Give Oh Give Away!!

For those of you who don’t know her, my good friend Dana is having a GREAT giveaway on her blog. Click here for all the details. You have one of 6 chances to win. Dana has some freakin’ awesome stuff, I have to say. Each of my boys has one of her t-shirts, and I recently purchased some photo notecards. There is even an item from Heather, who crochets the CUTEST stuff ever!! If I had a little girl, they would have all headbands and hair clippies from Heather.

And, if you need good gifts or just would like to help stimulate the economy a little, go to Dana’s Etsy website here or Heather’s website here. Trust me!!!

4 responses to “Give Oh Give Away!!

  1. A day late and a dollar short…that’s me. But I really want to order a onsie in a Premie size–obviously not for Lura’s baby! How can I find out about that?

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