Invisible Woman

I went to the park to pick Aiden up from school today. Dallin came with me (riding his new bike. Well, trying to ride it. He doesn’t quite get the concept of pedalling). The normal group of moms was at the park with their kids. I haven’t been in a while as Aiden spent all last week sick and before that was winter break, so no one was going to the park. Anyway, I haven’t really seen anyone in a while, and thought it’d be fun to go catch up and say hi.

I sat down and couldn’t catch anyone’s eye. They were in a conversation, so I didn’t want to interrupt or anything. But honestly… couldn’t just one person have acknowledged that I was there? A simple “hi” would have been nice. That’s all.

I sat there for about 10 minutes as the other moms continued to converse when Aiden wanted to run home for a snack and Dallin wanted to ride his bike some more, so I got up to leave with them. Finally someone said, “Is that it? You’re going?” I made my regrets, but Ches had to return to school tonight anyway, so it’s not like I could have stayed long anyway.

I don’t feel very welcome. I don’t know. Maybe I should have made more of an effort. I don’t like to really push my way into things. It feels rude to me. But it sure would be nice to have a little attention. A smile and a “hi”.

And now you know Reason Number 537 of Why I Hate This Neighborhood.


6 responses to “Invisible Woman

  1. I’m sorry that that had to happen to you. I sometimes feel that way with a group of moms that I meet with every week. I don’t want to be annoying, but I would like to participate too. Why does it have to be so hard?

  2. Well, I hope it’s just a one-day thing and you will feel more like part of the group on another day. Sometimes people reflect what they feel you are sending them — but a lot of times it’s their own issues too, and it’s nothing to do with you at all.

    In the grocery store one time I was getting peeved at the cashier because I was trying to catch her eye and she was having none of it. I finally spoke up and said, “Not feeling very friendly today?” (but I said it with a smile — sometimes if you say what you’re thinking, but with a smile, people will surprise you). So it turned out she had a cough but had to work anyway and she felt that customers were giving her the evil eye every time she coughed. That is what she told me, but I think all the cashiers were a little put out because they didn’t like the woman who was on as supervisor that shift. Anyway, none of it had anything to do with me, and the cashier spent the rest of the transaction talking to me in a friendly way, which is what I wanted to happen.

  3. Sariah, I felt that way with my first “real” teaching job. The teacher next door to me was particularly cold, but really only the man teacher in our wing and the SPED teacher that no one liked were the only ones that were consistently kind to me. The rest would just stop talking everytime I sat down to lunch, and would talk around me the rest of the meal. It was miserable. I frequently cried the whole 65mile drive back home every night.

    Since then I have worked really hard to find friends who are true friends, and to be more open with them. I’m trying really hard to never go through that again. I got lucky and I made really great friends here, but I still remember exactly how that feels and I wish so much that you could live near me. I know you would love my friends.

    Sending hugs! You can talk to me whenever you want!

  4. I wish I lived in your neighborhood. I’d sit and talk to you on the bench all the time. I know how it feels to be left out too. I hope they stop acting so snooty. If not, feel free to kick ’em in the shins. Whatta ya have to lose? 😉

  5. Its funny you should post this, because today I felt that way. I have tried to talk to some but I really feel out of place. I’m not rich like these people, I don’t go away to Costa Rica for Christmas and I don’t own my own house. Other than the fact we have children going to the same school…I’m not sure we have anything in common.

    I didn’t use to feel this way but that was before all and I mean all of my close friends moved away. The ladies are civil and if I try to start up a conversation they will talk but most of the time I don’t relate to them or I say something stupid.

  6. I always feel like I’m imposing on pretty much everybody I come across and often it’s the body language I get from them.

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