The Story of My Feelings

the story of my feelings Last year, as I was teaching toddlers and preschoolers, I came across this wonderful book by Laurie Berkner. (Laurie Berkner is a great children’s singer. She is often featured on “Jack’s Big Music Show” on Noggin, a Nickelodeon station for the preschool set. She does mostly original songs and kids just go nuts for her, as I saw in the preschool last year. Check out The Laurie Berkner Band if you are looking for something fun for a gift for a toddler) Normally I don’t like books with CD accompaniment, but this one is just great. The illustrations are beautiful, but even more beautiful is the song. It’s just a guitar accompaniment with Laurie Berkner on vocals and some simple harmonies. The lyrics are as follows:

This is the story of when I cry.
When I’m feeling sad, that’s when I cry
And it makes me feel better.
It makes me feel better.
You know it makes me feel even better when I cry.

This is the story of when I laugh.
When I’m feeling happy, that’s when I laugh
And it makes me feel better.
It make me feel better.
You know it makes me feel even better when I laugh.

This is the story of when I yell.
When I’m feeling angry, that’s when I yell
And it makes me feel better.
It makes me feel better.
You know it makes me feel even better when I yell.

This is the story of when I sigh.
When I’m feeling peaceful, that’s when I sigh
And it makes me feel better.
It makes me feel better.
You know it makes me even feel better when I sigh.

And when I cry.
And when I yell.
And when I laugh
You know it makes me feel better.

I love this book and this song. I called it my Magic Book at school because no matter how hyped up the kids were in class, as soon as the guitar starts playing each and every kid would settle down and look at the pictures and sing along to the song. I highly recommend this book and CD for all toddlers and preschoolers. I was listening to the song on my iPod today and I teared up a little because it’s just so beautiful.

I think too often we only want our kids to be happy children. We know they aren’t, and we know they cry and yell, but we tell them to stop. We do everything we can to make them stop. I am sure guilty of it. I hate it when my kids just cry and cry. Drives me bananas! However, don’t I often just feel better after a good cry? Sometimes I’m just sad and I need to cry. Sometimes I’m angry and I just need to yell, and then I feel better. If it’s that simple as an adult, why not with kids? I find myself telling my children “It’s okay to be mad right now, but don’t yell!” I am trying to change it to “It’s okay to be mad right now, but don’t yell at me. Go somewhere and just yell for a minute, and when you’re calm we’ll talk.” Kids need to express their emotions just as much as we do. As much as we all love the sound of a happy, laughing child, that’s just not going to happen all the time.

My favorite part of the song is the end. “When I’m feeling peaceful, that’s when I sigh.” We’re working on the peaceful feelings around here. The no TV, no fighting, no chaos feelings. I love it when we are all just sitting around, playing together or reading or whatever. And then I feel peaceful and I hope my kids do, too. And then I sigh because it makes me feel better.

**special note: I was not paid in any way for a review of this book and CD. No one asked me to review it. I just like it and wanted to share.**


5 responses to “The Story of My Feelings

  1. I agree that understanding our emotions is much more important than always being “happy.” I love the idea of a book and songs that support emotional awareness. I’m going to have to check that out! Thanks!

  2. Hmmmm…almost 9 years old isn’t too old to learn about feelings, right? I don’t have toddlers anymore, but this still seems like a great book! I may have to check it out. Heaven knows we could use some help expressing ourselves appropriately. That’s only something I pray for each and every night!

  3. I know I’m late to the party again, but I have to say something…[big mouth that I am]. There was a time in my life when I tried not to show my emotions or feeling and literally tried not to feel things. Obviously it did not work–but it did mess me up worse by trying to hold everything in and deny how I felt. That is why I am so big on the legitimacy of feelings. How a person feels is how they feel, and no amount of being told.”You shouldn’t feel that way,” will change it. You are wise in trying to help the boys learn how to deal with their feelings in an appropriate way. Sometimes I just have to yell. Inanimate objects are my choice recipient. [Their feelings can’t be upset!] And as you know, I cry. A lot. Usually by myself into my pillow. And sometimes I don’t even know what sets me off! Yes, if adults have all these conflicted emotions, you are right, so do children. I’m proud of how you are dealing with the boys on this! And, no, I do not expect to come to your house and see perfection…I’m still working on me! And trying to help my children along as well as I can. 🙂

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