Summer Break is HERE

Yesterday was Aiden’s last day of first grade. He came home from a day of play with his excellent report card (which has me beaming a little!! Other than the talking and throwing fits when he things don’t go his way, his teachers think he is wonderful and smart and all that good stuff), a t-shirt that all the kids in his class signed, and a stack of papers to put in the box under his bed. It was a tough year in many respects, but he made it. He’s looking forward to second grade and a new school (which he mistakenly keeps calling “Centipede Elementary”. Cracks me up!).

Last night was graduation at the high school Ches teaches at. It didn’t get rained out this year like last year, but it did start to rain towards the end of the ceremony. It rained hard enough that while names were still being called Ches had his kids put their instruments away and take the percussion equipment back to the band room. The sound guys were starting to get worried about their equipment, but the end of the line came, the closing remarks were cut short, the Alma Mater was not sung, and graduation was done! End of another year for Ches.

Ches had to go in early this morning and finish cleaning and do his end of year check out. He will sleep in tomorrow.

I thought we’d sleep in today. I’m not a morning person, and I think it’s perfect acceptable to sleep in until 9 am. I know my kids, however, so I thought we’d be up at 8.

The little monsters were up and playing at 6 am. SIX A-FREAKING-M. It is summer break and they get up at 6 in the morning??? WHAT are they thinking??? They’d better not do this to me all summer.

Oh wait. Ches will be home. He’s a morning person. He can get up with them and I’ll sleep. YAY!

It’s going to be a fun summer. We’re headed to Florida in June for a week, and at the end of July we go to Montana for a family reunion. The rest of the days will be spent in the pool, at the Science Center, at the park (although that will be kind of rare in this heat), and at home playing games, reading books, and doing whatever I can think of that doesn’t destroy the house. πŸ™‚ I LOVE SUMMER BREAK.

7 responses to “Summer Break is HERE

  1. Happy Summer Vacation! I hope you have a wonderful time sleeping in tomorrow to make up for this morning. 😦

    (what do you mean you aren’t going to Disneyland? That’s fine, my pass isn’t good in the summer — I’m not going to pay extra to go when it’s hot and crowded since I don’t like heat, don’t like people, and don’t like to spend money.)

  2. What’s in Florida? lucky!! I hope you guys can stop here on your way to Montana!! that would be so much fun!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  3. My boys finished today too. YAHOO…AMEN…HALLELUJA… (I don’t know how to spell that word) but you get the point. I cannot wait to have a day to sleep in too!


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