Catch-up Monday

I’ve been wanting to do a Random Friday, but Friday just didn’t turn out to be a good day to sit and write on my blog. I know I’ve been horribly neglectful of my little corner of the webiverse, but I have good excuses reasons. Do I have to share them?? Well, once I do all my catch up I’m sure you’ll see.

I’ve tried participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. I was moving slowly in my writing, but it was steady and I honestly thought I would finish all 50,000 words this year. Life just gets in the way, however, and I got behind again. I think I’m giving up for this year. Unless I’m hit by some major inspiration and can throw out 40,000 words in the next few days, it’s just not going to happen. My story wasn’t that great anyway. I struggle to write adequately. I struggle to find the words to go with the pictures and actions in my head. I can do short stories, but drawing things out is just not my strong suit. And people don’t like short stories. You have to already know and love an author to read a book of short stories, usually.

I love to write and I really do want to write and publish a novel someday. However, maybe I’m just not a novel writer. Maybe I should stick to my little blog. Maybe I’m not meant to be a novelist until I’m much older. I just don’t know right now. I’m not sad about it or anything. Just thinking it through. Changing my plans and ideals once again.


I saw New Moon opening night. In fact, I got to do a double feature. Some theatres here were offering a double feature of Twilight and New Moon for just an extra $5. You got early seating and stayed in one theatre for both movies. I went with my friend, Kelly, and had a really good time. We were in the theatre hours and hours before the movie started so we’d have decent seats (last year we were in the second row for Twilight. Let me tell you, that sucked. Big time.). We met some really cool people and had fun talking about all sorts of things… vampires and Twilight and other good books (Gone With the Wind, for one) and book clubs and Surviver and The Amazing Race and places we’ve lived and candy and school… I need to email my new friend. She was cool. Kelly was feeling a little sick, but she lasted through the first movie and most of the second. Thankfully she had actually been to the prescreening Wednesday night, so didn’t feel horrible about having to leave in the middle of New Moon.

I liked New Moon. I think it was done so much better than Twilight. While watching Twilight we were making fun of Bella’s blinking, head twitching, and stuttering that she did in every. Single. Scene. Very annoying. She doesn’t do it nearly as much in New Moon. New Moon stuck much more closely to the book and had more details from the book. The thing I hated about New Moon was the hair. Alice and Rosalie were both stuck in aweful wigs. Jasper didn’t look as much like Edward Scissorhands this time around, but he did look like he had just stepped out of a Jane Austen movie. And Alice’s wardrobe was NOT Alice. What was that smock she was wearing at school the morning of Bella’s birthday party?? UGLY. I wish we could have seen more of Dakota Fanning (two lines was not enough. She looked and sounded amazing.). The Volturi were done so well! The “bad” vampires in general looked scarier than last time. The eyes were redder and the faces more pale. Laurent and Victoria were both much scarier. Oh, and I loved how much more red Victoria’s hair was in New Moon. Fit more of the “fiery” description of the book. So, that’s a start. I am more than willing to have discussions on IM or Facebook with anyone about anything New Moon. You know how I love to discuss movies and books and stuff. 🙂


Speaking of books, I recently borrowed my friend’s book containing all of Jane Austen’s novels. I have actually only read Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma. I love P&P and I really, really like S&S and I really like Emma (although admit I love the movie with Gwyneth Paltrow more, no matter what Ches says about it. He hates that movie). I decided it was time to read the other Austen novels I had been missing out on. I started with Mansfield Park. I have to say, I don’t like it. I thought it was too quick of an ending, and the way everyone treated Fanny throughout the book was driving me crazy. And Fanny was just too weak and simpering for me. Elizabeth Bennett is a strong female with a mind of her own. Fanny Price just sits back and lets everything happen to her. I don’t like it.

So, after I have read the books I got from the library and this month’s book club pick (The Scarlet Pimpernel, if you were wondering), I’m going to read another Austen. I’m thinking Northanger Abbey, then Persuasion, then lady Susan.

What’s your favorite Austen, and why?


In September I received an email from a girl at church talking about a new choral organization in the East Valley area. It’s called the East Valley Mormon Choral Organization, and they were holding auditions that week. AND they had a full symphony orchestra, also holding auditions. I pulled something together, and three days later I had auditioned for the orchestra. I felt the audition went really well, but I knew I would have to wait.

The first week of November I got the email telling me I made it into the orchestra! Rehearsals started the next week. Our concert is December 10th. Orchestra would only have 5 rehearsals (the choirs have been practicing since September) so I knew I’d have to be on top of my game.

I got to rehearsal and found I was the 3rd flute (I’m just happy to have made it!) and that I would be playing piccolo, too. Now that is a problem. I have a piccolo, but I’ve never really done anything with it. So I took home my music and practiced every single day (probably drove the neighbors absolutely crazy!), but I just couldn’t get out all the notes I needed to. Last week, for our second rehearsal, I apologized to the other two flutists and said I just couldn’t do it. I would continue to practice so I could do picc for a future concert, but it just wasn’t going to happen for this one. I didn’t want us to sound bad! The other flutists are very gracious and we switched around some parts. The next concert isn’t until March, so I’m going to keep working on my range and tone and hopefully I’ll get it!

This concert is going to be so good. I wish you could all come! If you are in the Phoenix area, our concert is December 10th at the Mesa Arts Center. You can buy tickets here. Or you can find out more information about EVMCO here. I’m really, really excited to be a part of this!!


So, there you have it. I’ve been busy writing, practicing, and movie watching. Hopefully I’ll get a better handle on my life soon!! Until then, I’m off to attack the mountain of laundry.

14 responses to “Catch-up Monday

  1. Ditto on everything you said about New Moon! Especially Bella’s character and the hair. The vampires are no where near as attractive this time around, except that for Emmett who looked the exact same.

    • I got to see it again last night. Still completely appalled at the hair and wardrobe choices of the Cullens. Just horrible. But the movie in general is SO much better than the first I can almost forgive it. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on life I would say. Doing some new and exciting things and really putting yourself out there. I would love to read some of your short stories. I actually like short stories every once in awhile. A nice break between long books. And your writing on your blog is terrific, so I can only imagine that your writing (in books) is good also. Have fun with your concert!

  3. I think I may be the only woman I know who hasn’t seen New Moon yet. Next week, maybe. But it’s good to know that it’s better than Twilight. Can’t wait to see Taylor Lautner’s abs (wait, did I say that out loud?)

    And I would totally read a book you wrote! I love reading your blog!

  4. You know, I can honestly say that I’ve missed your blogging. It doesn’t even matter what you blog about, it’s just nice to “hear” your voice and catch up with you. Don’t leave it so long next time!

  5. I went and saw Twilight with some friends when it first came to theaters. I was so agitated by all of the….twitching and annoying things, especially Edward Scissor Hands… that it put me into labor. JK. But I did go into labor before we got home and I had Grey the next morning.

  6. I didn’t even think of that!! That would have been cool. However, I picked Greyson because it means son of a gray haired man. Mike just started getting gray hair. HeeHee. I am mean.

  7. Congrats on making the orchestra! I’m so happy for you. I think the picc is a lot harder to get a nice, even, and pretty sound out of it. Good luck with all your practicing and on the upcoming concert.

  8. I liked the books. If I hadn’t already read and liked the books, I don’t know that I’d have enjoyed Twilight nearly so much. My biggest beef is that [aargh! I’ve gone blank on the main character’s name!] was a total clutz in the books, but not to obviously so in Twilight. As a gold medal clutz, I found that diminishing that aspect of her character was really disappointing. But I look forward to seeing how the wolf-changing is handled in New Moon. Happy to hear the Edward Scissorshand look is out!

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