RIP Brenden

Brenden the Fish passed away during the night. Aiden is, of course, completely hearbroken. He keeps asking me questions like “How come goldfish just don’t live all that long?” and “Why do fish float when they’re dead?” and I keep saying “I don’t know.” He finally asked me, “Why don’t you know anything, Mom?”

We had planned on going to the store tomorrow to get Brenden a companion. Now we’re going to get two new fish, but not goldfish. We’ll go someplace like Pet Smart where I’m pretty sure the fish are better off than the ones at Wal Mart (all those fish look half dead in the tanks. No way I’m gonna buy one and have it die the next day!!). And we’ll ask all sorts of questions to make sure we’re getting the right kind of fish for our family. As long as the fish are low maintanence, will be happy in our fishbowl, and won’t die in less than a week, I think they’ll fit in our family just fine. 🙂

Until then… lots of hugs and backrubs to Aiden. He’ll make it through, it’s just that this was his first pet. He’s very distraught. After school today, Aiden said, “I think Brenden is very sad.” I asked him why, saying “Don’t you think maybe he’s happy, living with Heavenly Father?” Aiden started to cry (again) and said, “No! I think he’s sad because he wants to live with me and I want Brenden to live with me, too!!” Very, very sad.


7 responses to “RIP Brenden

  1. Awwww…so sad. Poor Aiden. Pet death is always so hard, especially when it’s a new fish pet and the kids are still really attached. It’s so sweet and so sad how he reacted.

    Have you considered Betta fish? If ours are anything to go by, they don’t die very easily. We probably clean their bowls about once a month. You’d have to get another bowl, or you’d have a dead fish really fast, but they’re really low maintenance and really cool to look at.

  2. 😦 That makes me sad! Give Aiden a hug for me…even though he probably doesn’t even remember me. It will be good to get some new ones that might last a bit longer. Who knows how long Brendan had lived already?! Get some pretty ones!

  3. Oh no! I am sad to hear that Brenden is no longer with us (you). One reason fish die is from overfeeding. You should make sure the boys know that. I hope Aiden is okay. Sounds like a good plan you have for when you get new fish.

  4. Get him a Beta fish. They are gorgeous, you only need one (two and they fight), and they are hearty!!! We had one for almost 5 years before we gave him away… You almost can’t kill them.

  5. aww poor Aiden, that’s so sad! but you should totally get him a beta, they last forever, I’d send you ours cause I’m sick of it but that would probably kill it, they do live forever though, our first one traveled with us to Oregon, Indiana, and Minnesota (where it died) he was in a cup in the cup holder everywhere and they are very pretty!

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