So we were watching “Marley and Me” the other night, and there’s the scene where Jennifer Aniston’s character and Owen Wilson’s character are reading newspapers that they had each written an article for. The are reading each other’s articles. Being the supportive spouses and such. Owen Wilson works for a small paper and his article is really some blurb where the editor cut a bunch of it out and spell the character’s name wrong. Jennifer Aniston works for a large paper and has this huge article about something very important that continues on to another page and covers four columns of text.

Ches says, “That would be so hard, to be married and do the same thing but not have the same results.”

I just looked at him. Yeah. I don’t know how that feels at all.


4 responses to “Ya THINK??

  1. When my husband and I were hired for our respective first jobs out of university, we earned the exact same salary. I like to remember that…

  2. This is why I never wanted to marry anyone in theatre. I got lucky–Jesse was a theatre major for long enough to understand what I do and why I love it, but it still MY thing. Now I just want to actually do my thing again. Someday…

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