Just A Few Things

I know you are all dealing with snowstorms and we’re not, so please don’t roll your eyes too much at me. We’ve been getting quite a bit of rain. I love it. What I don’t love is just how stupid Phoenix drivers are when there is some rain.

I was leaving school earlier in the week and only about 2 drops of water hit my windshield. A VERY light mist of rain, if anything, and suddenly everyone is driving 20 miles below the speed limit! In a city where you are considered to be a slow driver if you’re doing anything less than 20 over any other day of the year.

Rain make Arizonians (or maybe just Phoencians???) absolutely nuts. On Wednesday we had a really rainy, windy, chilly day. Ches said his students were trying to convince him it was snowing. They were serious. Now, it was still about 50 degrees out, and I’m sure we all know it has to be a lot colder than 50 to get snow. However these kids thought it was snowing because “the rain isn’t coming down straight.” Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up. Have you ever heard of wind, kids????


Tonight is my school’s Solstice performance. Every year they pick a children’s book as a theme, then each class picks a song to represent a part of that book and does a dance. I was pretty unsure of how it was all going to go until the dress rehearsal yesterday. The kids had parts of their costumes on and each class performed their dances so well. It was adorable!!! I can’t wait for tonight, now. This year’s book is called “The Yellow Leaf” and it’s about changing seasons (or something).

My job is to work the music. I get to press play on the stereo and pause it in between class performances. So exciting. 😉


I was looking for a copy of The Nutcracker to show to my students for Thursday and brought home a couple other movies for the family to watch. We got Wall-E (Dallin has been begging for it!) and A Muppet Christmas Carol (one of my absolute favorites growing up). We all loved Wall-E (and the kids have been watching it almost non-stop). Aiden surprisingly watched the entire Muppet movie and wasn’t scared by the ghosts or anything! He kept telling me how much he liked it. Yay! Someone to share my love of the Muppets with! I think I’ll go out and get the Muppet’s Treasure Island next. That’s a pretty fun one, too.

Ches brought home Hancock from Redbox yesterday. I really liked it! I pretty much like anything that Will Smith does, and this wasn’t one of his typical good-guy characters. If you haven’t seen it, I highly it (just watch out… there’s a bit of bad language, so it’s not suitable for young kids at all).


Speaking of Christmas movies… My favorites are A Charlie Brown Christmas (the best part being where Linus quotes from the New Testament and the other Peanuts start singing “Loo loo loo”), A Christmas Story (“Fra-geeeee-lay. Must be Italian.”), A Muppet Christmas Carol, and Mr. Bean’s Christmas.

Ches hates A Christmas Story. When we were still at Ricks, I remember one night hanging out at our friend Randall’s house with Laural and her roommate, Amy. We were watching A Christmas Story, and Amy and I were just rolling on the floor laughing because we love this movie so much. I think it’s hilarious. Ches, Laural, and Randall, however, sat there complaining the whole night. “This movie is so stupid!” they would tell us, over and over again. “It’s not even funny.” So I never rent it and never watch it because it’s no fun to watch alone.

We’re going to be with my family for Christmas this year. My family loves this movie, so I will watch it with them. Ches can go play with the kids or something. I’m so excited!!! (I’d triple dog dare him to watch it with me, but the point would be lost on him.)


The first time I ever saw Mr. Bean (it was the Christmas one!) was when I was a senior in high school. I was taking Music Theory, and a lot of the class was actually free time. We were all excited about the music of Jurassic Park once, so one girl was going to bring that in for us to watch. She couldn’t find it, however, so we watched The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, another girl, Brandi, brought in Mr. Bean once. I’ll never forget the first time watching Mr. Bean play with the Nativity. I could not stop laughing. We watched tons of Mr. Bean after that, and I love to especially watch the Christmas once every year. Even Ches enjoys it (and he’s not usually a huge fan of British humor).

Oh, and in case you were worried… we did learn music theory in the class. Just not everyday. It gave me enough of a background that when I started as a music major at Ricks I was confident enough in my theory abilities that I did well the first year. We won’t talk about Aural Skills or Keyboard Harmony. Blech. (After I finished at Ricks I had a chance to talk to my high school director once. I kind of yelled at him, “You didn’t tell me I’d have to sing. By myself! In front of other people! Sight-singing sucks!” He sheepishly smiled and said, “Oh, I forgot about that.”)


New reason why I love Facebook: videos of my high school marching band have been posted recently. I got to watch my sophomore and junior years’ marching shows. SO. FUN. Sophomore year we did a 60’s show where we played “Yesterday”, “Aquarias”, and “House of the Rising Sun”. It was my favorite show. I always thought we did pretty well, and it was fun to watch it and realize that yeah, we were that good. I can still think that!!!

A lot of my friends have posted pictures from high school in “Remember When” type albums. So. Funny. I wish I had a scanner because I’ve got some great pictures to post. I think my mom has a scanner, and I’ll definitely be looking for stuff at her house over Christmas!


Leaving for Texas on Sunday. My whole family is going to be at my mom’s this year. It’s going to be a very full house, but SO FUN. My dad has to work Christmas Day, so my brother decided to distract the kids from the Christmas presents, we are all going to the beach in Galvastan. My boys are overly excited about going to the beach. I don’t think they understand that it’s not like going to the beach in the summer. We aren’t wearing our swimsuits and playing in the water. But we’ll still have a ball, I’m sure. We went to the beach in New Hampshire all winter long when we lived there. It was cold, but we still found tons to do. I’m sure a beach in south Texas will be fun, too.


Buy a Post Secret book for someone for Christmas this year to help support the website. I’m going to! (And I’m hoping to receive a Post Secret book or two myself)


Since I’ve been so lax in my writing, who knows if I’ll write again before then, so…


(whichever you celebrate) 😀

11 responses to “Just A Few Things

  1. Sariah,
    If by chance you don’t receive a PostSecret book for Christmas let me know…I have three of them and would love to send them to you. We have a book swappy mentality in our home. Once books are read we give them away as we have no space to store them here! (And I am trying to convince Big to save his pennies to buy a digital book thingy like Kindle for us all to share…then we don’t have to get real books at all!)

    Happy Christmas!

  2. Mom doesn’t like A Christmas Story either. Ches can hang out with her. I’m looking forward to next week. We’re leaving Monday morning and will be there by early afternoon. I can’t wait!

    We now own both A Charlie Brown Christmas (my kids LOVE Charlie Brown) and A Muppet Christmas Carol (my favorite version :)). The boys don’t get scared by it and like watching “The Frog Movie.”

  3. You know there’s a new muppet movie in the works, right? If you’re like me, you probably can’t wait.

    I’ve never seen A Christmas Story but I have the feeling I might be in the camp that’s not impressed. It seems to be one of those films that people either love or hate.

  4. People out here freak out over the rain, too. It’s the breaking news story: STORM WATCH 2008!!! (Like it doesn’t rain every year?!?!?)

    Christmas movies? We’ve been renting a different Christmas movie (or two) every week this month. Elf is a new favourite, Charlie Brown and the Muppet Christmas Carol are both such classics! But A Christmas Story … sorry, our entire household is with Ches on that one. We can’t even stand the commercials. TBS does a marathon of the movie on Christmas Day every year, and sometimes we forget when we’re channel surfing.

    Anyway, this last Wednesday (two nights ago) NBC presented the NEW Muppets Christmas movie. I was puttering around (–as always) and didn’t really watch it, but we let the boys stay up late and Paul watched it with them. It’s Santa-Themed, as is all new Christmas movies, but it seemed pretty cute. I would definitely sit down and watch it next time. I just loooove the muppets, they make me happy!

    I’m so glad you’re going to your mother’s for Christmas. (Texas? When did she leave the midwest? Where have I been?) I was thinking of you the other day and wondering if you were going to be by yourselves this year for Christmas.

    If I don’t talk to you before Christmas: MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you have a wonderful holiday — you deserve it!!!

  5. Snow does to Oregonians what rain does to Arizonians. Insane. We’ve only had school two days this week. Completely unreasonable to people who came here from Utah.

    We watched A Christmas Story with the girls last weekend, and they’ve been quoting it nonstop ever since. It’s a new true favorite around here. I haven’t seen the Muppets Christmas Carol in years, but I bet they’d love that one, too. If you and Aiden love the Muppets you should watch The Great Muppet Caper. It’s my favorite Muppet movie of all time.

    Have a great time with your family this Christmas!!!

  6. Hey there! I totally understand Ches and The Christmas Story. Bob thinks that it is one of the best and funniest movies EVER. I, on the other hand, don’t. I even watched it from the very beginning to the very end yesterday to give it a shot. (I usually fall asleep and had never seen it all the way through.) Didn’t really help. So I understand.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. You’d think in Oregon we’d be use to rain, but people freak out regardless, and then the snow – you should have seen what it was like with all the snow we had – it was absolutely INSANE – people here can’t drive in it worth beans. Some of it was rather commical – as long as their not crashing into me anyway.

    I really like Hancock too – it was surprisingly deep for a super hero movie and I enjoyed it very much – though, like you, I enjoy most of what Will Smith does.

    I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and that you have a wonderful New Year!!!

  8. I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I couldn’t help but start laughing at your bit about the rain in Arizona. I live near Seattle and I swear that once it’s been sunny for an extended period of time and then the sprinkling of rain starts up – people freak out and start driving incredibly stupid! So many accidents happen all over the region within 20 minutes of the first few droplets.

    When we had the “blizzard” earlier in December, I was watching the news and one news reporter was actually mocking some of the pedestrians in downtown Seattle for crossing the streets in front of cars that were driving by since the pedestrians still thought that the cars would have no problem stopping, even though there were several layers of ice underneath the snow.

  9. Hey.
    I love:
    “Christmas in Connecticut,” (I don’t know. Just love it.)
    “Miracle (on whatever St.-34? lol)” (b/c of Natalie Wood)
    & “Home Alone” (1) … (I have NO idea why.)
    I’ve been watching Rowan Atkinson & “Mr.Bean” on PBS for basically a decade. Where the crap have you been in the PBS ratings drive and should I stone you? HAHA
    P.S. on that, I love Muppets, too.
    Kids say the weirdest. But Bret, Aiden, and Dallin especially! lol Don’t quit quoting!
    UMM…’Over-commenting’…ERR? Earth to Sariah!!

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