The Things They Say

I know I complain about my job quite a bit, but I really do like it. There is a really good vibe at my school and I get along with all the teachers there. Everyone is super nice and helpful, and I get to talk to Sarah (who was in my ward before we moved out here). The kids can be super fun and cute, too.

In many of my toddler classes, we have been reading a book and singing songs about a safari and jungle animals and the like. I decided to “take” the kids on a bear hunt. You know: “Goin’ on a bear hunt (Goin’ on a bear hunt)/ I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid)” and so on until you come to an obstacle, then it’s “Can’t go over it/ Can’t go under it/ Can’t go around it…”

Well, we got to a wide river and I said to the 2 year olds “Got to swim through it.” As most of us started to move our arms and “swim”, little J piped up with “Well, to swim I need to put on my Michael Phelps goggles.”

The assistant and I laughed so hard. Of course you need Michael Phelps goggles to swim. Silly us!!

A couple weeks ago we were about to read a book about beetles (the kids had just done stuff with lady bugs in their garden) and I asked my other 2 year old class “Who knows what a beetle is?” thinking that they would see the pictures on the front of this book and make a guess (like “a ladybug!!”).

Most of the kids start yelling things out about bugs, but sweet little R says, “I know that they sing Obladee obladah life goes on… Those are The Beatles, Sariah.”

Again, I started to laugh, then told R just how awesome he is. Those are The Beatles. Just not the beetles we were talking about!

I don’t know where the kids come up with some of these crazy things, but they sure make me laugh. And laugh for the rest of the day. And that one statement out of any of them is enough to keep me going.

8 responses to “The Things They Say

  1. I used to jot down the cute things you kids said and toss the papers into the drawer of the candlestick table. I came across one of those papers the other day [now where did I put it?] It will be scrapbooked, but I’ve no idea what happened to the rest, and there are only a few I recall. So save your kids [including students–they are your kids too, for the year…] because you will forget. Unfortunately.

    So funny!

  2. I must say I am surprised that the 2 year olds knew who Michael Phelps OR The Beatles were! But then again my kids knew where their esophagus was at 1 and I’m sure your kids knew all sorts of music stuff early on so it just depends on what your exposure is I guess.

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