Sleep is For The Weak

We’ve all seen those cutesy t-shirts, right?  As if by becoming mothers we no longer need sleep, nor are we entitled to sleep, so to make ourselves feel better we tell ourselves only weak mothers get “enough” sleep.  I know it’s all meant to be a joke, but I’m not in a joking mood these days.

I’m pissed off beyond words.

I don’t think I’ve had a full night’s sleep in 6 years. I don’t think I’ve had a night of just me (and Ches, of course) in my bed in 2 years.  I don’t know how much longer I can do this.

Oh, and if I hear any “advice” like “you’re the parent.  Just put them in their bed” then you may just have an “unexplained” murder on your hands.  Because I do put them back in their beds.  Again and again and again.  If I want any kind of sleep, it’s just easier to let the kid stay in my bed so he’ll stay asleep rather than wake up every 30 to 40 minutes, getting me out of bed again and again.  I don’t want to be told to let them cry it out.  You wouldn’t try it either if, after the first several times of CIO the kid cried for an hour or more.  Take into consideration that the kids share a room.  They wake each other up with their crying, and then I have to deal with not one but two non-sleepers.  And then three.  And my husband has to be up before the crack of dawn to get to work and deal with a bunch of surly teenagers at 630 in the morning, so having kids keep him up in the middle of the night, night after night, is not an option, either.

Super nanny, you are welcome to try.  You are welcome to fix my house hold and get me some sleep.  But when I try these various methods, it doesn’t work.

I’m exhausted and cranky.  I am not particularly fond of my children right now.  And I’m sure there are a million I told you so‘s out there, but I dont’ want to hear it.  You really want to help?  Come pick up my kids and let me have a 4 hour nap.  And if I offend someone because I’m so on edge, I’m sorry.  I really am.  I’m tired and seriously can’t control my attitude right now.


8 responses to “Sleep is For The Weak

  1. Sleeping pills. The extra strength kind.

    For the kids, silly, not you!

    (just kiddin) 😛

    If I lived closer I really would take them so that you could sleep. I know how miserable it is to not get enough sleep. I hope you get some sleep tonight and feel better soon!

  2. I wish I could take them for a day!

    As for actually getting them to sleep, in their own beds, I’m not sure what to tell you. If I can figure out how to keep my 17-month old from waking up four times a night then maybe I’d be in a better position to advise you.

    Sending hugs!

  3. Thanks for the super nice comment on my recent blog entry…I came right over to say thanks and I am glad I did.

    YOU are not alone. I am having similar if not strikingly the same issues with sleep. It is hard. Big and I don’t like each other very much when we don’t get enough sleep…and my kids, well they wonder why I am so cranky all the time. That of course leads to guilt and feeling even worse. Why doesn’t someone tell us that once we have kids that we should not expect to get but maybe a full nights’ sleep once every couple years? (And why did I get myself into this having four kids predicament because now I know what to expect and I am DREADING it).

    Seriously though I hear you, I feel you…sometimes I think I am you because I could have written exactly what you wrote myself!

    We should start a club…but we’d never remember to come to the meetings because we are so tired…hehe.

    BTW…I’d give some super duper amazing mom advice but I have none…none of our strategies are working these days obviously. HUGS!


  4. I wish I could offer some spectacular advice, but I can’t. I lucked out and have children that sleep through the night. Even my little guy recently switched from crib to big bed without any problems. The only issue we have is about once a week Sweety will come into my room, and want to stay. I make her go and get her pillow and blanket. Then she stays on the floor next to me.

    I would so come and take the children so that you could get a nap, if it wasn’t a 12 hour drive. Good luck.

  5. Gareth sleeps with me a lot for the same reason, if he’s in his bed he wakes up all the time. He sleeps more with me so I give in just so I can get some sleep. If you do ever find anything that works, let me know!

  6. Have you ever tried just making them a bed of their own on the floor next to yours? I had a friend who had this same problem, she put a sleeping bag next to her on the floor, gradually moving it further and further away till they were in their rooms all night. Just a thought…

    Sending hugs as always…

  7. It’s been sooooo long now I almost forgot that when I had that problem I used April’s method. Not allowed in the bed, but allowed to sleep in the room in a “special” bed on the floor.

    BTW: We eventually figured out that part of it was fear of darkness, so we adjusted the night lighting to make it less scary. Maybe there is some underlying issue in your house, something you could fix that would make things easier.

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