Dallin’s School Photos

Dallin is in preschool this year and just loving it. A photographer came in and did school photos for the kids, but these are not any ordinary photos. These are amazing! She really captured Dallin in each picture. One is mine and Ches’ absolute favorite. I’m sure you’ll be able to guess.

A very special and very big thank you to Jameson Photos. We LOVE these pictures!

(Funny, random, little story here: The husband of the girl who did these photos was a student of Ches’ when he did his student teaching almost 9 years ago. Small world, huh?)


11 responses to “Dallin’s School Photos

  1. I’ve never seen school photos like that. Most are so stiff and boring, and intended to make all the kids look as much alike as possible — these are great, and really show us Dallin’s individuality and personality. I love the wink!

  2. Wow! These are definitely *not* traditional school photos…and that’s a good thing! I particularly like the first photo (he’s so handsome against that blue backdrop), but the second photo is awesome for other reasons (his personality is totally shining through!). 🙂

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