Eating My Words

Now see, I write a complaining blog post and feel like this is it, I just can’t take it anymore… and then my kids do something wonderful. A little something, but it’s something.

They ate lunch.

Then I said, “It’s naptime!” and Dallin got into bed without complaint and while I was tucking Dallin in, Parker went in my room and climbed into bed. Parker never goes to bed by himself. At anytime. And Aiden listened and went in his room with Harry Potter and didn’t say a word when I shut the door. He hates his door shut.

It is quiet and peaceful in the house. I have chicken noodle soup in the crockpot. The dishwasher is running. Ches is going to pick up Aiden’s school work.

Watch me chew and swallow. I’m going to make it afterall.


5 responses to “Eating My Words

  1. See? The Lord loves you!

    Hang in there. You can do it.

    And when naptime is over, give each boy a big hug and a whole lotta praise, because they may never, ever do that again 😉

  2. Woo-Hoo! Miracles do happen! I’m so glad you got a breather, I know you’ve been needing it.

    I love you! Oh, and if Parker ever wants to talk on the phone, give us a call. Jago has been talking about Parker (or ‘Macker’ as he says it) for 2 days now and wanting to play with him.

  3. So glad you got a breather – those moments are so wonderful – Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord shows his love through small things that aren’t really that small? 😀 (Hopefulyl that made sense 🙂 )

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