Positive Thinking From Dallin

Just so you guys don’t think I’m always negative and always complaining, I thought I’d share a funny thing from Dallin. He got to pick out a video today, and he chose a particular Blue’s Clues DVD we have that is titled “Getting to Know Joe”. It’s the episodes where they make the transition from Steve to Joe. Anyway, for some reason, Dallin does not like the title as it’s written. Must be too negative for his 3 year old brain, because he repeatedly asked for “Blue’s Clues Getting to Yes Joe”. And don’t you dare correct him! He insists it is “Yes Joe”. Silly boy. 🙂

3 responses to “Positive Thinking From Dallin

  1. I. Adore. You. Hang in there, sweetie! I’ve been there w/the babysitting thing…believe in miracles! They happen. Good luck.

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