Quality Care

Poor little Parker. He’s had a little bit of a cough the last few days. It was getting worse yesterday morning, and when he woke up from his nap at 3 pm, he was barking and had a fever. If you are like me, as soon as you hear that bark you know it’s croup. Because he felt so hot (no, I don’t know where my thermometer is), and because it was so late in the day, I decided to just call the doctor’s office and see if I could get him in. Otherwise I knew it would be a loooooooong night.

We were able to get in at 4:30, and sure enough, he was diagnosed with croup. Now, I always thought croup was congestion and a build up of yucky stuff. Yes, “yucky” is a proper medical term (when you’re a mommy). How could I have had three boys and countless cases of croup with those boys and not know that it’s just a swelling that occurs???? Their airways are too small, and that’s why they get that barking cough. If we get that sickness, we get laryngitis. Essentially.

Anyway, to bring down the swelling Parker was given a steroid shot. By bedtime, he was back to being normal, active, happy Parker. And he’s been fine all day today. We haven’t even needed the prescription we were given.

The best part, however, was a couple hours ago. I received a call from the doctor (okay, PA, but close enough). She was just thinking about Parker and wanted to check and see how he was doing.

That’s right. The doctor CALLED to CHECK on my son!! Who does that??? I’m so in love right now. This is what I consider quality health care!!


9 responses to “Quality Care

  1. Gotta love doctors, or PAs, like that! Really, you gotta just love anyone that cares! Caring is a great attribute!

  2. poor Parker, I’m glad he’s feeling better now. What an awesome doctor! Brayden has a yucky cough to, I hope his doesn’t come to that

  3. I didn’t know any health care professionals ever did that anymore. I’m very impressed–and jealous! I’m glad Parker is better. I hate when kids are sick, it’s always so much more pathetic than when adults are.

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