All About Dallin

I was having a bad day as it was and then I got yet another telemarketing phone call about extending the warranty on my vehicle. I was overly polite as I refused the service, but as their job description requires, the woman was a bit pushy and kept me on the line as she said, “and may I ask why you wouldn’t want to extend your warranty with the high cost of repairs?” I again just said, “I’m not interested, thank you. Please take me off your list.” Again, the woman asked why, and something in me snapped, so I replied by kind of yelling, “It’s none of your business, lady!” This woman then called me a bitch. I yelled, “Shut up!!” and slammed the phone down, and started to cry. Don’t ask me what I thought yelling “shut up” was going to do. I was so furious at this pushy woman repeatedly asking me something when I had been polite for far too long, and then she called me that? I don’t think so! She had no right to call me that!

My sons were sitting nearby and I heard them whispering, “Mom just said Shut Up in the phone!” They were a bit shocked. So I said, “That woman just called me a name. A very, very bad word, and I got mad.”

Dallin walked over looking very concerned and half-whispered, “Did she call you Stupid??”

As I was getting Aiden ready for school on the first day last week, Dallin pulled a book off the shelf. “I want to read this,” he said to me.

I looked at the book. “This is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. You can’t read this! You can’t read!”

“Yes I can,” Dallin replied very confidently.

I was in no mood for this, so I opened it up to chapter 1 and pointed to the first word. “Fine then. Read it to me.”

And he did. “Not for the first time…”

Apparently Dallin can read.

Dallin was being a pill in church on Sunday. He was laying on the floor, under the bench and I wanted him to sit on the bench reverently as we waited for the bread to be passed to us during the Sacrament. I hissed at him, “Get on the bench. NOW.”

I had to repeat myself too many times. Finally Dallin said, “But if I sit on the bench everyone will say ‘Oh he’s so cute’ and I don’t want to be called cute! I’m not cute!!”

He got on the bench and no one called him cute. I think because the people sitting nearest us heard him and very carefully did not say anything about him being cute.


13 responses to “All About Dallin

  1. I am of two minds, I want to squeeze that little guy of yours with all my might (tenderly, of course, but not because he’s cute!) and I want to report that horrible woman to her supervisors. There is never, ever, ever any excuse for that behaviour.

  2. I was going to say, “He’s so cute!” until that last story… so I’ll just say – PRECIOUS! πŸ™‚

    And I’m with Zen Mama – I want to report that woman too, I’m sure that though they ARE supposed to be pushy, they are NOT supposed to be rude or use that language!

  3. You know the warranty thing is a big scam, right? The people who are phoning have nothing to do with where you bought your vehicle. And if you buy their phony warranty and something goes wrong with your vehicle, no one will honour the warranty. Reporting a rude employee is not going to get you anywhere. She is being that way (hard sell) because at this point that’s probably all that will work for the (scam) company. Good for you for finally getting rid of her.

    By the way, that is great that Dallin can read! And he has good taste in books. πŸ˜‰

  4. When I get those calls from the warranty people, I thought about what I could do so the last time they called I said “Are you aware that you have dialed an internal FBI phone line, please get me your supervisor”.(It’s not a stretch since we have an Anchorage office here) Seriously. They “put me on hold” and then hung up VERY quickly and I haven’t had a call from them since. I am not sure the FBI would like it but hey you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Dallin is too dang…awesome. Heh.

  5. Oh, and yes I am aware they are a scam. Just ask them “what company is this?”…they won’t ever tell you!

    That was jsut a sidenote for my own benefit, ignore me.

  6. I am with Karen, complaining wouldn’t get you anywhere, but man I wish you could! She doesn’t deserve a job if she calls her potential clients names like that! Grrrrrrr

    As for Dallin, he is too dang… um… handsome?

  7. Awww…he’s so…funny! Seriously, what a kid! Look at that face. You’re going to have to watch out for the girls in a few years, you know.

    Oh, and that warranty lady makes me so angry on your behalf! Shees…

  8. Lura alerted me to read your blog. What can I say? A grandma’s prerogative–Dallin has a very high cuteness quotient. I am amazed at his reading, but he is just following his brother, mother, great-aunt, great-grandmother, etc! So what books is he interested in? Ready for I Can Read books or Magic Treehouse? Scary, huh, just getting Aiden situated and along comes Dallin!

    On the phone lady…one time I got a call, and said I’d just gotten word of a death in the family and couldn’t talk now. She apoligized!! It was true, too, but I’ve used it since with particulaty pushy people. Gets rid of them every time.

  9. I think you were polite just to stay on the phone with her at all! I HATE THOSE PEOPLE! If there is a delay in someone talking after I say hello…as there almost always is with telemarketers…I just hang up! Stupid people!

    And I just love Dallin!

  10. No Lura I have the cutest nephew ever. Just kidding:) I used to be a tele-marketer (I lasted 3 days) I needed the money. This has led me to be overly patient when conversing, but I find it doesn’t do me any good. They are still rude. Kids these days. Dallin gives me hope.

  11. *I* knew Dallin could read. One night in Florida, when you were getting Parker ready for bed, Dallin asked me to read him one of the books that was in the condo. I started reading it to him, but about halfway through, he took it and read the rest to me. It didn’t surprise me at all (given Aiden’s abilities). The only thing that surprises me is that *you* didn’t know he could read! πŸ™‚

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