Everyone Else Is Doing It…

I made a discovery today. Everyone has a blog. I mean everyone!! A friend from the ward came over and talked while she clipped coupons and I scrapbooked (heh. Could we be more Mormon???) and she mentioned something about another acquaintance’s blog. So I found my friend’s blog today (not for the first time) and looked at her blogroll (that was the first time for me). Um, WOW. There are a lot. I clicked on a name here and there, and everyone seemed to have an even longer blogroll than the last. I think every single person we go to church with has a blog!

When I started my blog (waaaaaay back in 2005) the only person I knew with a blog was Alyson. I was friendly with Dana, and quickly found out she had a blog. Then I became friendly with Heather and April. Then Karen found us through Heather, and I found Cara by clicking on the link of a friend of a friend’s… The rest is history. My little group has branched out. I have family on my blog roll. I have old college friends from Ricks (hi Allison!) and old college friends from University of Idaho (Hi Emily!). I have people from church in Tempe (Hi Nicole!). I have friends from high school (Katie is the LADY!! heh). I have random people who found me through search engines or something (I’m talking about you, Timber and Sariah in Vancouver!). I have Ches’ former students (Amber!!!!).

Before I had Facebook, I had my blog. It was my way to stay connected to my friends and a way to make new friends. It was my journal and my outlet. I shared pictures, videos, top ten lists (of my own making, thank you very much!), recipes, book reviews, and interesting (to me) links. My little world pretty much revolved around my blog. It’s kind of pathetic, but I checked my blog everyday to see what new comments were written and to see who had posted something new. I loved the conversations we used to have (usually involved pie and black algae).

My blogroll has grown a lot these past 4 years. I think I get less comments than I used to, however. I don’t feel the same as I used to about my blog. Oh, I’m not quitting. It just feels like a lot more work now. I’m thinking of switching things up (but then again, I think I’ve been saying that for a year now), just to make things interesting again. Interesting to me. I wonder if it would work.

The biggest thing… do I want to be like everybody else??? Do I want to do what everyone else is doing? Not really. As much as I like to fit in and I care about what other people think (yes, I do care TOO MUCH. I’m working on it), I really and truly don’t want to be a sheep. I don’t want to be just like everyone else. I don’t want to just be a name on a list somewhere. I want my readers to really be my friends and really care about my life, my family, or just me. That’s why I read the blogs I do. Every person on my blog roll means something special to me. Not to say that these long lists on other blogs aren’t meaningful. My list has gotten pretty long itself. I just don’t want to be another name. I want to be special.

I don’t say any of this as a knock on anyone else. I hope I don’t offend anyone (new or old) that reads this. It’s just… having a blog used to be a special thing. Now, well, I’m not so sure. I think I’m having a mid-blog crises. Don’t worry… I’ll be back to my old self soon enough. Or something like it. You know me and my mood swings. I’ll soon be following the crowd and trying to entertain my public. Maybe I should just do a meme for my next post.

19 responses to “Everyone Else Is Doing It…

  1. Hi yourself! πŸ™‚

    I know what you mean about everyone having a blog. It’s not a unique expression the way I guess it used to be (mine’s only 2 years old, and everybody was already doing it by then) But here’s why I think yours (and I’d like to think mine) is different from “everybody else’s”: your blog isn’t just a rundown of what’s going on in your family from day to day, or a brag-fest, or anything like that. I like reading about your family, but I know you and not them, and I like that I get your personality so strongly in what you write. A lot of the blogs out there aren’t like that. Not to criticize those family-journal blogs – I enjoy those, too, on a different level – just that some blogs are like that and some are different. And you are different. And different is good.

    I like your blog. You can do a meme if you want (hey, you can even tag me!), but don’t stop blogging!

  2. I admit it, I am definitely a follower of the in-crowd when it comes to blogging! I too am getting sick of the blog… mostly I am sick of the pressure I feel when I don’t keep it up. I just do it to journal and to let family and friends far away see pictures of us… sometimes to vent (like today). Let me know if you get any good ideas on how to mix it up a bit. By the way your post about Dallin was great. I hate to say it but he is CUTE! And I just have to add that I racked up $75 in late fees at the library in Milwaukee. I have to admit though that it didn’t stop me from checking out books, I just used Jared’s card and was very very careful not to be late again. I really am naughty.

    • Ah Nicole, I MISS you! If I think of a way to make things more interesting, I’ll let you know. πŸ™‚ I wish I could use Ches’ library card… but they made us basically register as one. And, at the time, they didn’t have enough cards so they only let us have one per family. Kind of weird. So now I owe money to Tempe and to Gilbert. My friend says she’s taking me to Chandler and I’ll get a card there. heh. I feel evil. I guess after Chandler I’ll do Mesa. πŸ˜€ And now, I’m headed to your blog to read your vent.

  3. Oh Sariah, I’m right there with you in your mid-blog crisis. I’ve been treading water for a while. Sometimes I’m embarassed to admit to new people that I even have a blog because I feel suddenly lumped into the cutest-blog-on-the-block-bunch (not that there’s anything wrong with those blogs but it’s just that they don’t describe mine.) Sometimes I just want to say “I’ve been blogging since February of 2005.” Sometimes I am tempted to add it as a subtitle to my blog.

    I’m rambling, but I know you know what I’m saying because you’re feeling so many of the same things.

    So what’s the blog equivalent of a Harley Davidson?

  4. I like reading your blog. I like the fact that you talk about your family – and yourself. I tend to only post pictures and/or stories about Etta. But I know that there are people out there who check my blog everyday for pictures of her. That really doesn’t bother me too much I guess. We are far away from a lot of friends and family and I like the fact that they can “watch her grow” as it were. But I love finding blogs of college friends as it seems like (with music teachers anyway) that after spending those super intense years together as a general collective we go off on our own and don’t have the same type of relationships with co-workers. Being the only music teacher in a building can really create a sense of isolation. Marching band is this huge family that you do everything with, being a music teacher – in a separate building sometimes – just isn’t the same. I follow your blog and read it whenever it’s updated. I don’t expect it be new everyday, but when it is, it’s special. (Even when you say it’s not so special!) Do what your heart says is right for you, but I am reading!

  5. I’ve been having a mid-blog crisis as well! Granted, my life is going the same way. I just haven’t had anything to write this year. I feel like 95% of my blog entries have just been updates so Nathan’s mom will know that we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

    I almost never tell anyone at church anymore that I even have a blog. They generally find out anyway, which is okay, but I’m usually embarrassed that there is nothing interesting at all anywhere on the front page. And then when near strangers at church come to offer comfort or a hug or weird advice or something from whatever I ranted about a week ago…weird.

    Anyway… I’ll keep loving and reading your blog πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, my gosh, I remember back in the day when it felt like a real little community, all us blog friends, and the number of commments under posts would get to be in the double digits because of the group conversations we were having.

    But then you all had babies, and the blogging slowed down. Then we all joined Facebook and the blogs I came to know and love have all pretty much been on life support since then.

    I miss the days of black algae and strawberry pie, but I still love it when one of the old gang manages to post something. The blogging skills are still there (everyone has their own unique take, and it’s always interesting to read).

    As long as you keep posting, Sariah, I will keep reading!

  7. ps: This was a pretty good way to get comments! You want to know another way to get a lot of comments? Post something really controversial. I don’t actually recommend doing that, but it is a good way to boost your comment count for that one post.

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  9. If yours, Heather’s, and Timber’s blogs are on life-support; mine must have had the plug pulled when I wasn’t looking! I miss the days when we were all writing and commenting on each others blogs. Like Karen said, it was our own little community. We all started before it got to be THE thing to do. Like Heather and Timber mentioned, I don’t even tell people I have a blog anymore. Mostly because it’s a everyone-does-it-now thing, but also because I don’t really post anymore.

    If it makes you feel any better I’ve been avoiding posting on facebook. I showed up on another friend’s “friends quiz” as the person that posts most frequently… I am the annoying one.

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  11. Wait — Dana‘s reading blogs?

    Dana, I would not immediately associate posting the most as being the annoying one. And in my list of facebook friends you do NOT post the most!

    ps: Sariah, would you please close the quotation marks in my first comment? They are driving me crazy. And then you can delete this part of my comment, too. But I know you won’t because you find this particular neurosis of mine entertaining. And the more I talk about it the stranger I am. Done. Now. The. End.

  12. Wow, you have described my feelings completely. I seriously miss the days of strawberry pie (mmmmmmmmm) and black algae (is that neighbor still there?!). I miss when my silly brother would post snarky comments to me as a tease under the name “Annonymous”, and Cara showed up as a second annonymous and I suddenly felt very confused. Yet, completely satisfied.

    Facebook… ahh the joys and the bane that it is. I miss blogging. I truly do. I miss reading everything you guys were doing. I miss the feelings I had then. If this post does nothing else, I hope it puts a fire underneath us again. We need to reconnect.

  13. Okay, I have one more thing to add. (Yes, me again, sorry everyone!) We all complain that we don’t get the same number and quality of comments that we used to back in the glory days. I think we are all guilty of not doing the same for each other. How many of us just skim through the feed reader and move on with our days, but surreptitiously check our own comments multiple times a day after a new post? The reality is that while we cherish those memories of the past, each of us has evolved since then, adapting to our new circumstances. It may never be the same as it was before, but if we really miss that, why aren’t we doing more to support that feeling of community?

    okay, okay, you’re right, I have a million things to do this afternoon and being online is NOT one of them. I’ll shut up now.

  14. I think that for me, the problem is the feed reader. Seriously, I don’t take the time to visit all ya’lls blogs personally anymore. My reader does it for me. Then I wonder why no one ever comments on my new layout or something πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and Heather you are absolutely right, we need to support each other more. And as I remember in the old days, we never used to mind multiple comments by the same person hehe. I dare you to comment again Heather! Come on! You can do it!

  15. you know, when i first started my blog, i didn’t tell anybody. no one. then you guys popped up. lol. eventually, it got back to my family and that changed everything for me. not because i was saying things they shouldn’t see… but it just, i don’t know. it was no longer for me. at least, that’s how it felt. the new one, no one knows about. HAHA! well, you guys. but family? nope.

    i’m rambling.

    i miss the olden days. of course, i moved and ditched. HAHAHA! ’cause i’m evil. πŸ˜‰

  16. I love reading your blog, though you comment about me I notice I haven’t graduated to being on your list. I’m kidding you! I actually don’t do my blog for anyone in state. I do it for my family out of state. It’s cheaper than mailing pictures. I had a sister in law who was constantly sending e-mails saying here’s new pics of my kids. The thing I found in that, was as much as I loved to see the new pictures all the time, my husband didn’t. But when he wasn’t included in all those e-mails every once in a while he’s say, man, I haven’t seen any pictures of sister X(name removed for safety). So that’s when I started looking for an option of a way to put pictures out for family they could look at when they wanted but I didn’t feel like I was shoving my family down their face. That’s when I followed the blog crowd. So I guess in all this I’m saying, that those who post to be controversial are going to have those followers, those who post to be funny have those followers, those who follow the crowd to do it just to do it, typically fall off the bandwagon, those (like me) who do it to stay in touch with family (most of mine don’t do facebook) will continue to get followers who that’s what their looking for. And those who right just for the rambling of thoughts and such get those followers, the question is decide who you are and be true to that and nothing else matters. All that being said, I still feel like it’s okay to stop, change and reinvent yourself. Be true to who you are today and nothing else matters! You Sariah are loved for you and not your blog, other than it shows a little about who you are.

  17. Sariah, I’m glad you still write your blog. I rarely remember to look at blogs, but when I do, I first check yours, and it is *always* a pleasure to read. I get caught up on what’s going on with you (when I don’t know from talking to you, which is admittedly rather rare), I can see pictures of the kids (fabulous Toy Story cake, BTW), and, best of all, I get to read articles that are thoughtful, well-written and interesting — and believe me, that’s pretty rare. I often long for the days when the internet was populated only by academics and professionals (in the early 80s, most people just couldn’t comprehend what the internet was, since they’d never used it — and most hadn’t even heard of it), since most people can’t construct an intelligible sentence (even worse than my run-on messes). I’ve always said you should have been a journalist, and in the days before the internet I have no doubt you’d have found at least a local paper to run your column. Keep writing!!!

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