I’ve decided to do it.  I’m going back to work.  It will be part time (2 days a week; 10 hours).  I will be teaching general music to toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary aged kids.  Not at all my specialty, but it’s music.  I taught two sample classes yesterday.  The older kids (3rd and 4th grades) loved me and asked their teacher today when I was coming back.  The younger kids (2 year olds) was a really hard class to teach, but I think once they get to know me and we have a routine, it’ll be a LOT better.  They were still pretty fun, though.

So, I’m going to be a working mommy.  Is it bad that I’m not looking at this as any kind of a long-term thing?  I’ll figure out by the end of the school year if I want to continue, I guess.   It’ll be nice to feel like I’m contributing to the family income, even if it only covers half the weekly grocery bill or something.  It’ll be nice to actually use the degree I earned 8 years ago.  It’ll be nice to have days where I actually get dressed before noon and get out of the house for something other than taking my son to the bus stop.  I’m focusing on all the positives right now, because I know all the negatives and if I start to vocalize any of my doubts or concerns I’ll be seriously regretting my decision.  This was a very hard decision to make, but ultimately I did make it (without help!!).

Now… I get to spend the next week coming up with a curriculum, unit plans, and lesson plans.  Whew.  The fun never stops, does it? 😉


10 responses to “Werkin’

  1. I understand what a difficult decision that was, and I’m very proud of you.

    I am really excited for you — I know you’ll do a great job. Some days will truly suck, and you’ll feel like it’s not worth the sacrifice, but some days you’ll be so glad to have a reason to get dressed and leave the house.

    I am really excited for you. You are going to do a great job and you’re going to feel so good about helping out the family! 🙂 (or, I do, anyway)

  2. I bet this was a hard decision to make… but I think it’s wonderful!

    I think about how happy music makes people and I’m so glad you’ll be sharing that with children! I think it’s great that you will be able to help out your family’s finances but even more, I think it’s great that you’re giving service to your community. Teaching music – teaching CHILDREN music – is a great gift to give. 🙂 And 10 hours a week sounds perfect for a mom. It’s enough to be actively involved but not so much that you’re away from home too much.

    I hope you really enjoy it, I think you’ll do great! 🙂

  3. I don’t think it’s bad that you are not looking at it long term. It’s a foot in the door. A stepping stone to get you on your way. And I agree 10 hours a week sounds perfect.

  4. It sounds like a really fun job! I bet it was a hard decision, but it sounds like it will be worth it. I wouldn’t worry about the short term/ long term thing right now. If you get to the end of the school year and decide that it’s not right for you, then you’ll know. Otherwise you might always wonder. And you might find it helps you be a better mom to have those breaks from your kids. It sounds like a terrible thing to say, but I know when I was working that I was always more refreshed in my mommy-ness when I had a little time away from my Mom self. Two days a week is great. Have fun!

  5. Good for you for making a decision, even though it was difficult one. It does sound like a really fun job, though. Good luck on the lesson plans and all that!

  6. I’m proud of you for making your decision. It sounded like when you were deciding to marry Ches, and deciding to go to Ricks. This was a decision of that magnitude, I know. [Well, almost, ’cause you are not in that school for life, but it can affect your whole life.]

    Enjoy, and pull from all the resources you have–including the Primary Songbook [all the activity songs are great!] and Nursey book [great blacklines] If I have anything else of use to you, don’t hesitate to ask!

    Please e-mail me your work schedule so I’ll know when not to call etc. [including not to worry ’cause I can’t reach you!]

  7. I am a little bit jealous actually. I would LoVe to find a job working in Nutrition (what I studied) for 10 hours a week. Since I graduated I have craved finding something to do that will get me out of the house for a little while each week. I think it will be a great source of personal enrichment. You will probably find that you love it and that you are more patient with your kids because you get a little break from them every week. (That’s how it was for me when I was going to school). Good luck I’m sure you will be awesome!!

  8. I totally understand your apprehension. Been there done that! I know you will be great, though–Totally! Keep thinking on the positive! It will be nice that it is only two days a week. You will still be able to contribute financially, but you won’t have to be gone all the time! I wish you all the luck in the world!

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