Groundhog’s Day

Remember that movie? Where the guy has to relive the same day over and over until he gets it right (although I could never figure out why sleeping with the girl was the trigger that made it all “right”)? I feel like my life is one big Groundhog’s Day movie.

Aiden is home sick again today.

The house is a royal mess again.

Ches still has to work long hours.

Dallin and Parker refuse to eat actual meals.

Aiden still has discipline problems at school.

I can’t run any of my errands because of having a sick kid.

Parker’s nose is running. Has been for over a week.

My sinuses are burning and I’m sneezing and just want to die.

I couldn’t sleep last night so am very tired today. Very very tired.

So yeah. Nothing new in the Phoenix household. It’s the same old, same old. I often feel like I’m just making it through each day, hanging on for dear life. It’s getting harder and harder to hang on. No matter what I do, nothing changes here. I have a bad attitude, I know. I’m trying to change that, really I am. I’m just so tired of constantly doing the same things over and over and nothing seems to make a difference. Everyone has advice on how to make everything better, but nothing is working. I bet Ken had a great time visiting us this past weekend, what with coughing kids, never-ending runny noses, Ches working, and me being the horrible depressive wench that I am. Gah. I guess I have to just keep on keeping on until I find that thing that makes this repeat day finally end. It will happen sooner or later, I know. Hopefully sooner.


One response to “Groundhog’s Day

  1. I SOOOO (!!) understand. You could NOT have said it any better. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

    We moms are very used to stupid Groundhog day, because it’s every day. Same endless chores & errands. Same wires in the floor (eldest child’s obsession), same coloring pencils (youngest child’s obsession) to be picked up, same dirty laundry (only the youngest child seems to make it to the hamper!). I don’t know if it’s that I’m bored to tears or that I just want to crawl under the bed, hide, and sleep. I never know what to make for supper and feel guilty because I don’t make complicated meals anymore; Hamburger Helper is my best friend in the whole world.
    Bleh. Sorry I’m blue.


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