Remember those rag quilts I mentioned in my last post that Aiden announced we are “NOT interested in”?  Well, I most certainly AM interested in making a rag quilt, so on Thursday I (with all three boys and my mom) went to Joanne’s to buy some flannel.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but then I found a perfect fabric and Parker fell in love.  I mean, he was hugging the entire bolt of fabric through the whole store!!  So I’m making a rag quilt for Parker (officially for Christmas, but we’ll see if I can hold on to it that long.  Heh).  Thursday night I got all the strips cut.  I forgot to bring my pins, so I’ll pin them here at home, then next Thrusday we start sewing.  I don’t see it taking too long.  It’s not a huge quilt or anything, and we’re just sewing strips.  It’s the easiest thing to sew!  I’m way excited.  Here’s my strips… not too exciting, but I think it’ll be fun anyway.


11 responses to “Ka-Chow!!

  1. I think I made one of these, or something similar, for my sister-in-law this summer. But I didn’t know what it was called. And mine was pretty girly. I LOVE the Lightening McQueen! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Nice! My third daughter sat in a cart beside a stand of polar fleece before she could talk. She was stroking and feeling it with such a fabulous look of complete statisfaction on her face. We chose one with bears and made just a quick blanket out of it. It became her favourite and she still has it even today!

  3. You are smart to keep it small and do the strips thing… I finally finished mine after about 5 years of pulling it out, getting frustrated… a bit of advice, be careful when you are cutting the seams for the frayed part, if you cut to far and cut into the seam it leaves a hole and you have to go back and re-sew… not so much fun, I learned the hard way. Looks like you had a great time at the pumpkin patch… wish we could have come! It was great to see you by the way.

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