Twilight Movie and Music

No Spoilers! Read at will!! 🙂

Last Thursday at 11:15, p.m., I stood outside a Harkins Theatre in Chandler and waited for my friend Kelly. I was attending my first midnight showing of a movie. I was going to see Twilight. I was excited! Kelly brought me the t-shirt she had finished for me (her printer is better than mine, so she printed out the iron-ons and got the shirt ready for me to wear). It was a maroon shirt, and on the front said “Edward prefers brunettes” and a really cool looking “Team Edward” on the back. I got several compliments on my shirt. 🙂

I wasn’t a crazed enough fan to come sit at the theatre at 2 in the afternoon, and Kelly was out doing karaoke with some friends before she came to the movie, so we ended up in the second row of the theatre. We were both in a good mood and didn’t let it bother us. A theatre worker came in at one point to make some sort of announcement then, almost as an after-thought, stated, “Oh, and the new Harry Potter trailer is on some of these prints, but we don’t know which theatres. It may just be this one!” And with a wicked grin, he left. I then spent the next several minutes waving my hands at the screen as if I was performing some sort of charm and chanted, “Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Potter!”

The lights went down, the previews were starting, and some people cheered. Someone yelled “Chill out!” and Kelly and I laughed at the idea that we had been trasnsported back to the early 90’s. Apparantly my chanting/charm worked, because we did get to see the new Harry Potter trailer. It was awesome by the way. I can not wait for July. And yes, I’m still bitter that they pushed the release date back so far. I could have waited a few more weeks for Twilight. I’m more obsessed with Harry than with Edward (although I’m more in love with Edward! heh).

I liked the movie. Yes, it was different from the book, but what movie based on a book isn’t different? Most of the changes weren’t bad (although I liked the character of Angela as she is in the books, and Jessica seems way more mean-spirited in the movie), and while things don’t always match up to the pictures in my head (while that is impossible, that sure would be cool!), I liked the casting and the scenery. Gorgeous. On both accounts.

The guys in this movie just take your breath away. It’s serious eye candy, ladies. Like I told my friend Katie (who is “Team Jacob” because she’s likes a bad boy. But Katie, seriously, how much more bad boy can you get than a frickin’ vampire??? Maybe that’s just the Buffy fan in me coming out), when you go to this movie, you need to bring a fan. And I like Rob Pattinson as Edward. I liked him as Cedric. No, he didn’t match the character in my head either time, but I think he’s great anyway.

I enjoyed the movie, and I stayed awake through it (hey, it had been a long day! And I have a friend from church that went to the midnight showing and she did fall asleep for a good chunk of it, she said). So yeah, I recommend it. I do want to see it again, mainly because I’d like to see the entire screen without having to bounce my eyes from one end to another to get everything in. I still love some other things more than Twilight, but I’m becoming more and more of an obsessed fan. It’s kind of funny.

Kelly bought the soundtrack online and burned me a copy. She also bought our movie tickets online, so she got a bonus track of Bella’s Lullaby Remix, so she put that on my CD, too. The soundtrack has the bands Muse, Paramore, Linkin Park, Collective Soul, MuteMath, Blue Foundation, The Black Ghosts, Perry Farrell, and even Rob Pattinson himself has a song on there (hmmmm… cute and a musician! I like him even more!!).

I. Love. This CD.

My friends, I have not listened to anything else since I got this CD. I won’t even let my kids listen to Ghostbusters or Thriller (their favorite songs du jour) when they ask, answering with, “Mommy needs to listen to Twilight!!” I’m completely taken in by the first few tracks especially, but I love it all. Every song chosen feels as if it was a song chosen specifically for me and my taste in music. I am recommending to strangers in the store to buy the soundtrack! I don’t do that!! This music just consumes me and fuels my new obsession. I can’t wait to get in my van and listen to it some more (I need to upload it to my computer and Ipod still). I re-read Twilight today with the soudtrack going in the back of my mind. WOW. I’m about to go back to Stephenie Meyer’s site to re-read Midnight Sun.

So yeah, go see the movie (if you haven’t already), but I really, really recommend buying the soundtrack. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get in Edward’s head with the help of Muse and Paramore.


7 responses to “Twilight Movie and Music

  1. Wow, everyone has seen this movie and has a violent opinion, whether good or bad about it.

    Not having my own opinion is driving me bananas! I’m just gonna have to go. And then read the book.

    I feel better already.

  2. Well, I have not seen the movie, nor read the books. But I am so happy for you that you had such a fun night! You’ve seemed pretty down lately and I’m glad you’ve had a pick-me-up. You deserve more days/nights like that.

  3. Well, you had a much better time than I did, but I saw the movie too. The Boy dragged me along. And now he is back reading the books again. (In fact last night before he went to bed he brought the book to me and said, “Hide it, Mom.” He knew that otherwise he’d be awake all night reading it.)

    I had a couple of disappointments in the casting, particularly Charlie and Alice. I think Alice should be more elegant (more Audrey Hepburn) than the actress they have playing her.

  4. I can’t wait to see the movie! Jesse promised he’d take me. I loved the books. I’m glad you had so much fun.

    Oh, and Jesse was reading over my shoulder. His comment was “She’s cheating on her husband with a book character.” Good thing that no matter how much I may like a book or movie I don’t obsess the way you do :).

  5. I haven’t seen it yet – I’m going on Tuesday – but yours is the first obsessed-fan review I’ve read that’s made me want to! 🙂

  6. Put the CD down. Now back away…slowly. ha!!! Thanks for the shout out on your blog! And you made a good point…let’s just say I like my “bad boys” warm and not cold (wink wink). Glad you seem more happy. As a side note, I too have obsessions at times…great minds!…

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