Edward Who?

My mom has been on my case for years to come get my “stuff”. She is tired of dragging my childhood books and toys and journals across the country every time she moves. I can’t say I blame her, as I haven’t gotten my stuff because until we settle down and get our own house, I refuse to drag that stuff across the country. That and we don’t have any place to store it. Anyway, Mom has come up with a clever plan to get rid of my stuff… just start sending me things. For the past couple of years I get random boxes in the mail filled with my old books. I finally requested specific books so I can be sure to get what I want (still waiting for The Secret Garden, Charly, and Little Women — of which I have about four copies!!!) and will read or read with Aiden.

The most recent box held my Anne of Green Gables series. Since I finished Three Cups of Tea, I needed something light to read and I don’t think I’ve read any Anne books in about 15 years. It has been like going home after a long time away. I had forgotten just how lovely and descriptive L.M. Montgomery writes. I had forgotten just how funny and delightful I find Anne. And I had forgotten all about my crush on Gilbert Blythe.

Oh, Gilbert Blythe! My first literary love. In my imagination he was so cute (and once I saw the movies, I was so glad the actor lived up to my expectations. That doesn’t happen often enough). Gilbert is so steady and sure and wonderful! Sends my heart a-flutter to remember all about Gilbert.

Like millions of girls out there, I will admit to having a huge crush on Edward Cullen, but honestly, he just doesn’t hold a candle to Gilbert Blythe. There will always be an extra special place in my heart for my first love. Other loves come and go, but your first just stays with you. Even in imaginary characters.

I was trying to think of some of my other literary crushes. Mr. Darcy, of course, and Teddy (from L. M. Montgomery’s Emily of New Moon series) popped in my head right away. I remember wishing I would someday find a guy like in so many of Jack Weyland’s characters. I read a lot of teenage romances in 7th grade. It was a series of books called “Couples”. In my group of friends we all read them, and we all kind of adopted a character to be ourselves. Mine was a shy, petite, brunette named Holly. Her boyfriend in the series was Emerson (his last name… don’t remember his first name. He was mainly called by his last name), a large, jovial football player who was absolutely devoted to Holly. So, since I was Holly, of course I had a crush on Emerson. I wanted an Emerson.

Ahhh, the memories. It’s really funny to me now, but don’t expect me to talk about much else on my Facebook status for a while. I’m back with my first love, Gilbert Blythe.

Who did you have a literary crush on?


12 responses to “Edward Who?

  1. You named a couple of my literary crushes: Gilbert Blythe and Mr. Darcy. Then there’s also Laurie from Little Women, and Calvin from A Wrinkle in Time. I feel like I’m missing someone, but I can’t remember who. It’s probably several someones, that happens when you read a lot, huh?

  2. To be honest, I’ve never read the Anne books…but so want to! However, when I was in High School, mom and I would watch the movies while we ate lunch during the summer. I had a HUGE crush on Gilbert! I always felt so bad for him when Anne was mean to him. Of course, I can’t think of anyone besides Gilbert that I had a crush on…know you’ve got me thinking!

    • Not horrible at ALL!! I only left Harry off my list of crushes because I can’t decide if I love him, feel a maternal love for him (Mrs. Weasley style. heh), or just think that Dan Radcliff is SO CUTE. Which I do. I love Daniel Radcliff.

      I’m 32 and way too old for this. The 13 year old in me comes out way too much, I think. 😉

  3. Always Gilbert Blythe. Always. I agree, he trumps Edward Cullen any day. And Teddy – I haven’t met many other poeple who’ve read the Emily of New Moon books! The boy in Witch of Blackbird Pond…what was his name? Nat! I’m pretty sure it was Nat. I loved him, too. I like Harry Potter, but the Hermione in me makes me love Ron more. But I’m 32 as well, so yeah, possibly a little creepy.

  4. Hi, I’m a friend of Allison and I couldn’t help but finally comment. Have to totally agree with Laurie from Little Women. And, when the movie came out that just solidified it much like the Edward Cullen crushes. Ok, so my other crush and this was a long time ago, was Encyclopedia Brown. I know, but he was just so cute and nerdy and smart. I loved that!

    • How could I forget Encyclopedia Brown???? I LOVED that kid, for just the reasons you gave! (I’m actually on the lookout for those books for my 6 year old to read. I just know he’d love them!!) Thanks for commenting Pamela!! Come back and comment any time. 🙂

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