Seriously, I Won!

I have this freakin’ awesome blog I’ve been following lately.  It’s called Seriously, So Blessed! and it’s seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever read (thanks Allison, for introducing me).  I will warn you now, so you won’t feel stupid after you leave a scathing comment and then wish you could take it back (no, I haven’t done it, but I almost did)… this site is a satire!!  It pokes fun at all the Mormon mommy bloggers from Utah.  I can’t stop laughing each time I read it.  Each time I think she (TAMN, the blogger) has written her best, I read a new post the next day and start laughing all over again.

Anyway, TAMN (which stands for Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole) has these give aways (once called a Give oh Give Away…. get it????), and there are tons and tons of fun prizes.  I enter, but there are something like close to 2000 comments left as entries (no kidding!!), so obviously haven’t won antyhing. I don’t win Cool Mom Picks.  I don’t win from TAMN.  No worries.  There was a giveaway this past weekend, and I entered.  I think I was comment number 1412.  She posted the winners on Monday, but I was at work all day, then we went camping Monday night.  We just got back today.  I went to her site, just to see who won and…

I SERIOUSLY WON!  I won a 30 minute photography session with Blue Lily Photography!  The photographer will be here in AZ in november, so I’m hoping she can fit us in at that time.  I better save my paychecks to be able to buy the photos.  Heh.  

I am SO excited, I can’t contain it!  Finally! I can get some family portraits done!  I’ve been wanting some good portraits, but I just didn’t want some cheap Wal-Mart ones (not that Wal-Mart is bad… it’s just that I want some super fancy, super nice ones like everyone else and their brother seem to have these days.  yes, I covet and covet and I want to keep up with the Jones’s more than you will ever know).

SO… everyone check out TAMN’s blog, laugh at her descriptions of life with her husband JJWT as they await the arrival of their twins, and take a peek at Blue Lily, too.  She seems like an awesome photographer who, by the way, travels!!  She could come to you!!

By the way, post and pictures from camping coming soon! 🙂

7 responses to “Seriously, I Won!

  1. COOL! It must be in the water because I won something recently from a blog that I just happened to click to by accident! (Pillow covers). Seriously, so cool to get a photoshoot!


  2. Seriously, so cool!
    I’m so happy for you!
    (and hey, if it makes you feel better, the only non-department-store photos I have of our family was because my friend offered a free session to drum up business. All I paid for was enough 4x6s (or were they 3x5s?) for the Christmas cards. Because we don’t really have a photog budget, either. I feel you. So I am extra excited for you to get this!!!)

  3. Yay! You won! I hope the photos turn out to be exactly what you are hoping for. And you will have them in time for Christmas, too.

  4. Yay, it’s so fun to win stuff!

    We always have the Sears or JC Penny’s portraits, which are nice and all, but yeah, I’d love to get some of the really artsy type portraits that others seem to get. Not all the time, just once in a while it’d be fun, especially for Christmas cards or something.

  5. I read that blog, too. I can’t believe you won! I always try to win the contests…congratulations! Even my husband thinks it’s a funny blog.

  6. That is seriously just the most awesomest thing EVER!!! You must’ve been totally jazzed up with the Spirit from all that Confrince goodness (not that I really paid attention or anything, except what my bffs texted me) to be totally inspired to enter the contest. Yay for you!

    And funny story: I was reading over there today and looked at the list of winners, and when I saw that someone named Sariah had won the photography session I wondered if it was by chance you. But then I figured there must be more than one person named Sariah who reads that blog, what are the odds that I’d know this one? Crazy! Congrats! I hope the pictures turn out awesome!

  7. Congratulations! I never win anything either, so I’m totatlly happy for you! I will live vicariously through you, ok?! 😉

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