Ring Ring

I haven’t worn my wedding ring in over 2 years. I had to quit wearing it when we moved here to Arizona, right before Parker was born. It was getting hard to get on and off as it was, but once we moved here (August, 8 months pregnant) I suddenly swelled up and couldn’t wear not only my wedding ring, but any of the shoes I had. Thank goodness for flip flops.

After I had Parker, I lost a few pounds initially, but then I developed a thyroid problem and started gaining weight. I still never go tmy wedding ring on, and I had taken to wearing another ring instead. It’s an heirloom… a white gold engagement ring with a sapphire for a center stone and four tiny diamonds (two on each side of the sapphire). It was my great-grandmothers, and it’s just gorgeous. My aunt passed it on to me when I was 20. I was able to wear that ring comfortable for quite a while, but then one day realized I could no longer get it off. I had gained too much weight.

Well, I still haven’t lost any weight. I think I’ve finally stopped gaining weight (it’s only been an extra 60 pounds), but losing weight is a lot harder than gaining weight. I don’t know if I’ll ever lose any of it, honestly. I’m not very disciplined when it comes to working out, and I refuse to cut foods out of my diet. I’ll cut back (no problem… done), but stop eating breads or sugars? Heck no. Not going to happen.

I miss wearing my wedding ring. It’s my engagement ring and wedding band sautered together. Ches bought it for me in 1997, when we were on a trip to Calgary. He had taken me up to meet his family for the first time over Labor Day weekend, and I had no idea he bought a ring that weekend. I’m the type of girl that always wanted to be surprised with the ring. I didn’t want to pick it out. I didn’t want to be proposed to without a ring. So it was a great surprise!! I love my ring.

I went in to a jeweler’s today and got my antique ring cut off. I got the pricing for the antique ring “repair” (which is what the resize is considered for that one, since it was cut), and the pricing for my wedding ring. The antique will cost $75. I can use money from my next paycheck to cover that. My wedding ring is a size 5. I need it resized up to a 7. It is going to cost $125. For just my wedding ring.

I don’t have $125. It’s Christmas time and we can’t even afford presents for each other, but this is something that Ches and I have been talking about for a long time and I know that he wants me to wear my ring as much as I do. So, do I come up with the money anyway?? We still don’t have that kind of money. Where would it come from? I can’t afford to get both rings done! I almost burst into tears right there in the jeweler’s. (It didn’t help that Parker and Dallin, who had started off being angels suddenly turned into devils and were acting up like mad). So I’m getting the antique ring repaired, and will have to do without a wedding ring for a little longer.

I’m now thinking seriously that I could be disciplined enough to workout regularly and I could give up breads and sugars and whatever else I have to give up to lose this extra 60 pounds and wear my ring again. It means that much to me.


8 responses to “Ring Ring

  1. I went without wearing my wedding right for a year or two, as well. I think you should get estimates from other jewelers. I got mine resized (6 to 8 I believe!) in Virginia in 2002 (?) so I know it’s been several years but I can guarantee that it was NOT $125. In fact, I believe it was $36 (or $39?) It was doable on my waitressing money, whatever it was.

    I think you and I both need you to move out here. Then we can support each other in our goals, and make each other walk more. Disneyland is a really great place for exercise. 😉 HUGS!

    Heather, I would TOTALLY walk/exercise around Disney! That’d be so awesome!!
    When I first got the ring (in ’97), we had to have it sized down a half size or so (I don’t remember exactly), and I remember it costing a lot more than I thought it should, but I don’t know what it was. And we did it in Canada. Anyway, one reason why it cost so much right now is because it’s the two sautered together, so they have to do somthing up at the top, then cut at the side and shank (??) it or something… but it’s all cheaper than if they took the two rings apart and resized them seperately. I don’t know. I think you’re right… I need to shop around.

  2. Holy crap I think those estimates are pretty steep. It cost me $25 at most to have my mom’s antique ring resize up two whole sizes. Maybe get a few more quotes (try not to use mall jewellers they rip people off). Other than that, my only suggestion to raise some funds might be do a little babysitting for members in the evenings (couple hours at most?) before Christmas so mom’s can go shopping? I’ve done that in the past and once moms catch on it’s mayhem lol. Good luck!


  3. yeah that pricing seems a bit high. I actually heard that at Jensen Jewelers you pay around 30-40 bucks and you can get things done for free, like your paying for just a warranty or something, I don’t know if that’s everywhere or just here, but its worth it to check it out.


    I am obsessed with my weight…sad but true, i go to the gym eight hours a week. Don’t give up a certain food group it’s not smart…just eat when you’re hungry and stop when your not. Only thing you should give up is soda (do you even drink soda?) at least cut it way down. That stuff is evil. Good luck…and things will work out w/the ring…maybe but it on a chain around your neck until it fits?

    Love ya and love reading your blog!

  5. I haven’t taken my rings off in over 15 years. (You read my story about the nurse at the hospital back in August, right?) Anyway, it really helps to have an important goal like that to keep on target with losing weight. And just controlling portions can accomplish a lot, even without cutting out specific foods…Hey, weren’t you the one that told ME that?

  6. I’m SO sorry to hear that you had to cut off the ring, but I think you should make your wedding set the priority. Grandma’s ring can wait. And it’s not just your great grandmother’s ring; it’s your great-great-great grandmother’s ring. So put it away, resize your wedding rings, and look at the antique someday down the road. That’s my advice (which, as always, is worth what you paid for it). I think the price is about right for a *good* jeweler, though. PLEASE don’t get it done at a shop where you don’t know the people! In fact, if you aren’t in a hurry, hang onto it until the next time we see each other, and I’ll have it done at Collins. I know they’ll do it right.
    BTW, it’s “soldered”, not “sautered”.

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