I know what you really want it nice trumpet! 😀

  2. Why do I have the feeling that Ches is going to look at this post and say “AH! I got her a card and a pair of socks. $8,000 flute?!?!?!?!!” 😉

    Love your gift choices! That coat is so cute! I can totally see it on you! Can’t wait to see what you get!

    • Ches know better than to get me socks. That’s what I got for my 16th birthday. Lots and lots of socks. (Sadly, true story) And he knows I want the $8,000 flute. Although I tried out a Muramatsu a few months ago that was great and was only $4000. 😉 I really don’t know if I could pull off that coat, but I would certainly try. I lurve it!!

  3. Oh TAMN, I mean, Sariah, you know that if Ches really loves you he’s going to get you all of that so he can show off to his guy friends about how sensitive he is and what a great provider he is. And even if he can’t afford it, he will buy it for you anyway because the way to show how righteous you all are is with all the stuff he buys for you. It’s part of the Plan, you know. In heaven, there’s no such thing as debt, anyway.

    • Heather, you are SO TOATALLY right. Ches is such a richus provider for his fam and I might only have to give a little bit of a frown smile (that’s if he can’t find the shoes in pink. Only if they are blue or even ~gasp~ orange!!). And of course he knows to buy the coat like 4 sizes small cuz I’m going to have a totally richus hot bod that he can be super proud of in front of the other elders at church and they’ll have to make him EQ pres for that for SURE. I’m going to go have some fro yo and a diet Coke while I wait for you, my eBFF, to make sure Ches has read this post.

      • Have some fro yo and a diet Coke? Girl, if you are going to get that coat 4 sizes small then you need to only *smell* that stuff and consider yourself a glutton. Now go run your marathon as penance for even thinking of such an indulgence!

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