Happy New Year!

We went to Texas for Christmas, and I got out of reading and writing blogs. I think I’m caught up on reading all y’all’s blogs, but I just can’t comment on everything. Sorry. So I’m telling you now that I’ve read and will be back to my normal, over-commenting self.

Aiden got sick travelling to Texas. We attributed it to being in the car for too long and eating too much McDonald’s. He was fine the whole time we were at my mom’s house. He got sick in the middle of the night at the hotel on the way home. He swore he would never eat McDonald’s again. Or greasy food. We got home, and after the intial night (where he was sick in the middle of the night again), Aiden was fine again. School started up Monday morning. Aiden woke up, throwing up. Ches very kindly stayed home from work so I could go, and he said Aiden was sick in the morning, but by lunch time seemed great. Aiden even ate a hot dog and when we had dinner than night, he was totally fine. Tuesday morning, Aiden woke up and threw up again. Urgh. At least I didn’t have to work. He only threw up the one time Tuesday, then was fine. This morning it was important that he be well because his class had a field trip. I had volunteered to be a chaperone, and Aiden’s teacher had actually called me yesterday, a bit panicked because she had another parent cancel already and couldn’t really afford me to cancel. I assured her that Aiden would be fine and we’d be there. Aiden woke up this morning… and yup. He threw up. I figured he’d be fine in a couple of hours, so I made him get dressed and we went to the school. He was whiney and complained of an upset stomach, but Mom Of The Year (that would be me) basically kept saying, “Oh, you’re just fine. Tell yourself that over and over.” The kids were in the classroom, all lined up and about to leave for the field trip, when Aiden said, “Mom! My stomach hurts!!!” He then turned around… and threw up. So the class left and Aiden and I came home. The class left with only one chaperone. Good thing there were extra parents in another classroom. Aiden took a two hour nap when we got home, then threw up a few more times. Poor kid. He said to me, “Mom, this stomach virus SUCKS.” Yes, Aiden, yes it does.

I am now planning on staying home from work with him tomorrow and I doubt I’m going to make it to my music educator’s conference this weekend. Ches is going to make Aiden a doctor’s appointment. I doubt they say anything other than “rest and drink plenty of fluids”, but Aiden asked to see a doctor and it can’t hurt.

My babysitter called me the other day to let me know that she and her family are struggling, so she interviewed and was offered a job for tax season. She can’t babysit for me anymore. She let me know as soon as she could find out, and I appreciate that. She is so great, and the boys are going to be sad not to go there anymore, but I know that my babysitter has to do what she has to do for the good of her family. So now I’m on the search again for a babysitter. I can’t afford normal daycare. So far, no hits. I have a week. PRAY for me!!

I’m still positive about this new year, but it hasn’t exactly started off that great, as you can see. I know my trials are nothing compared to the trials that most of you are having at this time, but it’s still stressful to me. Yes, things could be worse, but if Aiden doesn’t get well soon and I don’t find a sitter soon, things will definitely be worse!!!


4 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Yuck. I think Vicki had that stomach virus a few years ago, where she was sick off and on for several days. This year we just got the 12-hour one that moved through all three girls (thankfully not all at once) and then went away.

    Good luck with the babysitter situation! I know firsthand how stressful that can be! You’re in my prayers.

  2. I’m going to pass this along because I wish I had figured out sooner about my son’s lactose intolerance. You might want to keep track of what Aiden is eating just in case it’s not a virus, but rather something you can eliminate from his diet. (Lactose intolerance causes severe gas pain rather than vomiting, but the pain would cause my son to vomit when he was Aiden’s age. McDonald’s ice cream and certain brands of hot dogs were huge triggers for him.)

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