I Hate This House

I hate this house and its laundry room actually being the washer and dryer downstairs and in the garage.

I hate this house with its small kitchen that can only fit one small person at a time.

I hate this house with its light colored carpet that shows every stain that we have ever made and every stain made before we ever moved in.

I hate this house with its lack of counterspace in the kitchen so I can’t fit any of my appliances that I use on a regular basis.

I hate this house with three bedrooms and two and half baths, but NO linen closet.

I hate this house that didn’t come with a fridge so the one we had was given to us and it’s a piece of junk that freezes everything no matter how much we turn down the temperature and now all my lettuce is frozen again and ruined. Again.

I hate this house with no storage so we try to fit as much as we can in the garage but there’s not much room there either.

I hate this house with a small garage that barely fits our two vehicles making it so we have to back out of the garage just so passengers can get into the vehicle.

I hate this house with its strip of dirt that is somehow called a yard but isn’t actually something my kids can run and play in. Did I mention it’s dirt? Well, actually, with all this rain, it’s mud. Just mud.

I hate this house with no over the stove microwave so I have to have my own microwave on the counter, taking up more of the precious little counterspace I had in the first place.

I hate this house with a fan that turns on at regular intervals, regardless of whether or not we actually have and fan, heat or AC actually turned on.

I hate this house with its townhouse-like floorplan so everything is scrunched and stacked and you don’t have room to breathe.

I hate this house with its lack of a proper driveway so we can’t even park in the driveway or we get fined by the HOA.

I hate this house with its white doors and white banister that has barely one coat of paint and chips easily and shows every. single. fingerprint.

I hate this house with its lousy insulation so no matter what it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

I hate this house and I’m not living in it past May. At all. I’m done.

9 responses to “I Hate This House

  1. Where are you moving?!?!

    And a big hug. You’ve done your time in the tiny house–I hope the next house is awesome! I can’t wait for you to get as big a house as you deserve. Having a good house makes life so much better πŸ™‚

    You might want to put an ad on craigslist for wherever you’re moving (in the housing wanted section). That’s how we found this awesome house–our landlord had never advertised it because he was trying to hand-pick good renters (which is why he’s letting us rent it for cheap!). One of our other friends in TN found their dream rental house putting an ad on craigslist too.

    Good luck!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Okay, I love this post. I could write one just like it. (Only… you know, mine would say “its” not “it’s”, because, well… I’m anal that way.)

    I wish I had some practical advice that would actually work, like setting both your fridge and freezer temp exactly in the middle (I’m sure you’ve tried that), and adding your own microwave shelf somewhere in the kitchen (there’s probably no room) and buying underbed boxes for your linens or something like that.

    But if you’re not staying past May, it doesn’t matter anyway. So maybe I should just wish you good luck with the house hunt?

    • I’m so embarrassed. I hate the word “it” because it is such a tricky word. I always want to put that possessive apostrophe in there, forgetting that in this case it becomes a contraction, not possessive. Grrrr… (and I’m the one who wants to be an English teacher? I’m an idiot!)

      I think I make pretty good use of the space, but I’m tired of having to do that. I mean, I’m sure that no matter where we are we’ll have to do under-bed storage and extra shelves put in the garage or whatever. We’ll never get a house as big as I’d like, but that’s because my husband is a teacher and I don’t work. I just hope to live in a house where I can breathe again. Strange thing about this house… it supposedly has 1500 square feet, but we have less space here than in our last house that had 1200 square feet. I think they are counting the garage in the square footage here. It’s definitely NOT 1500 square feet of living space.

  3. I feel like I should leave a disclaimer. The house really isn’t awful. Tons and tons of people have it worse than we do. I’m just in a bad mood, been having a hard time, and it’s my blog to use as a venting place. I feel tons better after getting this off my chest.

  4. I could write a pretty similar post about our place. I’ve got my fingers crossed for both of us that respective next places will better suit our needs!


  5. I could do a post just like this one…mine would be about the money pit we moved into…the money pit the previous owners tried to hide all the little problems so they became our problems. Oh and also a brand new furnace that won’t freaking work properly. Oh yes, I hear you sister.


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