Mmmmm, Bacon

The weather here has cooled off enough that we are able to go to the park after school again. It’s nice. (And let me just mention that it was suggested a few weeks ago that we start up “park days” after school again because the temperature would only be 97. Yeah.) The park is practically across the street from our house, and it’s where the bus stop is, so while Aiden does not ride the bus anymore, we meet at the park after school and play with kids who do ride the bus. Everyone gets all their wiggles out by running and screaming for a couple of hours, then it’s dinner time, homework time, then bedtime. I love it.

There are a lot of boys in the neighborhood, which is nice for my three boys. Not to say that there aren’t any girls. There are. I’m just not as aware because my boys pretty much only play with other boys (except for Ellie. All three of the boys love Ellie. Parker loves her the most, however, and calls her “My Ellie, My Friend Ellie” so much that whenever we see her Aiden or Dallin now say “Look Parker, there’s Your Friend Ellie!”). Boys, I am noticing, are extremely loud and overly active. They make weird sounds for everything and just can’t stop moving. I can’t get them to sit still for 2 seconds and take a drink of water. They bounce on the bench and look all around while taking a drink before they toss the water bottle to me and run off again. The boys chase each other with invisible guns and swords and yell at the top of their lungs. I’ve learned to tune most of it out as I would rather listen to something one of the moms is telling me rather than screaming from my son that the droids are attacking. The droids (or the clones) are always attacking.

One day last week I noticed that a girl was chasing Aiden. I didn’t think much of it, as she has two older brothers and she is in Aiden’s school and Primary classes. She can hold her own with boys, and she and Aiden see each other a lot so they seem friendly. Then I realized this girl was chasing Aiden, yelling, “Bacon!!!” over and over again. Turns out the girls in Aiden’s 2nd grade class like to chase the boys around during recess and call them bacon.

I had a great time teasing Aiden that the girls like him because everybody loves bacon and obviously she likes Aiden if she is going to call him bacon and chase him until she gets her bacon. Aiden didn’t find it as amusing as I did. I can’t wait ’til he’s in high school and I can really tease him about girls. Heh. (I’m such a good mom. So nice.)

4 responses to “Mmmmm, Bacon

  1. So innocent. We used to have a kid in our class we chased and called Tommy Salami (just because it rhymed). He was one of the lookers, I will admit. 😉

  2. That’s hilarious! I never did the girls-chase-boys thing, but I remember in 1st grade the boys would chase the girls. We must have had an overabundance of boys in the class, because each girl had her own personal bodyguard. Or at least I did. Maybe I was just special 🙂

    Lexi chases boys, but I don’t think the bacon thing is universal. Makes you wonder how that kind of thing gets started.

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