Stay Out!

stay out
Aiden is frustrated with his brothers getting in his room and playing with his toys (mainly the Legos). Dallin and Parker play and lose pieces, and they tend to make a mess. Aiden was cleaning up the mess last night, then yelled, “That’s IT! I’m making a sign! It will say STAY OUT and that means you are not allowed in my room at all!!!”

He found the paper, pen, and tape, had help from Ches with the tape (which is why it’s rolled… Ches thought he’d stick it on the back of the paper, but I don’t think Aiden understood that part). I love how the words fill out the entire piece of paper. So emphatic.

I just didn’t have the heart to remind him that his brothers don’t know how to read, so the sign really doesn’t mean anything to them.


6 responses to “Stay Out!

  1. That’s too funny! Let us know how it goes. Poor guy – it’s such a bummer when your siblings mess up your stuff. I bet it takes one time for Dallin and Parker to go in despite the sign before they learn really fast, courtesy of big brother, how to read the words “stay out”!

  2. I am the oldest of a large family. Aiden, I understand your pain!!!!!

    We had a hook latch installed on the outside (and high up) of both mine and Andrew’s bedrooms so that “the kids” could not mess up our stuff while we were at school.

  3. Boy, do I ever understand that! (the stay-out sign) That’s how I felt about my brother rooting around in my things (the great “diary debacle,” the breaking of my working-electricity dollhouse- to name a few). I’m very lucky in that my boys share pretty easily. Of course, what that really means is that B. gives R. his way in most everything. (sigh)

  4. I laughed when I saw the picture and thought to myself, too bad his brothers can’t read… and then I read your post. Sometimes I feel like putting up a sign for my kids… maybe if I put one on the front door my house would stay clean and they wouldn’t mess with my stuff! :o)

  5. It would be nice if everyone could have their own rooms. Dakota feels his pain. He wants us to put a bed upstairs in the storage room just so he has a place of his own.

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