Come Again?

I’m not that happy with my job right now. The kids are great, and the school is really a good enviroment to work in, but I just don’t fit in there. I’m not an early childhood teacher, and I’m not a general music teacher. I’m a secondary instrumental teacher, and I feel waaaaaay more confident in that area. I’ll make it through the school year, and I think I’ll be done. Things will be fine, but I’m sure there will still be lots of things there that baffle and confuse me.

Yesterday, at lunch, the “elusive elf” was brought up. It was explained to me that it’s like a secret Santa for the staff, but since not everyone celebrates Christmas, they have the Elusive Elf instead.

Ummm, aren’t elves the helpers to Santa Claus??? I don’t get it.

Once again, I’m somewhere where everyone is so concerned about “all inclusion” and not offending anyone that I don’t think it has been completely thought through. Maybe it’s just me, though.


5 responses to “Come Again?

  1. wierd. They should just call it “Winter Gift Swap” if they want to keep it safe.

    Environment is so key — the first year I had my own classroom I was so excited and felt like such a “real” teacher, finally! I got on well with the principal, the only male teacher in my hall, and some of the teachers at the other end of the school and that was it. As for clicking with my students? It was passable at best. It was a veeeerrrrrry long year. The next year I found an opening at a different school and everything was perfect. (And then I got pregnant so I only taught a year at my dream school.) The point is, I know how you feel when you know you can handle it for the year, but it isn’t a perfect fit. Sending hugs!

  2. People try waaayyyy too hard to include everyone. Really, who gets offended at people trying to be nice during the holidays? (and if they don’t want to participate because Santa is mentioned in the name…well, that’s stupid!)

    Good luck making it through the rest of the year. I hope you can make it!

  3. Yeah, that’s not well thought out. It just makes it weird to try too hard to include everyone’s beliefs. Especially since I bet with it being Santa stuff anyway and so commercialized it wouldn’t really offend anyone. Oh well. I like the idea of the Elf being Legolas. That’s funny.

    I’m sorry this has been so hard for you, but I’m glad that you had the opportunity at least to be back in the classroom. If nothing else, it’s reaffirmed that you are definitly a secondary school teacher, right? Ok, that’s enough being Pollyanna from me. I love you!

  4. we’re doing secret santa at my starbucks, and calling it secret santa. the funny thing is about 1/3 of the staff is christian of some sort, 1/3 is jewish, 1 person is muslim, and the last 1/3 is atheist. but no one cares that it’s called secret santa. however, elusive elf is an AWESOME name, and I’d be psyched to use it. remember, santa is “a jolly old elf!”

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