Boot Camp

A group of moms in my neighborhood gets together every weekday morning to workout. They call it Boot Camp. It’s only a half hour (usually… some days I guess they go longer), but it is a very hard workout. Tow days a week are focused on arms and abs, two days are focused on legs and butt, and Fridays are “everything”. Friday is hard. Very, very hard.

I have been meaning to go, but with work and getting kids off to school and just not wanting to be ready to do anything that active at 9 in the morning… well, I’m making excuses. I went one Friday morning a couple weeks ago, and decided I was going to keep coming. Then kids got sick and it was cold… So I returned this week.

My legs are jelly. My arms are sore. My abs… well, I know I have some abs in there because I can feel them!! Under all that fat is something that is in pain. It’s a good pain. Really. Because it means I’m doing something good for myself, right?

This morning was especially hard. I made it on time, and I did everything as well as I could. I haven’t been in the group as long as the others, so it was a lot harder for me than for them, but it was a hard workout for them, too. Oh, and I even did all the running. You know I don’t run. I hate to run, and I have bad knees, so it’s just not fun for me. I did it, though. I mean, if I’m gonna do something, I better do it all the way.

Besides, I took the kids to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast and I was feeling a little guilty. Heh.

I don’t know if I’ve lost 5 pounds this month, as was my goal. None of this month went according to plan. I have started to actually do stuff, however, and that will just have to do for February. March is another story. I WILL lose at least 5 pounds. I have to. I’m getting healthy and fit. I will be a different person this summer than I am this winter. You’ll see!! 🙂

Now, excuse me while I go throw up. I’m really, really tired.


12 responses to “Boot Camp

  1. how fun that the group of moms gets together! I bet they’ll be good motivation. Way to go killin yourself! Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you…hurt a lot. 😉
    Yeah, I haven’t exercised in nearly 2 weeks. And I’m still too sick to care haha

  2. I’m sorry for your pain, but at least it is the good kind that means it’s doing something, right? And you know the more you stick with it the better you’ll feel–eventually. I’m proud of you!! (Though don’t you just hate that it’s an “eventually” payoff? I suck at that part of it, I want results NOW!)

  3. good jorb! i think the exercise craze is hitting across the board. after i kicked pneumonia to the curb and got the ok from the doc, i started back into biking and yoga. oddly enough, it is the yoga that is killing me. hard. lol

    stick with it. the physical changes are the “yay” stuff, but the mental is where it’s at. at least, for me, i always seem higher when i’m thrashing about in physical pain/proof of exercise. heh.

  4. It’s good to have a group to belong to. It’s good for support and motivation. Keep on keeping on. No pain, no gain. And whatever other useless cliches you can think of. It’s the thought that counts, right?

  5. I agree that it is good to have a group to belong to. It helps you stay motivated. I can totally understand about it being hard to exercise at times. I just need to make myself do it. I can totally understand how you feel!!

  6. Sariah: I am ever so proud of you. Keep at it. Here is a poem that read to us in High Priet’s group today. I hope it touches you as it did me. It seemed appropriate to share it with you now:

    Stick To Your Task

    Stick to your task till it sticks to you;
    Beginners are many, but enders are few.
    Honor, power, place, and praise
    Will always come to the one who stays.

    Stick to your task till it sticks to you;
    Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too;
    For out of the bend and the sweat and the smile
    Will come life’s victories, after awhile.

    Author Unknown

    Love you, Sweetheart.

    Dad C.

  7. ahhhhh I feel your pain. the rabid bostonian version of boot camp: move entire apartment worth of stuff down two flights of stairs, then up three. Oh yeah, did I mention, do it in the middle of heavy snowfall?

    A couple sbux friends and I are taking up swimming at the Y soon; mostly because we want to be able to row and sail without dying when/if it warms up. you just gotta find something that feels worth doing, not just hard core exersize, it has to be fun, too!

  8. I love the group part of it. Tried it once in a large anonymous group. Failed due to getting pregnant…but really because I did not care. Now I invent reasons to have to go to ____ just so I’ll get out on my bike, and go! Keep up the good work!

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