What Has It Come To??

Aiden’s birthday is a week from yesterday. Because I have to work on Monday, we decided I’d bring in treats on Friday, and besides, it’s “Friday Fun Day”, so that will be a better day, anyway. I was all excited to make 30+ cupcakes, all looking like Storm Trooper helmets or Darth Vadar heads. Aiden has asked for rice crispie treats, instead. And all the rice crispie treats have to be Darth Vadar. No problem. I can do that. I think.

Except that things have changed since I was in elementary school. We have to buy whatever treats we bring. We aren’t allowed to make them ourselves. And if we DID want to make something, apparantly it can only be done there on campus, in the home ec. room or something. Yeah. That’s not going to happen.

So now I have to find a bakery or something that will make a large batch of Darth Vadar rice crispie treats. Aiden really really really wants that, and since he doesn’t get a birthday party this year, I figure we could get him what he wants rather than me just running to Wal-Mart Friday morning and buying whatever generic cupcakes they have.

I’m not happy about this. Stupid school rules. I understand the need to keep kids safe, especially when there is a peanut allergy or something. But there isn’t one in this class. And how many cases of moms poisoning their child’s birthday cupcakes have there been?? Honestly. I’m sick of having to bow down to every little possibility that is SUCH a small possibility. I bet it’s just someone’s overactive imagination, and that someone is on the state school board (same rules in a different district last year). I bet it’s a case of some overprotective parent somewhere that freaked out at the thought of a stranger being allowed to send in a potentially dangerous cupcake, made a huge ordeal, and now we ALL have to deal with the decision.

I liked being a kid when I was allowed to walk to school or the park by myself. When I brought in homemade cupcakes for my birthday. When I went trick-or-treating and got actual homemade treats from the neighbors. When we had Halloween and Christmas and Valentine’s Day parties, not a “fall harvest” or a “winter celebration”. I liked going out to play with the neighborhood kids and not with my parents. I liked riding my bike without a helmet and kneepads and elbow pads. I like eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and not having to worry about sitting at a certain table or even in a certain room while I ate my peanut butter. Life may have been more dangerous, but we sure didn’t know. It was a lot more simple. A lot easier to be a kid. A lot of fun.


6 responses to “What Has It Come To??

  1. Finding Darth Vader rice crispy treats not prepared by you sounds like a big task. You’re a better woman than me for even trying. I, for one, would head straight to those store-bought sugar cookies and call it good.

    And then I’d buy cupcakes for the kids. 😉

  2. So, can you ask Wal-mart for an extra empty cake box? Tell them its for a kids school project or something. I’m sure they’d look at you funny and then give it to you. Make the treats at home, bring them in the “store bought” box, no one’s the wiser, and you’ll have one happy jedi on Friday! 🙂

    I agree, that rule is STUPID. Crazy stupid. I do understand if a kid had an allergy in the class, but then just notify the parents not to make anything with that allergy. C’mon, parents don’t want to hurt kids. They just want to see them happy and enjoying their special day with their class.

  3. Our society reaches new lows every year. I’ve heard this rule and think it’s ridiculous. How do we know there’s not some psycho baker at Wal-Mart not poisoning the treats?? Hope everything worked out.

  4. I have moved around a few times in the last 7 years, kids have been in 3 different school districts here in Oklahoma and they all have that same rule. Also schools in Colorado have that rule now also. I honestly thought it was more about them worrying about food poisoning than people putting things in them to poison the kids. I also agree that it is a stupid rule. My kids would rather have the stuff I bake than the store bought stuff. I make a mean chocolate chip cookie.

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