Dream House

I had my dream house all picked out. It is a colonial style with red brick and white pillars. It has a huge front yard and a huge back yard. It has fireplaces and a full basement. It has a family room and a formal dining room. It is just beautiful. It is also in Preston, Idaho.

It has been sitting on the market for a while (I happen to know the owners). It’s a totally affordable price. It’s just not where we live right now. That house screams “Sariah!” I know that house has been waiting for us to move back there because it’s supposed to be mine.

However, as in most things, this dream has come to an end. It has been sold and they close this week. I’m in mourning. Are we moving to Preston? I don’t know! Ches would need a job there, and that is a whole different discussion. As of right now, we are still in Arizona. In a rental. In a house that was supposed to be temporary (1 year) and is not anything at all what I want in a house.

The owner did tell me if it falls through she’ll let me know. ~sigh~ Is it wrong for me to hope that it falls through and to hope that the current band director doesn’t work out there so we can move into my dream house??? I’ll just keep hoping. I won’t actually pray for it.

(I’ll let Laural do that. hee hee)


6 responses to “Dream House

  1. There is a house down the street from us that I love. It went on the market a while back (at least a year ago) and I used to dream up ways for us to be able to move there. The problem is, it was more than our current house is worth, so it was never happening. And I knew that, deep down. But still…it’s such a cute little house, white with black trim and a gorgeous red door. And a yard. Oh, to have a yard. Well, about a month ago a big SOLD appeared on the For Sale sign, and my heart broke. Even though I knew it could never happen, it was still so sad to see “my” house being moved into by someone else.

    So yeah, I totally know how you feel 🙂 But maybe it will happen for you anyway. Or maybe something even better will come along. Who knows?

  2. I totally know how you feel. When we thought we were moving to Colorado, I had a totally affordable, less than our current mortgage, but big enough to fit 4 rouwdy boys… (I KNOW! It IS Colorado!) house picked out and had already talked with the Realtor. When we found out that Big’s company had put a hiring freeze on we knew it was not to be and a week later the house sold. *sigh*. You aren’t allowed to move to Idaho until I have come through in February. Once I book my tickets you are stuck there. LOL.


  3. What I have found is that when it is meant to be, it will happen. We hvae been looking for a house here for three years… it wasn’t till about a month ago that I even found “the” house. Everything just fell into place! It will happen for you too.

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