Just a Few Thoughts

I hate working out. I hate having to work to make my body acceptable to myself. But I went to the gym last night and took my first class. It’s called “Body Pump” and it was an hour of working with barbells. It was so fun! My legs are total jelly today, but I did everything (even though those lunges were haaaaaaard!!) and I’m definitely going to that class again. So yes, I hate working out in general, but if all these classes I want to take are half as fun as this I think I could get addicted to working out. I wish I had gone in earlier this evening for the Body Jam class (dance moves — meaning let’s see how dumb Sariah can look!!)

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I found out on Sunday that our ward is having a father/son campout in a couple of weeks. I asked the girl next to me if the sons had to be a certain age, thinking they would want the cub scouts and older or something, but no. No age requirements. So I could potentially have a night off. Just me.

I’m giddy at the thought.

I doubt Ches will want to take all three boys, with how young they are, and I don’t know how fun it would be. So I’m kind of requiring him to take Aiden and Dallin, and he can decide whether or not to take Parker. I’m still excited at the thought of just one person at home with me. 🙂

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I know I’ve said it before, but I seriously want to throw the XBox out the window most days. It’s loud and obnoxious, the boys fight easily, and I just don’t get it. If they need help with something, I can’t do anything. I don’t really like playing video games. Not for me. I’m not a video game person. Now, the boys don’t fight all the time, and they actually play well together most of the time. I just fixate on the times that they argue.

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And now, a total Mommy Blogger thing to talk about:

We have been working on potty training Dallin. Things were going really well, but lately it’s not so great. I don’t want to gross anyone out, but I’m a mom of young ones, so bodily functions are just a part of my life and daily conversations. You don’t like it, skip this part.

Dallin will not poop on the potty. I’m throwing out underwear because it’s just easier than trying to clean up that much of a mess. I don’t know what to do. Dallin only wants to wear underwear, and we are trying everything to get him to stop what he is doing and sit on the potty, but nothing has worked so far.

Today I was so frustrated I threw him in the shower to clean him off (usually he gets a bath), and he did NOT like the shower. Cried and cried. So when he had a second accident involving poop, I did it again. I told him everytime he poops in his underwear, I’d put him in the shower to clean him. He cried and cried again. Later, he was playing and peed all over the couch. So I threw him in the shower (he was pretty soaked). He hates showers. I’m hoping this will get the message to sink in.

I told Ches about it, and he said, “Great. You are making him hate something that he has to do. You are making a punishment out of something that he will have to do for his entire life. He has to take showers to get clean. It can’t be a punishment.”

I see his point. But what do I do????

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I hosted a Pampered Chef party last week because I wanted to buy some stuff but totally can’t afford it. I’m pretty pumped because I’m getting some cool stuff. The best part of the party, however, was that we made this awesome pizza. It’s called a California Club Pizza. It has doesn’t have pizza sauce, but does have tomatos, avocado, chicken, bacon, red onion, and cheese and it is SO SO SO good. If you want the recipe, I’ll email it to you. And it was really easy to make. And made good leftovers. So yeah. I liked it a lot (if you can’t tell).

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I just found out that a girl from our ward in Idaho moved here a few weeks ago! She was a student of Ches’ in the band, I had her in Young Women’s, and I taught her flute lessons for a school year. She is the cutest, sweetest thing. Anyway, she is married and has a little baby girl of her own now, and she only lives a few miles away. I talked to her on the phone today, and as soon as her baby gets over the flu we are getting together. I’m excited to have her here, and she said she is excited to be living so close to us and to have a friend!! YAY!!

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I’m hosting Book Club next month. Any suggestions for the book? I was thinking either “The Book Thief” or “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, but I’m afraid they already did the first and the second may have some objectionable material for a kind of church-sponsored club (language mainly, from what I hear). Some of the women in my group may not like it, but I don’t know them well enough yet to be able to tell. They joke around about not getting anything “too trashy”, so what exactly is “too trashy” and what is considered “clean”?? I just don’t know. But if you guys have a suggestion for a book that you did in your book clubs or a book you read recently that you consider a Must Read, please let me know! (This month we are reading “Cry, the Beloved Country” by Alan Paton)

15 responses to “Just a Few Thoughts

  1. our non church book club full of church people is doing the Time Travelers Wife and there are a lot of F bombs and nips. I however kind of liked it.

  2. I forgot to mention a book. “The Prisoner of Tehran” It is more of a memoir. I thought it would be really depressing because the main character was a political prisoner, but it was good.

  3. Dude, what language in the time travelers wife? Yeah, there isn’t any…

    However, I’m gonna throw out a recommendation. Two actually, since you’re going to disregard the first one (for book club anyway, although I could see you reading it for you):

    1. “We Wish to Inform you that Tomorrow we will be Killed with our Families.” It’s an award-winning book about the Rwandan genocide. It’ll make you cry and times, it’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you sick. But I think it’s the type of book everyone should read, so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. And so they realize genocide can happen anywhere — not just poor african countries or in the balkans, but there’s absolutely no reason why it wouldn’t happen in our own country.

    2. “The Brief and Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz. Might be my new favourite peace of new writing. Also, probably the best title, like, ever.

    3. (yeah, I know, shut up) “Bluebeard” by Kurt Vonnegut. a)you cannot go wrong with vonnegut, b) I even got mom to read this. Awesomeness. And it’s Vonnegut, so it’s fairly easy to read, but deep and poignant at the same time.

  4. Oh I vote for anything Vonnegut, good job, Greatest One!

    Have you read “The Name of the Rose” by Umberto Eco? I’ve probably mentionned this before, but since you love Harry Potter so much it would be good to read this. (Everyone claimed this was the book that inspired “the Philosopher’s Stone.” It’s not a direct replica, but there are some striking similarities.)

    Did you ever read “The Life of Pi” (by Yann Martel, I believe, too lazy to look it up) It was a bestseller in 2003, I believe. It’s an easy enough read for a book club, but still entertaining, I thought.

    There is no such thing as a book club in our RS. Reading isn’t cool in LA or we’re all just too busy to read? I don’t want to really find out the answer to that.

  5. don’t even feel dumb going to the dance class at the gym!! jsut go and have fun! honestly I felt the same way about going to classes, but once I went I realized people dont really watch you, they are watching the instructor to get the moves right or focusing on what they are doing! so just go! 🙂
    We had the same problem with Chloe about pooping, I hated it and threw away so many pairs of underwear!! I started out telling her when she had an accident that it was ok, but ended up telling her that it was not ok, and came up with a reward system (not stickers, they didn’t work) but I let her pick a toy or something she really wanted and told her as soon as she went so many days without an accident she could have it, if she had an accident after she got the toy it would get taken away till she had not more accidents…maybe try something like that i don’t know hopefully that helps.
    I’d also do something like that with the xbox, they can play if they do a job or something that will help you out,;) and if they fight over it unplug it and put it away for a couple days (maybe where they can still see it) and when you bring it back out tell them if they fight about it even once it will be gone again…Thats what I would do. good luck!! (sorry that was long)

  6. I like Tanya’s suggestions for the potty training and xbox. I’m trying to potty train Jago right now. We started Monday, because I only have 1 appointment this week, and it’s General Conference this weekend, so I figured we’d have lots of time at home to deal with accidents. So far we are most of the way through the 3rd day and he hasn’t peed in the toilet once. Many, many times in his pants, but NEVER on the toilet. I was hoping by now he’d at least be able to tell me he needed to use the potty, even if we didn’t get to it in time.

    I don’t have any book suggestions, but so far as how to know if something is good for a church book club, I was told when trying to start mine that if it wasn’t something you’d recommend to your bishop to read, then it’s not a good book for the book club. Don’t know if that helps at all, but it’s all I’ve got right now.

  7. Just an additional comment to Zen Mama’s on Life of Pi. My son’s grade 7/8 class studied it in school. If middle-schoolers can read it, then it can’t be that bad. I read it myself, but I only remember a few things. (I don’t register “language” as an issue if it’s in character and the writing is good. I do get turned off if it seems gratuitous or overdone, though, so I’m not completely insensitive.)

    I have to agree with the idea that rewards work better than punishment. Also, the shower is not “punishment”. It’s quicker than a bath, and an accident requires a quick clean up. Some day your boy will grow up and realize that there are times when quick hygiene is beneficial, even if he prefers baths. (Mine did.) So it doesn’t have to be described or interpreted as punishment. Just convenience.

  8. I have no good potty training advice. You’d think after the 3rd that I’d have it all figured out. Not so. Best of luck, though. Oh, and the shower thing…I think that’s a good consequence (how about you call it a consequence rather than a punishment?) for pooping in his pants. And maybe you could go the reward route at the same time. Like if he poops in the potty he gets a sticker, or gets to drop a marble in a jar, or whatever, and after X number of stickers/marbles he gets to pick out a toy. Does he like Hot Wheels cars? They’re only like a buck, so you could always stock up on those and have the cars on hand for him to pick out right away when he reaches his goal.

    Books…did you read my book post? If not, go do it! 🙂 The Time Traveler’s Wife is not one I would recommend for a church book club (lots of f-bombs), but you might consider Three Cups of Tea. I seriously cannot recommend it enough. It’s nonfiction, but it’s the most inspirational book I’ve read in a long, long time. Or there’s The Thirteenth Tale. Apart from an implied incestuous relationship, there’s nothing objectionable in it (yes, I know that sounds ridiculous…it’s a good book, but I do know at least one person who was put off by that. You never know, I guess.)

  9. Hey Greatest One,

    As if you didn’t know nips stand for nipples. I know you were just trying to get me to write that word. Its not that I have anything against nipples, I have two perfectly good nipples that I am attached too. They serve me quite well. I only chose to say nips so that if Sariah had a content blocker my comment might make it through without having to be approved. Now that I have said nipples enough times I guess we will see if she does have a comment blocker.

  10. dude, I wasn’t trying to get you to say anything. I honestly didn’t know what you were talking about and wondered if it were something I should know. In my vernacular, a “nip” is a bottled shot of liquor, and I was pretty sure that’s not what you were talking about. I don’t really understand a)what the problem is nipples is, seeing as it’s anatomy that every mammal has; and b)why you seem so annoyed with me. But whatever. I’ll avoid posting comments here for awhile so you guys can have your little clique back.

  11. I wasn’t annoyed. I’m sorry it came across that. Thats what I hate about typing you can’t sense the tone. I was just joking around. Like you do.

  12. I wasn’t annoyed. I’m sorry it came across that. Thats what I hate about typing you can’t sense the tone. I was just joking around. Like you do. don’t stop commenting on my account I enjoy your perspective.

  13. I wouldn’t do Time Traveler’s Wife. I just got done reading it and it’s definitely not appropriate for a Relief Society book club (I almost didn’t finish it). As previously mentioned Three cups of Tea is a good one. I just started reading These is my Words, haven’t read it yet but I’ve heard good things.

    Your Pizza recipe sounds delicious, will you send it to me.

    As for potty training… M&M’s worked great at our house… but Gage is pretty motivated by sugar.

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